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Hip Hop Playlist - Rap Artists & Groups by P Vol. 1

P Blackk X Raz Fresco - Buck-50

P Double E - Microphone Stylist Ep (Rare Indie Rap) Snippets

P Force Cipher - Me Du Neter

P The Technician - All My Life (Preview)

P.A. - Mystique Feat. Oddisee

P.A. Feat. Oddisee - Mystique

P.K - Do What You Say

P.O.S - Let It Rattle

P.O.S. - Bleeding Hearts Club

P.R.T Feat Nine - Henry94

Pac - Shed So Many Tears (Radio Version)

Pace Won & Mr. Green - Hip Hop

Pace Won & Mr. Green - Liquor And Drugs

Pace Won Ft. El The Sensei - Bounce Rock

Pacewon & J. Felts - What'S The Word

Pacewon & Mr. Green - Children Sing

Pacewon & Mr. Green - Four Quarters

Pacewon & Mr. Green - Hiphop

Pacewon & Mr. Green - The Eye

Paint It Black - We Got Pull ( Rare 1992 Ct Rap )

Pale Soul - Blade Runner

Palestine Aka Ledr P - Listen To My Story

Panjabi MC - Jogi

Panjabi Mc - Mundian To Bach Ke

Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (The Dictator Soundtrack)

Panjabi MC feat Jay Z - Beware

Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter

Papoose - Born In Nyc

Papoose, Shyste  Trigger Tha Gambler - Freestyle (1997)

Par3 - Exit 14 Feat. Baldi

Paracyce - Hip Hoper (Set It Off Mix)

Paradigm - 42 Dimensional & Late Night

Paradigm - 42 Dimensional 1998

Paradigm - Candle Dogma  Teribithia

Paradigm - Easter Sunday

Paradigm - Faulty Arrows

Paradigm - Late Night

Paradyce - Hip Hoper Set It Off Mix

Paradyce - Hip Hopper (Set It Off Mix Jazz Mix Hopper Hip Mix)

Paradyce - Latin Funk (Latin Funk 3)

Parafruit From The Bonedice - Keep It In The Closet ( Rare 1994 Md Rap )

Paragraphics - Resurrect The Mind

Parallax - Don'T Mean Jak  Bleeding Hate

Paranorm Ft Ill Dosage And Kuahmel Allah - Rock On

Paranue - Serapis Bey (Dgyrick Remix)

Parental Advisory - Ghetto Head Hunta (Organized Noize Production) (1994)

Parental Advisory - Let Loose The Lingo

Park Like Setting - Pass The Remote

Park Like Setting - Psycology

Park Like Setting - Signed Yet

Part 2 And Juice Aleem - The Triple Intruder Feat Mad Flow

Part 2 Juice Aleem - Nanotech Pilot

Parts Unknown - Silent Alarms

Party À La Mazon - Bad Person

Party À La Mazon - If It Ain'T Plz

Partyrock Wrecking Crew - 99 Futuristic (Ruff Mix)

Partyrock Wrecking Crew - Cleptomania

Parul Ioexctract - I Compiled And Edited

Pash Azular - Seen It All (Twice)
Pashun 'N' Da Loonatik - Lyrical High

Passion - As The (Erick Sermon Production) (1996)

Pat D Lady Paradox - Saw You Last Week (Feat Lauren Jade)

Pat D Lady Paradox - Summertime (T2 Remix) (Prod Think Twice)

Pat Leach - Blue Prints

Pat Leach - Is U Wit' It

Paul (The Apostle) - Tree

Paul Obinna And The Timeline

Paul Ray Feat 33 13 - More Emotion Long Dayz

Paul Ray-Long Dayz (Dirty Edit)
Paula Perry - Edit

Paula Perry - Extra, Extra! - 1998

Paula Perry - Paula's Jam

Paulie Paers - Brooklyn Representative

Pauly Paps - War Scarz

Pauly Paps - War Scarz [Dirty]

Pauly Yams - Get Paid

Pauly Yams - When I Blow Up (Odd Goons Remix)

Pauly Yams Dj Jazz - Hustle Trap

Paw Dukes - Amazin (Dialek Production) (1999)

Paw Dukes - Beddlem

Paw Dukes - C'Est La Vie

Paw Dukes - Everyday (Dj Madsol Desar Production) (2000)

