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Hip Hop Playlist - Rap Artists & Groups by R Vol. 1

R-Evolv-Ing Doorz - 1st To March 4th (2003) 
R-Evolv-Ing Doorz - No This Wasn't Made (2003) 
R Rated - Truth For Truth (1998) 
R Square - Intergalactioc On Plastic (1994)
R.A. The Rugged Man - Black And White Ft. Timbo King (prod. Dev One) 
R.A. The Rugged Man - Casanova (Prod. Audio Two & Cologero) 
R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons  
R.A. The Rugged Man - Tha Hardway (Ft. Godfather & Prince Po)
Ra Capone - Somebody Else'S Guy  You Play You Lay
Ra Focus - Pool Of Thought
Ra The Rugged Man Ft Masta Killa, Timbo King, Yared & Galante - The Italian Job
Raashan Ahmad - Give Thanks
Raazda Rukkuz - Da Chronic Asthmatics
Raazda Rukkuz - Da Chronic Asthmatics (Diamond D Production) (1993)
Radical Stuff - Don'T Test
Radikal Doodz - Definitely On
Radikal Doodz - Definitely On ( Rare 1993 Ny Rap )
Radio Feat Darq And Roc Chill - Come And Get It
Radius - Champion Music (Prod. By Dj B-Stee)
Radius - I Walk Alone (Green Day Mix)
Radix - Breaking Point (Ft. Q-Unique) (A.I.P. Remix)
Radix - Compare U 2 Me
Raekwon  Carlton Fisk - Representin' Staten Island Freestyle (1995)
Raekwon - Criminology
Raekwon - Heaven And Hell
Raekwon - Heaven Or Hell
Raekwon - Ice Cream
Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
Raekwon - Knowledge God
Raekwon - Live From N.Y.
Raekwon - Rainy Days
Raekwon - Rainy Dayz
Raekwon - Staten (Go Hard)
Raekwon - The Game Of Rock (Ft. Prodigy & Ghostface Killah)
Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (Feat
Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (Ft.Nas)
Raekwon - Yae Yo
Raekwon Feat Ghostface Killah  Blue Raspberry - Rainy Dayz W Intro (1996)
Raekwon- Verbal Intercourse (Ft Ghostface Killah & Nas)
Raekwon, Harlem Hoodz  Inspectah Deck - Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up (1998)
Raggo Zulu Rebel - Beats Rhymes  Revolution (Real Hip Hop)
Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney - Folk Heroes Intro
Rah Sungod -  2Nd Coming
Rah Sungod - Dungeon Rap
Rah Sungod - Untitled
Raheim - Surface  Time Flies Feat Triflin' Spot
Raheim - Time Flies
Rahiem - 3 Years
Rahsheed - Industrypartybumrusha
Rahsheed - Keep Kickin That
Raidermen - Aggressive Behavior
Raidermen - Carnivore Ft Zoe Raider
Raidermen - Piecemaker
Raidermen - Something That I Heard About
Raidermen - Strategy
Raidermen - Top Dollar (Charlemagne Production) (1997)
Raidermen (Stex  G  Blass) - Hostile Takeover
Rain - Beats Rhymes  Revolution (Real Hip Hop)
Rain - Hiphop (Ft. The Hollerifics)
Rain - One More Round (Ft. Ac)
Raise The Dead- Braille Ft Poems Of L.A
Raiza Biza - One Stop Shop (Ft. Fedarro)
Rakaa - The Observatory Feat
Rakaa And Babu Of Dilated Peoples - Speakin' The Truth
Rakaa Iriscience - Rock Steady (Ft. C Rayz Walz, Krondon & Q-Unique)
Rakim - Bring It On (Unreleased)
Rakim - Feelin' You (45 King Remix)
Rakim - Guess Who'S Back (Buckwild Nyc Remix) (1997)
Rakim - I Get Visual (Salaam Remi Production) (1995)
Rakim - Last Resort (Buckwild Production) (1995)
Rakim - Livin For The City (Pete Rock Production) (1995)
Rakim - Milk  Honey
Rakim - New York To Cali (Dj Clark Kent Production) (1995)
Rakim - Shades Of Black (Da Beatminerz Remix) (1995)
Rakim - Uplift
Rakim - Waiting For The World To End
Rakim - When I B On Tha Mic
Ram Slam - Who Said I Can'T Get Ill ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )
Ram Squad - Freak Tonite
Ram Squad - Get It On
Ram Squad - Keep It Real (Debonair P Remix)
Ram Squad - Ramboom  Whenever  Wherever
Ram Squad - When & Where
Rambo & Steven King - Regulate
Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack (Breed Blend)
Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack (Moriarty Blend) ( 1994 Ny Rap )
Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack (Rugged Boyscout Extended Mix)
Rampage - Niggaz Is Bad [97']
Rampage - The Last Boyscout  ( Ultra Rare 1994 Ny Rap )
Rampage - The Last Boyscout (1994)
Rampage Feat Busta Rhymes - Get The Money And Dip (Dj Scratch Production) (1997)
Rampage Feat Busta Rhymes - Wild For Da Night (1997)
Rampage Ft Busta Rhymes - Wild For Da Night
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Beware Of The Rampsack
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Come Wit It ( '94 Ny )
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Do You Want It ( '94 Ny )
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Representin' Brooklyn Freestyle (1995)
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Representin' Brooklyn Freestyle (1995) [Hq]
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Set It Straight
Rampage The Last Boyscout - Tha Red Oktoba ( '94 Ny )
Ran Reed -  Army With A Hand Gun
Ran Reed - 10 Pm
Ran Reed - Army With A Hand Gun (Nick Wiz Production) (2000)
Ran Reed - Big Shot
Ran Reed - Black Book Interlude (Nick Wiz Production) (1994)
Ran Reed - Catch A Bad One
Ran Reed - Cops Did The Shooting
Ran Reed - Deep Into The Text
Ran Reed - Murderous Flow (Original Version)
Ran Reed - Rugged Feel
Ran Reed  Shabaam Sahdeeq -  Murderous Flow
Ran Reed - So What You Want
Ran Reed - The Blue Curse
Ran Reed - Top Choice
Ran Reed - While You Were Away
Ran Reed Feat Shabaam Sahdeeq - Mental Earthquake (Nick Wiz Production) (1997)
Ran Reed Feat The Cella Dwellas - The Definition (Nick Wiz Production) (1997)
Ran Reed, Cella Dwellas  Moonie D - The Introduction (Nick Wiz Production) (1999)
Randam Luck - 1, 2 Hit Em'
Randam Luck - Back To Business (Beat. By Aza)
Randam Luck - Conspiracy Of Silence [2008]
Randam Luck - Field Of Fire (Ft. Outerspace)
Randam Luck - Lay You Down
Randam Luck - Lost It (Beat. By Flo)
Randam Luck - Prisoner
Randam Luck - The Take Over
Randam Luck - Where Ya At
Randam Luck - Where Ya At_
Randam Luck Ft. Jimmy Powers - Street Goons ( Prod
Randam Luck Ft. Zo - War Of Words
Random Axe - The Hex
Random Axe- Monster Babies
Rap American (West Or East) Meybee Someone Know Who The Artist, And Write Comment
Rap Master Rhyme - Jacking Your System
Rap Party, A Concert From The Band Gateway ''
Rap Purge- Mini Mix
Raphael Saadiq Q Tip - Get Involved (The Ummah Production) (1999)
Rapmaster Rob - Break 'Em Down (Clean And Rough Mix)
Rapmaster Rob - Kick The Flavor Break` Em Down
Rapper Big Pooh - Augmentation (Prod. Apollo Brown) 
Rapper Big Pooh - Stop (Prod. Apollo Brown) 
Rappin Is Fundamental - Doo Hop
Rappin Is Fundamental - You Ain'T Really Down
Rapsody Ft Raekwon - Black Diamonds
Ras Kass - Anything Goes (1996)
Ras Kass - Conceited Bastard (1998)
Ras Kass - Deformed Pretty Boyz (2005)
Ras Kass - Etc (1996)
Ras Kass - Get At Me (1998)
Ras Kass - Goldyn Chyld (Dj Premier Remix) (2002)
Ras Kass - Home Sweet Home (Alchemist Production) (2001)
Ras Kass - I Ain'T Fuckin' With You (1998)
Ras Kass - If Then (1996)
Ras Kass - Interview With A Vampire (1998)
Ras Kass - Live From C Arson (1996)
Ras Kass - Marinatin' (1996)
Ras Kass - Miami Life (1996)
Ras Kass - Nature Of The Threat (1996)
Ras Kass - On Earth As It Is (1996)
Ras Kass - Ooh Wee! W Intro (1998)
Ras Kass - Oral Sex (Da Beatminerz Production) (1999) 
Ras Kass - Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos) (1996)
Ras Kass - Rasassination W Intro (1998)
Ras Kass - Sonset (1996)
Ras Kass - Soul On Ice (1996)
Ras Kass - Understandable Smooth (1998)
Ras Kass Feat Bad Azz, Nate Dogg Tash - 4 Much (Dj Battlecat Production) (2001)
Ras Kass Feat Coolio - Drama (1996)
Ras Kass Feat Da Ranjahz Bilal - Tha Dopest (2002)