Pazz The Jazz - Brother X

Pazz The Jazz - Incredible Shit

Pazz The Jazz - Incredible Shit (Remix Ft Couzin Steve)

Pazz The Jazz - Jumpkick

Pazz The Jazz - Nappy Niggas

Pazz The Jazz - Step If Ya Wanna

Pazz The Jazz - Stressed Up Kid

Pazz The Jazz - Tbm (Demo)

Pazz The Jazz - Watcha See Is Whatcha Get (Demo) 1992

Peach - Maflow Yo! 1994' Toronto Canada

Peach - Mc'S Step Up! 1994' Toronto Canada

Peach Tha 5Ft Trooper - Maflow Yo!

Peach Tha 5Ft Trooper - Mc'S Step Up  Maflow Yo!

Pedigree Chumps - Trollop Tales

Pedro Mo - Outro

Pen Pals - Madness

Pen Pals - Would U Agree

Pen Powz - Penz N Needlez

Pentalk - Yeah Yeah Yo

Penzone (1628 Factor) - To The Exit

People Without Shoes - Escape The Streets

People Without Shoes - Green Shoe Laces (1994)

People Without Shoes - Green Shoe Laces (Original)

People Without Shoes Feat Nappy Red Menasiss Theripiss - If (1995)

Percee P - Nowhere Where Simple (Street Mix)

Percee P - Unsatisfied Critics [1988]

Percee P - Unstoppable Ft. Planet Asia

Percee P Aka The Rhyme Inspector - Don'T Cum Strapped

Perservere - 4Ever

Perservere - Anger ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Perverted Dialect - 1 900 Dialect

Perverted Dialect - Slang Murder

Perverted Monks - Desperados (Prod. By Curt Cazal)

Perverted Monks - Get Up

Perverted Rym Thowwa - Mc'S Ain'T Sayin' Nothin'

Perverted Rym Throwwa - Can We Get It On 1997' Staten Island Ny

Perverted Rym Throwwa - Dime Piece

Perverted Rym Throwwa - Mcee'S Ain'T Sayin Nuthin 1997' Staten Island Ny

Peshi - Moments Treasured (Prod. By Flyphonic)

Pesos - Don'T Smile ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )

Pesos - Surprise  Clocking Pesos

Pete Philly & Perquisite - Balance

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - All The Places (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Carmel City (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Check It Out (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Escape (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Go With The Flow (Alternate Mix)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - I Get Physical (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - I Got A Love (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - In The House (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - It'S On You (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Sun Won'T Come Out (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Take You There (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - Tell Me (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - The Main Ingredient (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (Troy) (1992)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth - We Specialize

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth Feat Deda  Rob O - In The Flesh (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth Feat Grap Luva - Get On The Mic (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock  Cl Smooth Feat Rob O - Worldwide (Wo Skits) (1994)

Pete Rock - Da Villa (Ft. Slum Village)

Pete Rock  Grand Agent - This Is What They Meant (2001)

Pete Rock - Respect Mine

Pete Rock - Revenge Ft. Grap Luva Main Mix

Pete Rock - Verbal Murder 2 (Feat. Common, Big Pun, Noreaga)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Creator

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - What'S Next On The Menu

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - I Get Physical

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - I Got A Love

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Straighten It Out (Rmx)-Byn

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - Take You There

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - They Reminisce Over You

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - What'S Next On The Menu

Pete Rock & Deda - Blah Uno

Pete Rock & Grand Agent - This Is What They Meant (Pete Rock'S Original Version)

Pete Rock And C.L. Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

Pete Rock Feat Carl Mcintosh  Jane Eugene - Take Your Time (Original Music Video) (1998)

Pete Rock Feat Inspectah Deck  Kurupt - Tru Master (1998)

Pete Rock Feat Rob O  De La Soul - Stay Away (1998)

Pete Rock Feat Sheek Louch  Styles P - 914 (2006)

Pete Rock Feat Tragedy, Noreaga  Meccalicious - Strange Fruit (Original Version) (1998)

Peter Leo Ft Typ Ill & Little Vic - The Light

Pez - Ain'T Got Time (Ft. Count Bounce)