Ras Kass Feat Drdre Mack 10 - Ghetto Fabulous (1998)
Ras Kass Feat Gypsy - Reelishymn (1996)
Ras Kass Feat Jazze Pha - It Is What It Is (1998)
Ras Kass Feat Kurupt El Drex - Ice Age (1998)
Ras Kass Feat Meen Green - The Evil That Men Do (1996)
Ras Kass Feat The Rza - The End (Easy Mo Bee Production) (1998)
Ras Kass Feat Twista - All Or Nuthin' (1998)
Ras Kass Flip - It Ain'T Nothin' Nice (Ras Kass Production) (1996)
Ras Kass, Heltah Skeltah Canibus - Uni 4 Orm (1997)
Ras Kass, Hurricane G Diezel Don - Got You Too Hot (Domingo Production) (1999)
Ras T - Ill Nig
Ras T - Nine Six Million Dollar Man
Rascalz - As It Is (Feat. Choclair)
Rascalz - Clockwork
Rascalz - Dreaded Fist
Rascalz  Fitnredi
Rascalz - Fitnredi
Rascalz - Solitaire
Rascalz - Soul Obligation
Rascalz Feat. Barrington Levy & K-Os - Top Of The World
Rascalza Feat. Kardinal Offishall - Gunnfinga
Rasco - Dues And Dont'S
Rasco - Unassisted
Rasco Feat Planet Asia How Many X'S
Rasheed Chappell - Building 8
Rasheed Chappell - Rasheed
Rashid - Feel The Vibe (Hip Hop)
Rated X - Rhyme Slayer
Rated X - The Rhyme Slayer
Rated X - Why'D You Have To Do It ( Rare 1992 Ca Rap )
Rationale - Fool ( Main Mix)
Raunchy Fella - Crime And Money
Raven - Blue Units
Raven - Humble Beginnings
Raw - Distant Traveller
Raw - More Than A Hoodlum
Raw Approach - Wrong Nek Of Da Woodz (Ghetto Mix)
Raw Approach - Wrong Nek Of Da Woodz (Rare 1993 Ny Rap)
Raw Blow Westnyle - Asking Myself (2010)
Raw Blow Westnyle - Down 2010
Raw Blow Westnyle - Get Out Alive 2010
Raw Blow Westnyle - Soul (2010)
Raw Blow Westnyle - Watch
Raw Breed - Danger Zone
Raw Breed - Dog Day Afternoon
Raw Breed - Everyday Tactics
Raw Breed - Ghetto
Raw Breed - Hard Life
Raw Breed - I Had It All
Raw Breed - I Want In
Raw Breed - I Want In I Had It All
Raw Breed - Lune Tunz ( 1993 Ny Rap )
Raw Breed - Mind Made Up
Raw Breed - Mouth Of Madness
Raw Breed - Mouth Of Madness Pt 2
Raw Breed - Problems
Raw Breed - Rabbit Stew (Flame Boiled Mix) [93']
Raw Breed - Rampage Outta Control
Raw Breed - Rampage Outta Control [93']
Raw Breed - Rollin'Deep (Random Rap) Ny
Raw Breed - Take This World
Raw Breed - That'S My Nigga
Raw Breed Feat Aod - That
Raw Division - Language Of The Drumz
Raw Earth - Night Life
Raw Earth - Rap Technology
Raw Earth - Showdown
Raw Earth - Strike The Earth
Raw Elements - 20 Below
Raw Elements - Blauw!
Raw Elements - Da War Song Elz 4 Life (Snippets)
Raw Elements - Elz 4 Life
Raw Footage - Intro Stay Tuned The Final Call
Raw Fusion - Action Packed (1994)
Raw Fusion - Bumpin Em (1994)
Raw Fusion - Dont Test
Raw Fusion - Glockadoodayou
Raw Fusion - Throw Your Hands In The Air ( 2Pac guest appearance )
Raw Fusion 2Pac - Rockin' To The PM HD 720p_(720p) mp4
Raw Fusion, Shock G ‎ - Freaky Note (1994)
Raw 'G' - Busykickinrhymes2Therythem
Raw Inc Presents The Burnaz - Bonus  Once Upon A Hood Life
Raw Inc Presents The Burnaz Hell No, Uh Uh
Raw Material - Face Before The Pookie
Raw Material - Teen Scream ( Rare 1993 Ny Rap )
Raw Material - Teen Scream 1993 Brooklyn Random Rap
Raw Produce - Cycles (Grooveman Spot Remix) (2004)
Raw Produce - Cycles (Original Version) (1995)
Raw Produce - Decomposure (2004)
Raw Produce - Foundation (1996)
Raw Produce - Grey Skies (2004)
Raw Produce - Make A Mark (Original Version) (1995)
Raw Produce - Nervous (1997)
Raw Produce - R A W (2004)
Raw Produce - R-A-W
Raw Produce - Second Hand Smoke (2001)
Raw Produce - Sink Or Swim (1994) 
Raw Produce - The Feeling Of Now (Thes One Remix) (2003)
Raw Produce - The Wack Mc (2004)
Raw Produce - Tried And True (1997)
Raw Produce - Up All Night
Raw Produce - Weight Of The World (Lee Miles Remix) (1995)
Raw Produce - Weight Of The World [Vinyl Reanimators Remix]
Raw Produce - Who'S Right (Raw Produce Remix) (2003)