Pfbd - Black Monopoly

Phace - Dead Presidents (Ace Of Spades Mix)

Phace - Dead Presidents (Around The Way Mix)

Phace - Hip Hop  To The Limit

Phace - Queens Is The County

Phade 2 Black - Torture (Merc Mix)

Phantasm - Late Night

Pharcyde - Passing Me By

Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says

Pharoahe Monch - The Truth (Ft.Common, Talib Kweli)

Pharoahe Monch - Trackzion

Pharoahe Monch Feat Methodman N' Redman & Busta Rhymes - Simon Says

Pharoahe Monch Ft M O P - No Mercy

Phase And Rhythm - Hyperactive ( Rare 1988 Ny Rap )

Phase N Rhythmn - Swollen Pockets

Phat Doug Ft Preacher Earl - Here We Go (Dgyrick Remix)

Phat Kat - Dedication 2 Da Suckers  Don'T Nobody Care About  Us

Phat Kat - Microphone Master

Phat Kat - Nasty (Jay Dee Production) (2007)

Phat Mob - Main Attraction ( Rare Indie Rap)

Phat Mob - Phat  She Wants Me

Phat Mob - She Wants Me

Phathom - Restisu
Phats - They All Die Tonite
Phats Bossilini - The Boss

Phatt Al - Potbellie

Phd -  The Grand Po (Ft Poet)

Phd - Concrete Jungle (Original Mix)

Phd - Keep It Real (Shas Remix)

Phd - Kick That Shit And Get High

Phd - Set It Part 3 (Mix Tape Remix)

Phd - This Is For My Peeps

Phelon - Word To God (1995)

Pherenziks - Immaculate Conception

Phi Life Cypher - Cypher Funk (Remix)

Phi Life Cypher - Free

Phi Life Cypher - New Sound Era

Phi Life Cypher - Rap It Up

Phi Life Cypher - Slaves Revenge

Phi Life Cypher - Track 10

Phife Dawg - If Men Are Dogs (Then What Are You) (1997)

Phife Dawg - Lemme Find Out (Pete Rock Production) (1999)

Phife Dawg - Melody Adonis (Pete Rock Production) (2000)

Phife Dawg - Miscellaneous (Dj Hi Tek Luv Boat Mix) (2001)

Phife Dawg - Thought U Wuz Nice (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Phil Anastasia - The Outfit

Phil Blunts - On The Attack  X Files

Phil Da Agony - Net Weight (1995) Debut On Wax!

Phil Da Agony Feat Dilated Peoples - Analyze The Operation (Evidence Production) (2002)

Phi-Life Cypher - Herbaholics

Phi-Life Cypher - Take Heed

Phi-Life Cypher - The Desert

Phi-Life-Cypher - War

Phill Most Chill - Release Yourself ( Rare 1988 89 Pa Rap )

Philly Bathgate - 2 Minutes  Trapped In The Game

Philly Dot - Straight Like Dat 1999'

Philly J Feat Tony Tiger - Girl Next Door  Outta Control

Phoenix Da Icefire - The Box Of Pandora

Phoenix Da Icefire Iverse And Prophet - Black Tragedy(Half Past Calm Mix)

Phoenix Da Icefire, Iverse  Prophet - Black Tragedy

Phoenix Orion - Birdman

Phoenix Orion - Reloaded

Phonosapiens - Cheefproduction

Phonosapiens - Relaxationtime

Phonosapiens - Shinunoyubi

Phonosapiens - Smokeyphonos

Phora Ft. Maiselph - Taggerstyle Pt. 2

Phorced 'N Tre - The Newcomers

Phrase Mob - Legendary Law Man

Phunky Dialect - Lapd (1995)

Pid - Many Styles

Pid - Now Who'S The Sucker

Pid - Positively Rising

Pigeon John - Life Goes On (Ft. Abstract Rude)

Pillosnatchaz - Neva Rest

Pipers Of Zion - Sparks

Pipers Of Zion - Sparks  We Come To Claim

Pipers Of Zion - We Come To Claim

Pipers, Kulture, Red, Darkness - The Game

Pismo Feat A Plus  Pep Love - Production Products (Techni Cali Remix) (2001)

Pitch Black - Analyze The Program

Pitch Black - Ashes To Ashes

Pitch Black - Its All Real

Pitch Black - Revenge (Dj Premier Production) (2005)

Pitch Black - Show And Prove

Pitch Black - Untitled ' 1996, Ny (Demo!)