Raw Produce Feat Akrobatik - Rick Gerone (2004)
Raw Soul - Are U Wid Me
Raw Soul - Cyfer (Fresh Stuff)
Raw Soul - Dialect (Rare Indie Rap)
Raw Soul - For All The Girls ( Rare 1995 Ca Rap )
Raw Soul - That'S How It Is
Rawcotiks - Big Shit (1997)
Rawcotiks  Going All Out
Rawcotiks - Going All Out
Rawcotiks - Hardcore Hip Hop (1996)
Rawcotiks - Life That I'M Livin'
Rawcotiks - Magic Chef (Juju Production) (1997)
Rawcotiks - What It Look Like
Rawline - Manifest Destiny
Rawseed - Listen
Rax Quisite - Show Me The Way I Need Help
Ray Lugar - I Know
Ray Lugar - Life Of A King
Raze - Bosses
Raze - Fallback Any1
Raze - Peace Son (Feat
Raziq - Spot Lacer
Rc Nucleus - Liquid Music
Reach - All I Know
Reachout Ft Scotland Yard Mcs - The Trail
Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game ( Rare 1994 Nj Rap )
Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game (Street Mix)
Ready To Roll - Taste The Flavor (Street Mix)
Real Color - The Original ( Ultra Rare 1990 Ny Rap )
Real Crookz - Carolina Flow
Real Crookz - Cyclops
Real Crookz - Da Champion
Real Crookz - Da' Redzone
Real Crookz - Dark 12
Real Crookz - Maintain
Real Crookz - Sex, Money Murder
Real Crookz - Take Cover
Real Ii Reel - Let The Words Do The Talkin' ( Rare 1993 Fl )
Real Ii Reel - Let The Words Do The Talkin' (1993)
Real Live - Ain'T No Love
Real Live - Crime Is Money
Real Live - Pop The Trunk
Real Live - The Gimmicks
Real Live - Trilogy Of Error
Real Thorough - Wrecked My Load
Realest Reeken - If Hiphop Is You
Reality Check - Et Ouai Gredin Lp Teaser
Realms Of Reality - Casket Dip
Reason - Bleed
Reason - Cloud Surfing (Feat. Pressure)
Rebel Diaz - Craazy Ft C Rayz Walz (Official Video)
Rebel Diaz - Troy Davis Lives Forever 
Rebel Union - I'M All Blac
Rebelz Of Authority - Blast Of The Iron
Rec Center - After Existence Ft China
Rec Center - Come Shop With Me Ft Bumpas
Rec Center - Playin' The Field
Rec Center - Takin' Rap For A Joke
Reckanize Mrsta Puff - Massive Weight
Reckless Abanden - Boom From The Cannon (Hardcore Mix)
Red 1 Acc - Its On Me
Red Eye - If This World Was Mine
Red Eye - Ooh La La
Red Foo Dre' Kroon - The Freshest (Foofonics Remix)
Red Fox - Ya Can'T Test Me Again (Prod Dj Premier)
Red Fox - Ya'Ll Can'T Test Me Again
Red Fox - Ya'Ll Can'T Test Me Again (Raggamuffin Hip Hop)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 1 Player (Diamond D Production) (1994)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Buckwild Production) (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Nick Wiz Remix) (1994)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 4 My Peeps (Remix) (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - Bmw (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - Bust Tha Maneuva (Diamond D Production) (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - Damain'S Hook (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - Give It Up (1993)
Red Hot Lover Tone - In The Game (Buckwild Production) (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - Like That (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone - This Is For My Niggaz [1995]
Red Hot Lover Tone - Yes Yes Ya'Ll (1995)
Red Hot Lover Tone Feat Don Baron - Take Your Time (1995)
Red Life - Who'S Talking'Weight Remix
Red Life - Who'S Talkin'Weight
Red Man - Can'T Wait
Red Master & Beat Butcha - So Long
Reda - Ruffneck
Redd Bull - Bring On Da Bull Ghetto Illusion
Redd Bull - I'Ll Be Damned
Redd Bull - Who'S Da Baddest
Redd Bull - Whos Da Baddest (Radio Edit) Ft. Black Key
Redfoo Dré Kroon - Life Is A Game Of Chess (The Remix)
Redlife - Confusions
Redlife - The Night'S Young
Redman - Brick City Mashin
Redman - Do What U Feel
Redman - Dunfiato
Redman - Funkorama
Redman - Funkorama (Original Version) (1996)
Redman - I Get Down Like That