Pja - She'S Gone

Plague Plenty - Set It Off

Plan B - Couldn'T Get Along (Ft. Thom Yorke)

Plan Bee - Grindin  Quest For Survival

Plan Bee Feat Saafir - Runnin From 5 0

Planet Asia  427 - Bringin' It Back (1999)

Planet Asia - Charcoal

Planet Asia - Full Course Meals (Pete Rock Production) (2004)

Planet Asia - Handlin Business (Fanatik Prod. 1998)

Planet Asia - Jewelry Box Session

Planet Asia - Knowledge Power

Planet Asia - Moonlight Melodic Pt. 2 (Ft. Flii Stylz)

Planet Asia - That'S On Me

Planet Asia - The Professional

Planet Asia & Dj Muggs (Pain Language) - 9Mm (Ft. Charles Bronson) (Al Tarba Remix)

Planet Asia & F.L.O. - Lil Lady (Ft. J. Jones)

Planet Asia As King Medallions - Jewelry Box Session

Planet Asia Featt Zion I - Critical Remix (Prod. By Madlib)

Planet Asia Ft Zion I - Critical Remix (Prod. By Madlib)

Planet X - 2012

Planet X - True Colorz

Plastech Meccanix - Smile

Playa Hamm - Just Wanna Hit

Plc - Ill Force

Plc - Worldwide

Plush Bros - No Gun [91']

Pm Dawn - Beyond Infinite Affections

Pmc - Recognize

Pmd - Leave Your Style Cramped

Pmd - Many Often Wonder Street

Pmd - Shadé Business (The Beatnuts Remix) (1994)

Pmd - Swing Your Own Thing (1994)

Pmd Feat Mop - It'S The Ones (1996)

Pnb -  Redemption

Pnb - I Criticize (Rare Indie Rap)

Po Broke Souls - Murder Rehearsal

Po Rich - Rap Iz Gonna Get Hurt  (Sir Fa Mix)

Pocket Pete - I Told Yall!

Pod (Poets Of Darkness) - Jason

Pod (Poets Of Darkness) - Pod Court

Poepan - Fillet Of Soul

Poet  Dimos - Exklusiv

Poet  Dimos - Hip Hop Nonstop

Poet  Dimos - Partypepper

Poètes Maudits Feat Damat - Sans Remission

Poetic Death - 13 Drops Of Blood

Poetic Death - Breathe  Purification

Poetic Death - Des Djinns  Melted Poetry

Poetic Death - Dictograph

Poetic Death - Geisha Sacrifice Ft Papa J And Gravse7En

Poetic Death - Graveyard Demon

Poetic Death - Hamlet

Poetic Death - Macbeth

Poetic Death - Nosferatu

Poetic Death - Open Thought Ft Niylus

Poetic Death - Poker Face

Poetic Death - Regret

Poetic Death - Rigamortis

Poetic Death - Sarcasm Ft Meanwhile (Tyler Diss) (Hopsin Diss)

Poetic Death - Wolves Ft Jus Allah

Poetic Death Of Ogt - Gospels Ft. Jmega Aka Megatron

Poetic Menace - Rymezof (Daassassin)

Poetic Menace - Takin'No Shorts ( Rare 1992 Mi Rap )

Poetic Pilgrimage - Land Far Away (Official Music Video)

Poetic Pilgrimage - Under The Full Moon (Ft. Masikah And Mohamed Yahya Of Blind Alphabetz)

Poetic Pilgrimage Spoken Word 2 I Am Malcolm X Tour

Poetic Republic - Move On

Poetic Republic- Pale Horse

Poetic Republic- The Media

Poetic Republic- Third

Poetic Souls - 31 Flavors

Poetic Souls - 31 Flavors (Ultra Rare 1992)

Poetic Souls - Too Much Tv ( Ultra Rare 1992 Tx Rap )

Poetic Virus - Streets [Dir By Westnylefx]

Poetic Virus - We Aint Playin [Dir By Westnylefx]

Poetic Virus Ft Westnyle - Top Dollar [Dir By Westnylefx]

Poets Of Darkness - 21 In The Ghetto

Poets Of Darkness - Jason  Pod Court

Poets Of Exile 4 Rotations 1994  Vhs

Point Blank - Startin' Shit

Points Proven - Easy

Points Proven - Pass The Mic

Poison - Stand Up (Remix) ( Rare 1994 Pa Rap )

Poison Da Godbody - Ready Ta Ryde

Poison Ladd Slr - All The Hits And More ( Rare 1992 Pa Rap )

Poison Ladd Slr - Black Pussy ( Rare 1994 Pa Rap )
Poison Ladd Slr - Red Wagon

Poizon Posse - Head Bangers (Dgyrick Remix)

Polecat - Rip (Wu Doo Remix)

Polite And T Rel Da General -  One 4 One

Polite Feat Killarmy - The Rule

Polyrhythm Addicts - It'S My Life Ft Phonte

Polyrhythm Addicts - Motion 2000 (Dj Spinna Production) (1999)

Polyrhythm Addicts - Nervous Breakdown

Polyrhythm Addicts - Reachin' Feat. Pharoahe Monch

Polyrhythm Addicts - Take Me Home (Ft. Phoroahe Monch)

Polyrhythm Addicts - We Kno

Polyrhythm Addicts - Zonin' Out

Poops - The Shit

Poor Righteous Teachers - Fo Da Love Of This (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Gods Earths And 85Ers

Poor Righteous Teachers - Miss Ghetto (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Strictly Mash'Ion (Dgyrick Remix)

Poor Righteous Teachers - We Dat Nice (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Wicked Everytime (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers Feat Krs One - Concious Style (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers Feat Miss Jones - My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt Iii) (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers Feat Nine - Gods, Earths And 85Ers (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers Feat Turiya Mason - Sistuh (1996)

Poor Righteous Teachers Feat. Krs One - Conscious Style

Poorly Drawn People - Might Blow Up

Poorly Drawn People - Motion Not Emotion

Pop - For Real (Demo)

Pop - For Real [Demo]

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black On Black Crime

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Can You Wu Wu Wu

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Follow Me Up (Remix) Feat Rubbabandz

Pop Megga - Raw (Are You Sure)

Popa Wu - Sundown (Feat

Populacetion - Soundview

Portishead - Undenied

Pos Neg - Death List (Street)

Pos Neg - No Doubt (Lord Finesse Remix) (1997)
Positional Bypass - Dsp

Positive K - I Got A Man

Positive K - It'S All Gravy (Easy Mo Bee Remix)

Positive K  Lg - A Good Combination (Kan Kick Remix)

Positive K Feat Raggedy Man - E  J

Positive K Feat Raggedy Man - Never Too Much

Positive Minds - Pretty Black Thing (Club Mix)

Positive Minds - Pretty Black Thing (Radio Mix)

Positive Terrorists - All Hellz Of Fiya ( Rare 1993 Ny Rap )

Positively Black - Think Like Ya Enemy

Posneg - I Want The Riches

Posneg - No Doubt (Tv Instr) [97']

Posneg - No Doubt Death List

Posneg  Sistar Act - 10456 [97']

Posneg  Sistar Act - Killer Instinct [97']

Posneg  Sistar Act - Lyrical Massacre [97']

Posse Nfx - Do I Come Off

Posse Nfx - Posse Nfx

Posse Nfx - The King

Post-Apocalyptic - Nightmare

Postmen - Peopleblack 

Potentially Dangerous - Fresh Rhymes Dailee  Kick Shit In Your Brain

Potentially Dangerous - Hi An Dry  Break Out Tha Weapon

Poverty Stricken - Robb'In Hoods

Poverty Stricken - Shorty Gatta Pistol

Powder - Trapped In Hell Ft. Dr. Ill & Lord Lhus (Cuts By Dr.Ill) - Powder

Powder- Trapped In Hell Ft. Dr. Ill & Lord Lhus (Cuts By Dr.Ill)

Power Hittin' Artist - Beats And Rhymes

Power Hittin Artist - Chasin Clouds

Power Hittin Artist Aka Pha - Absorbtion (1997)

Power Hittin Artist Aka Pha - Don'T Take Time (1997)

Power Hittin Artist Aka Pha - I Don'T Know (I Can'T Say)

Power Hittin Artist Aka Pha - Sunrize (199)

Power Of Three - Mic In My Life

Powerful  Hip Hop Junkies - Street Life

Powerful - Murder 1

Powerful - Murder 1 (1995)

Powerful - Murder 1 (X Rated Mix)

Powerule - Bright Lights, Big City

Powerule - Bright Lights, Big City (Vic Production) (1997)

Powerule - Dawn To Dusk (Groove Merchantz Production) (1995)

Powerule - It'S Your Right  Rhymes To Bust

Powerule - P.R.I.S.M.