Redman - Pick It Up
Redman - Rock Da Spot
Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion
Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion (Erick Sermon Remix) (1993)
Redman - Whateva Man (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) (1996)
Reef The Lost Cauze - Bring Back The Raw Hiphop (Remix) (Ft. Sicknature, Q-Unique & Ill Bill)
Reef The Lost Cauze - Crumbs (Ft. King Magnetic)
Reef The Lost Cauze - Deadly Combo
Reef The Lost Cauze - I Aint No Rapper
Reef The Lost Cauze - I'M A G
Reef The Lost Cauze - Sound Of Philadelphia
Reef The Lost Cauze - The Sound Of Philadelphia
Reef The Lost Cauze & Scandal - Clash Of The Titans
Reef The Lost Cauze Feat King Magnetic - Crumbs
Reef The Lost Cauze Feat Unknown Mizery & Gutta - Reality Of Doom
Reel 2 Reel - Love Hurts (Raggamuffin Hip Hop)
Reel Wolf - Demo Reel
Reflection Eternal - Back Again (Ft. Res - Back Again) (Explicit Version)
Reflexions - This Could Be The Day
Reflexionz - This Could Be The Day
Refractory - Hot Patatoes
Reggie Capers - Do It Like That
Reggie Capers - Do It Like That She Can'T Love You
Reggie Capers - Mo' Bang
Reggie Capers - Servin Mc'S
Reggie Capers - She Can'T Love You
Reggie Capers - Suspect
Reggie Capers - Suspect Servin Mc'S
Reggie Capers - Time & Time Again
Reggie Reg - Some Be Fronting
Rek Large - Da Large One
Rek Large - Snappin Nex
Rek Large - Snappin Nex (Rare Indie Rap) Demo Tape
Rek Shit Rebulz - Eaze Up (Raggamuffin Music Of Hip Hop)
Rek Shit Rebulz - Full Moon Drama (Raggamuffin Music Of Hip Hop)
Rek Shit Rebulz - Start Sum Shit (Raggamuffin Music Of Hip Hop)
Rek The Heavyweight - Soul Sella
Rekless Westnyle Trupt - Listen Up (2010 Prod Westnyle)
Reks - Final Four
Reks - Healthy Habitat
Reks - I Could Have Done More
Reks - I Too America
Reks - In Who We Trust
Reks - Say Goodnight (Dj Premier Production) (2008)
Reks - Say Goodnight (Prod. By Dj Premier)
Reks - Skills 101
Reks Virtuoso - The Set Up (Dj Shame Production) (2000)
Rel!G!On - Lucid (Feat. Moka Only And E.D.G.E.)
Rellik - It Ain'T Safe (Dj Kwestion On The Cuts)
Remain Dl - Much More Than They Can See
Remedy - Fallen Angels
Remedy - Seen It All (1997)
Remedy - You Don'T Know Me
Renaissance - Twist Da Cap Flyz In The Attic
Renaissance Of Chaos - Check Out My Vocals Frontin'
Representativez - Tell Me
Requiem - Counter Culture
Research - If You Only Knew
Research - Long Road (Ft. Kendra Ayers)
Research - Tip Toe
Reservoir Doggs - Stand Up
Reservoir Doggs - The Difference (Buckwild Production) (1996)
Reservoir Doggs - The Difference Murder We Wrote
Reservoir Doggs Feat Royal Flush - Cold World
Return To The Lab
Returners - Different Places One Hip Hop Feat. Rasco, Mic Stylz, Breez Evahflowin (Brazil Mix)
Revelation - Tears Of Oil
Reverend William Burk Feat Shaki - Rather Serious
Revival Of The Undergound Vol I - The Alamo  X Marks The Spots
Revival Of The Underground Ii - The Alamo  Never Judge A Book
Revolution Of The Mind Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze_ _They Must All..._ (Prod
Revolutionary Suicide - Revelation Rotation
Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening Uk Hip Hop Album Promo
Rewd Adams - Spaceship
Rewd Adams (Skandal) - Questions 
Rewd Adams (Skandal) - Terrorvision 
Rewd Adams Feat Black The Ripper - Everyday (Official Video)
Rex Gimmick - It'S A Shame
Rex Gimmick - Time
Rha Goddess - My Pen
Rhamel - Coming Right Out Of Brooklyn
Rhema Soul - I Been (Ft. Nicole Amina)
Rhyme - Warriors Ink (Demo Tape) Indie Rap
Rhyme Animal - Only If
Rhyme Animal - Real Feelings Backdraft
Rhyme Asylum - Dawn Of A New Species
Rhyme Asylum - For The Hate
Rhyme Asylum - Ground Zero
Rhyme Asylum - Lost
Rhyme Asylum - Poison Penmanship
Rhyme Asylum - Unreasonable (Ft. Diabolic)