Powerule - Que Pasa (What'S Going On)

Powerule - Well Connected

Powerule Crew - Heatin Up

Praverb The Wyse Ft Dj Grazzhoppa - The Social Network

Preachas - Ride The Noise

Preacher Earl - Don'T Talk Me To Death

Preacher Earl - Fool I Got Your Back (Indie Rap)

Preacher Earl  The Ministry - 14 Floors To The Lobby

Preacher Earl  The Ministry - Blessed With My Daughter

Preacher Earl And The Ministry - Return Of The Body Snatcha

Precise And The Boys - I Don'T Think You Gonna Make It ( Rare 1992 Md Rap )

Precise And The Boys - Ring Side

Precise Mc - Dor The Brothers (1991)

Precise Mc - Pre Style (1991)

Predicate & Span Phly - Broken Promises

Premier - Here I Come ( Rare 1994 Tx Rap )

Presence - Electronic Citrus

Press Play - Hip Hop Crib

Press Play - Jot It  Hip Hop Crib

Pressure - Calm Cannons

Pressure - Calm Cannons (Evil D Remix)

Pressure - Calm Cannons (Promo Mix) ( Rare 1996 Ny Rap )

Pressure - New York War Stories

Pressure - Retribution Pt 1 (No Love For The Fake)

Pressure - Time To Shine

Pressure Ft Araphat The Apostle - Retribution Pt. 1

Presto - Conquer Mentally (Large Professor Remix) (2008)

Presto - Part Of Greatness (Ft. Cl Smooth)

Presto - Prestoteric Freestyle

Presto Feat Mygrade Mcnastee - Fiya Ballz

Pretty Tone Capone - G Spot

Pretzels Logic - Promo Remix (U Can Run)

Pretzel'S Logic - The Promo (Nc 17)

Pretzel'S Logic - Who You Think

Prevail - Crack Your Mouth

Prevail - The Threes

Prhyme Element - Deadly Scriptures

Priest - Janeane

Priest - Janine

Priest - Mind Control

Priest - Realizm

Prime - Madman

Prime - Weird Science (Feat Qwel , Verbal And Pugzlee Atomz)

Prime Ft. Slug - Lambslaughter

Prime Minister - Rat Bastard (Beatnuts Remix)

Prime Minister Pete Nice - Ho

Prime Minister Pete Nice - Verbal Massage (Part Ii)

Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Rat Bastard

Primeridian - Musical Mirages

Primeridian - Primates

Primeridian - Ring Around The Lyrical Musical Mirages

Prince Ad - Lyrical Flava

Prince Ad & Psycho Child - Lyrical Flava

Prince B - Ode To A Forget Mind (It'S A Shame)

Prince Eze  Fran 2 Da 3Rd Power Ft Mrdean - Ez Can Make Y

Prince Eze And Big Fran To Th 3Rd - Delirious

Prince Ikey C  Eric Props - Rhyme En Epitome ( Rare 1992 Ny Rap )

Prince Ikey C - The Doobie (  Rare 1992 Ny Rap )

Prince Ikey C, Rmr  Eric Props - Top Of The Head ( Rare 1992 Ny Rap )

Prince Obsession - Prince Obsession

Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves Trailer (1998)

Prince Paul - You Got Flow

Prince Paul Feat Beatnuts & Tony Touch - Make Moves

Prince Paul Feat De La Soul - More Than U Know (1998)

Prince Paul Feat Xzibit  Sadat X - Handle Your Time (1999)

Prince Po Feat Cairo  Wax Dawg - Love Tha Love (1999)

Prince Poe - Long Distance

Prince Poetry - Shine (1998)