Rhyme Poetic Mafia - Heat [Thee Illusions] Feat Bazaro_2
Rhyme Poetic Mafia - Knuckleheads Beware
Rhyme Poetic Mafia - Peer Pressure
Rhyme Recca - Blowin' Up Spots (1997)
Rhyme Recca - Blowin' Up Spots (DR Period TV Track) (1996) [HQ]
Rhyme Recca - Blowin' Up Spots w Intro (DR Period Production) (1996) [HQ]
Rhyme Recca & Tony Touch - Freestyle
Rhyme Recca Feat Cappadonna - Everything Is Everything
Rhyme Recca Feat Smoothe Da Hustler - To My Lady (1997)
Rhyme Recca Feat Trigger Tha Gambler - Scandalous ft Rukus Clique & DV Alias Khrist
Rhyme Recka - Blowin Up Spots Ft. Smoothe Da Hustler Ad
Rhyme Recka - Lock Em Down
Rhyme Recka FeatSmoothe Da Hustler - To My Lady(1997)
Rhyme Recka ft Smoothe Da Hustler - To My Lady (Frankensteeno Remix)
Rhymefest - How We Chill
Rhymefest - Prepare For The Fest Original Mix
Rhymists - I Love You
Rhymists - West Indian Food (Ft. Dangerous)
Rhymster - 20 Centuries (Beatnuts Remix)
Rhythm And Poetry - Jack
Rhythm And Poetry - No Money
Rhythm Blunt Crew Rascalz - Really Livin (Remix)
Rhythm Radicals - Heed The Word Put Our Thing Down
Rich Nice - Feel The Vibe
Rich Nice - Strictly Ghetto
Richie Rich Mc Supreme - We Can Do This
Rick Da Bro - 1996
Rick Da Bro - All We Do
Rick Da Bro - Casket
Rick Da Bro - Emotions
Rick Da Bro - Hit Em Up
Rick Da Bro - I Don'T Wanna Talk
Rick Da Bro - Into The Fire
Rick Da Bro - Next Nig Luv
Rick Da Bro - Sins
Rick De Ville - It'S Like This
Rick De Ville - You Me
Rickochet - Another Dead Nigga In The Street You Can Get The Finger
Rickochet - Gotta Have Money
Rickochet - You Can Get The Finger
Rico Pabon - I Am Resistance
Rico Pabon - Que Sabroso
Rif (Rappin Is Fundamental) - Doo Hop
Rif (Rappin Is Fundamental) - Who'S Da Man
Right N' Exact - Dragonz (Rare)
Right N' Exact (Feat Mic P) - Da Mornin Afta
Ring - One Game (Left To Play) Remix
Ring - They Want To Kill Me
Ring Aka 'Massive Ring' - Invisible Man
Ringmaster - These Rhymes Are My Rhymes
Riott - Nigga What
Rip - Nyc, The Money And The Murder
Rip Styles - Afta Midnight
Rise - Do You Know Him
Rise And The Avid Record Collector - Ain'T Nothing (Ft. Celph Titled & J-Love)
Rise Of The Revolution - My Own Two Eyes
Risskant Anonymouz - Krakende Shit
Risskant Ft Skenkie - Knaken
Rite Hook - Go 4 The Eyes
Rivals Of The Mind - Bring On The Real Mc'S (Remix)
Rivals Of The Mind - Lost In The Mind (Rare Indie Rap)
Rivals Of The Mind - Ny Life
Rivals Of The Mind - On My Way
Riviera Regime The Vendetta - Divine Warriors
Rizq - Real Shit
R-Mean - I Made It
R-Mean - Oh No (Don'T Go) (Beat By. State Of The Art)
Rnf - Takin' Over (Samplersummer '97)
Rob Base Dj E Z Rock - Symphony
Rob N Steal - Life On The Line
Rob O - Don'T You Love It (199)
Rob O - Holy War (199)
Rob O - Rhyme Tighter (199)
Rob O - Star Qualities (Pete Rock Production) (199)
Rob O - Who Is He (199)
Rob O - World Premier (199)
Rob O - Wunderlust (Grap Luva Production)
Rob O Feat Meccalicious - Mention Me (Pete Rock Production) (1996)
Rob O Feat Pete Rock - So Many Rappers (Pete Rock Production) (1998)
Rob Swift Cracker Jax - Sly Rhymes (1996)
Robust & Prolyphic - Headtrip
Roc Marciano - Raw Deal
Roc Marciano - Scarface N A (Dirty)
Roc Marciano - Snow
Roc Roo - Authentic
Rocco Ft Capone Royal Flush - Too Hot
Rocco Ft Saide Angel - Make It Right
Rocco Ft Saide Angel, D Lyrik Ron Valdez - Make It Right
Roce - Encore Et Encore
Roce - Ricochets
Rock Bottom - I Have Heard
Rock La Flow - What!! ( Rare 199 Or Rap )
Rock La Flow - Wreckamic
Rock The M C - Don'T Stop The Hip Hop Indie Rap
Rock The M.C. - A Don'T Stop The Hip Hop (Vocal)
Rock The Mc - Funky Brooklyn Randon Rap
Rock The Mc The K Saint Paul - Dark Lovely
Rockman - Get Ready For The Jack
Rockwiella - 9 To Da 5
Rodin The Thinker - Toast B4 Wars