Private Eye - Friendly Skies (Rare Indie Rap)

Private Investigators -  Mom Dukes

Private Investigators - But She'S Not My G [93']

Private Investigators - Who Am I (God)  Diamond D Main Pass

Private Investigators - Who Am I (God) (Jerry Moran Remix)

Pro The Leader & Dopestyle Ft Timbo King & Holocaust - Rebel Hip

Pro The Leader & Nova Kane - Must Maintain

Pro The Leader And Dopestyle - Get 1 Life

Probable Cause - Dawn Of Another Day

Probable Cause - The Spotlight

Problem - Street Theory 101

Problem - Street Theory 101 (Dirty)

Problem Child - Gettin' Into Mischief [94']

Problem Solver   Drug Dealz

Problem Solver - Deal'S Off

Problem Solver - Drug Dealz

Problemi ( Last King'S ) Ft 50 Kal  Harshz - Taking Over This Bitch (Official Trailer) 2012

Problemz - Neva B4

Problemz - Say What

Problemz Ft Dj Honda - Around The Clock

Prodigal Sunn - Guess Who

Prodigy - Don'T Be A Follower

Prodigy - Genesis

Prodigy - Keep It Thoro

Prodigy - Keep It Thoro (Rza Halfway Version) (2000)

Prof - I Dry Heave

Professor P - Playin For Keeps

Professor P & Dj Akilles Ft Rah Digga - For The City

Profound - The Hulk Feat Kashiem

Project Lionheart - The Way We Live

Project Lionheart & Bronze Nazareth - The Rain (Alt Version)

Project M - The Place To Be (Rare Indie Rap)

Project Manzu Ft Blue Raspberry  Kevlaar 7 - Lord'S Praises Due (Prod Bronze Nazareth) (Official)

Project Oasis   Time Is Ticking

Project Oasis - Chill

Project Oasis - Freestyle 101

Project Oasis - Lyrical Examinations

Project Oasis - Time Is Ticking

Project Oasis - What Is Rap Without Karizma

Projection - Lovestruck (Streetfunk Style) (Parts 1  2)

Prolific - Faust

Prolyphic & Reanimator - Survived Another Winter (Ft. Sage Francis, B. Dolan & Alias)

Promo Deathkillz - Chapter Six (Spoken Poetry)

Promo 'Deathkillz Ep' [Official Trailer]

Promoe - Big In Japan F. Cosmic And Supreme

Promoe - Positive & Negative

Promoe - Radio (Ft. Rock Bottom)

Promoe - These Walls Don'T Lie

Prone - Fade 2 Fortune Ft. Subkrew (Us)

Proof - Anywhere-Ddc

Proof - Know Ya! Name (Ft. 1St Born)

Prop Dylan - Champion

Prop Dylan & Caribinghi - It'S A Shame

Prophesy - I Am Aids  Mind War

Prophets Of Da City - Da Struggle Kontinues

Prophets Of The Ghetto - Da Expansion

Prophets Of The Ghetto - Extreme Heat   Suave' Soul

Prophets Of The Ghetto - Puff And Listen ( Rare 199 Pa Rap )

Prophets Of The Ghetto - Wreckless Writers '96 '99

Prophetz Of Rage - U Don'T Need Him

Propo88Blabbermouf - Propo'88 & Blabbermouf - Fast Forward ( Remix )

Props - Props (Bring It On)

Prose  Concepts - Ho Hum

Prose - More Than Before Feat

Prose (Steady & Efeks) - 10

Protoman - I Be Up Late

Protoman - Yesterday Ft. Jabrjaw

Protons - Good Guys

Prowla - Analyse

Prowla - Holdin It Down Feat Karma

Prowla - Reflection

Prowla - Textya Feat Masa

Prozack Turner - Watch Out (Paul Nice Production) (2003)

Prozack Turner - Wonderful Life (Pete Rock Production) (2003)

Prozak - Living In The Fog Ft. Cypress Hill

Prozak Ft. Cypress Hill - Living In The Fog

Pruven - Joyful Suffer

Pryme Suspect - Sudden Impact

Pryme Tyme - Phd

Pscyclone - It Should Be Known

Pseudo Slang - Flippin

Psych Ward - Dead 2 Me (Official Video)

Psych Ward - Organ Donors (Ft. Planet)

Psycho Realm - Everybodies In The House Very Rare

Psycho Realm - Realms On The Set Very Rare Full Version

Psycho Realm - Scandalous [93']

Psycho Realm- Gun Control (Classic Old School)

Psycho Realm- Street Platoons (Classic Old School)

Psyclone - It Should Be Known (1995)

Psyclone - Trife  Front Line

Ptrot  Dj Ezt - King Of Discoin' (1989)

Ptrot Dj Ezt - King Of Discoin' (1989)

Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke

Public Enemy - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

Public Enemy - Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (1989)

Public Enemy - Bring The Noise

Public Enemy - Can'T Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Bass In Your Face 12 Mix) [1990]

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (1989)

Public Enemy - He Got Game

Public Enemy - Nighttrain (Pete Rock'S Lirr Strong Island Mixx) (1991)

Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (1989)

Public Enemy F Krs1 - Unstoppable

Publik Anounsa - Comin From Crooklyn Jointz (Remix)

Pudge - Kill You

Pudgee - Die For Cause

Pudgee - Get Down (Nick Wiz Production) (1995)

Pudgee - History (Nick Wiz Production) (1997)

Pudgee - Hustler'S Anthem

Pudgee - King Of New York

Pudgee - Money Don'T Make Your World Stop (1996)

Pudgee - On The Regular (1995)

Pudgee - On The Regular (Produced By Nick Wiz)

Pudgee - Sells

Pudgee - Sex (Ghetto Style)

Pudgee - Stayin' Alive (Nick Wiz Production) (1996)

Pudgee - Talk Behind Your Back

Pudgee - The Everyday Routine

Pudgee - Things Ain'T Changed

Pudgee - Welcome To My Mind

Pudgee - Whatever

Pudgee - Your Girl

Pudgee (Tha Phat Bastard) - Money Don'T Make The World Stop (Remix)

Pudgee Feat Dmx - Inner City Blues (1995)

Pudgee Feat Lord Tariq  The Notorious Big - Think Big (Original Version) (1995)

Puerto Rock - Ace Duce Tre

Puff Daddy - I Ll Be Missing You - Ill Be Missin You

Puff Daddy - I'Ll Be Missing You (1997)

Puff Daddy - It'S All About The Benjamins (1997)

Pug - Girls Be Killing Me

Pug - Trenada The Pocket Eata [1992]

Puissance Nord - Cash

Pumpkinhead - Anthem For The End Of The World (Feat Jean Grae And Chas)

Pumpkinhead - Anything

Pumpkinhead - Autthentic Ft Dv Alias Khryst

Pumpkinhead - Hall Of Fame

Pumpkinhead - Here

Pumpkinhead - Mics Of The Roundtable

Pumpkinhead - Of The Same Air (Ft. Talib Kweli)

Pumpkinhead - Rock On

Pumpkinhead - Swordfish (Feat Archrival)

Pumpkinhead - Trifactor Ft Supastition And Wordsworth

Pumpkinhead - V.I.P. Access

Pumpkinhead - Vanquish (Ft. Royce Da 5'9 & Kashal-Tee)

Pumpkinhead Feat J Grae - Anthem For The End Of The World

Pumpkinhead Feat Medina Green  Natural Resource - Dynamic (Remix) (1997)

Punch - Mindless 95' [Street Poets]

Punch3Nello - Too Experienced

Punchline  Ras Kass - One On One (Kid Capri Production) (1998)

Punjabi Mc - Billie Jean

Punk Barbarians - Platinum (Chaotic Mix)

Puppetmastaz - Animals

Puppets Of Chaos - Tru Dat New Improved

Pure Dee Funk - Emergency 911

Pure Dee Funk - We Give Knockouts

Pure Genius - Focus

Pure Genius - Story To Tell   Here We Go (Remix)

Pure Genius - Unbelievable  Undercover (Bah Bah Zee Remix)

Pure Sinister - You Know My Style

Puz'Lman -  We Don'T Stop

Puz'Lman - Funk E Rhymes

Puz'Lman - Funk E Rhymes (Jaz Mix)

Pyro - Propaganda

Pyro - Status Quotient

Pyro Feat Self Scientific - California State Of Mind