Rodney Kendrick Feat Gza, Killah Priest And Dark Skin Scorpion - Rapability
Roguish Armament - Blowin Mary Out The Frame
Roguish Armament - Maintain
Roguish Armament - Steal In Pennies
Rok One - Certified Superior
Rok One - Ninety Degrees A Piece
Rok One Feat Kwest, L Fudge Shabaam Sahdeeq - Ninety Degrees A Piece (1998)
Rolex And Rundown (1628 Factor) - Rhymes Are Game Tight
Roller Rocker And Precize - Heat Wavez '96 (1996)
Romen Rok Info Mite - Am To Pm Remix Fe Fi Fo Fum
Romeo Rich - She Tried To Play Me
Romeo Rich - Turn The Bass Up
Ron B - Live Entertainer ( Ultra Rare 1990 Ny Rap )
Ron Dough - Third Vision
Rondo And Crazy Rak - Hit Em' Up
Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock
Rook And Bishop - Relatin To Transparent
Rook Bishop - Da Ill
Roots Manuva - Join The Dots Feat. Chali 2Na
Roots Manuva - Soul Decay
Roots Manuva - Witness (One Hope)
Rottin Razkals - Oh Yeah
Rottin' Razkals - Oh Yeah (Lp Version)
Rough Edges - Children Learn What They Lived (Indie Rap) Brooklyn, Ny
Rough Edges - Put The Gunz Away (Indie Rap) Brooklyn, Ny
Rough House Survivers - Check Da Back Pack (Extended Remix)
Rough House Survivers - Rough House (1993)
Rough House Survivors - So ! Survivors, We Can Rhyme
Rough Luxury Crew - Pandemonium (1993)
Roughneck Soldiers - Freestyle Thing
Roughneck Soldiers - Kill Or Be Killed
Roundtable Mc'S - Mad Mad World Planet Panic
Rowdee Pak - We Don'T Mean Ya No Harm
Rowdy Ready C - It'S A Mess
Royal Fam - Acid
Royal Fam - All The Kings Men
Royal Fam - I Declare War (Bonus Beat)
Royal Fam - Summin' Gotz To Give
Royal Fam - We Declare War!
Royal Flush - Creep
Royal Flush - Dead Letter (1997)
Royal Flush - Family Problems (Ez Elpee Production) (1997)
Royal Flush - I Been Gettin' So Much $ (1997)
Royal Flush - It'S Royal Flush
Royal Flush - Movin' On Your Weak Productions (1997)
Royal Flush - Niggas Night Out (1997)
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) (1996)
Royal Flush - Shines (1997)
Royal Flush - War (1997)
Royal Flush - World Wide Remix (Without Chorus)
Royal Flush - Worldwide (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Channel Live And Mic Geronimo - Smoke Session
Royal Flush Feat Khadejia Bass - Can'T Help It (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Mic Geronimo - Makin' Moves (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Mic Geronimo - Regulate (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Michelle Mitchell - Reppin' (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Noreaga - Iced Down Medallions (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Noreaga - What A Shame (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Wastlanz - Conflict (1997)
Royal Flush Feat Wastlanz - International Currency (1997)
Royal Flush Wnyu - Freestyles
Royce Da 5' 9' - I'M The King
Royce Da 5' 9' & Pretty Ugly - Spit Game
Royce Da 5 9 Feat Necro & Afu Ra - Boom
Royce Da 5'9 - Boom
Royce Da 5'9 - Boom (Dj Premier Production) (2000)
Rozewood - World
Rpm The Brown Robe - Gods Mirror
Rreef The Lost Cauze - Two Guns Up
Rta - Ya Need To Quit (1996)
Ru Kid Master Beatboxer (Aka 'The Trendiest Beatboxer In The Uk')
Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
Rubberoom - Body Snatch'N
Rubberoom - Body Snatch'N (Remix) Stacks Of 45'S
Rubberoom - Evil Archangels Ll
Rubberoom - Sector Rush (Original Version)
Rubberoom - Sector Rush [Rebuilt]
Rubberoom - Smoke
Rubberoom - Street Theme
Ruck N Wiz Ft Lyfestile - My Destiny
Ruddy Thomas - Mind Browing Decision
Rude Boy Business - I Play For Keeps
Ruf Rugged Megamix Vol2 - Enter The Lords
Ruff Di Mondz - Off Mine ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )
Ruff Di Mondz - Powers In The P ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )
Ruff Draf - Da' Clipz Go On ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )
Ruff Draf - Rounda (Middle Finger Mix)
Ruff N Rugged - Black Male
Ruff N Rugged - Comin' At Ya' (Str8 Jackin')
Ruff N Rugged - Drop The Microphone [1993]
Ruff N Rugged - Swing Sump'N Ruff
Ruff Ray Merc - Load Your Deck
Ruff Ray Merc - No Ordinary Slug
Ruff Ryders Feat Scarface, Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss Yung- World War Iii 
Ruff, Rugged Raw - Jump, Wiggle It (Smoke Out Mix)
Ruff, Rugged Raw - Panic Button
Ruffneg' - Son Respect
Ruffnexx Sound System - Land Of The Free
Ruffnexx Sound System - Own Kinda Style
Rufmouth - Paying For The Name
Rufmouth - The Good Die Young
Rufmouth - The Legend (Live Remix)
Rufnexz - Rufnexz Hip Hop
Rufus Blaq Lox - Artifacts Of Life (Dj Skeletor Remix)
Rugged Brood - Dwellin In Darkness
Rugged Brood - Look Out
Rugged Brood - Nonfiction (1997)
Rugged Brood Feat Shamus - Dwellin' In Darkness
Rugged Intellect - By Any Means
Ruggedness Mad Drama - Forreal
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Checkin Down The Menu
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Checkin Down The Menu (Rmx) Make U
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Comin' Atcha
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Hustlers High Huntin Park
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Make U Go Crazy 2
Ruggedness Madddrama - Forreal Remix
Rular Rah - Johnny
Rumpletilskinz - Attitudes
Rumpletilskinz - Earthquake (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - Hi Volume (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - Hudz (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - I N I (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - Is It Alright (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - Is It Alright (Dgyrick Remix)
Rumpletilskinz - Is It Alright (Radio Remix)
Rumpletilskinz - Mad Mf'S (1993)
Rumpletilskinz - Theramixx (1993)
Run D.M.C. - It'S Tricky (1987)
Run D.M.C. - My Adidas (1986)
Run D.M.C. - Rock Box (1984)
Run D.M.C. & Aerosmith - Walk This Way (1986)
Run Dmc - Beats To The Rhyme
Run Dmc - Christmas In Hollis (1986)
Run Dmc - Peter Piper
Run Dmc - Runs House
Run Dmc - Sucker Mcs
Run Dmc - Walk This Way (Feat. Aerosmith)
Runaway Slaves - Booty Mission ( 1992 Ny Rap )
Rundown - Given You A Rundown
Rundown - The Unseen Truth Fact Of The Dollar Totals
Rundown (1628 Factor) - Rain On Competition
Rundown Rolex Brewmasta Spex - Factory Assembly Line
Rundown, Spexxx, Brewmasta And Juankanobi (1628 Factor) - Imitation Copy
Ruph Headz - Ain'T No 12 Stompin
Ruph Headz - An'T No 12 Stompin Sett It
Ruph Headz - Can U Dig It
Ruph Headz - Home Of The Crooked Men
Ruph Headz - How We Get Down
Ruph Headz - Sett It
Ruph Headz - Sheets In Between
Ruph Headz - Spill Out 4 U
Ruph Headz - Wreckin Ya
Rusty Chains - World Of Temptation
Rusty Killa Productions - Hipnotic Realism
Rusty Killa Productions - Reality Check (The Incredible)
Ruthless Bastards - Murder She Wrote
Ruthless Bastards - Murder We Wrote (Rns Production) (1996)
Ruthless Bastards - Murder We Wrote Dirty
Ruthless Bastards - The Authentic
Ruthless Bastards Feat 100% Has Style Inspectah Deck - The Authentic (2000)
Ryan Perfect - Searching
Rymskeme - Da Word
Rymskeme Demo Tape (Rare Indie Rap)
Rypa - Black Words
Rypa - He Behind The Aftermath (Sinterlude)
Rza - Never
Rza - Problems (Demo 1991)
Rza - Samurai Showdown
Rza - The Birth (O.G. Version)
Rza - You Already Know (Ft. Kool G Rap, Inspectah Deck & Suga Bang)
Rza & Gza Genius - Third World (Prod. By Dj Muggs)
Rza As Bobby Digital - You Can'T Stop Me Now (Explicit Version)
Rza Feat Inspektah Deck - You Cant Stop Me Now
Rza Feat Masta Killa - Brooklyn Babies
Rza Feat Method Man, Killarmy - La Rumba
Rza, Gza & Mobb Deep - I Got 5 On It