Hip Hop Artists & Groups by D

Artistas y Grupos de Hip Hop por D

Artists & Groups of Hip Hop by D

D 2 Tha S (Dedicated 2 Tha Streets) - Come Wit It

D Strong "Nuthin New" Prod.Linus Stubbs (Official Video)

D Vine - Prayer For The Dying (Tape Mix)

D Vine - The Mother In You / Put Me On

D-Law & The Bounty Hunters - Touch Button (1994)

D-Law and The Bounty Hunters - Pot Hoes / Nuff Respect

D-Stroy & Ching Rock feat DJ Tony Touch - Ya Don't Stop

D-Stroy & Q-Unique (Arsonists) - Born In '87

D-Stroy feat DJ Tony Touch - Off The Wall

D. Auguste - Rain Dance

D. Rebel - On The Roll

D.Evilman Feat. Paranorm - God Vs. The Devil

D.Evilman Ft Paranorm - Hooker To A Housewife

D.Evilman ftg Paranorm - Fools Rush In (1999)

D.I.T.C - Da Enemy

D.I.T.C - Day One

D'Adore (Unda'Ground Radio) Phatul Mix 1995

D1 - Fakes (1994)

D1: Priority - D Tha Enemy

D1: Priority - D1S Theme

D1: Priority - My Song / The Red Bull Shit

D1: Priority - Ripp'n Heads

D12 - Words Are Weapons (Bonus Track)

D12- KillZone (New Shady Records Video)

Da Alliance - Double 8's

Da Alliance - Live And Uncut

Da Alliance - Maintain

Da Bandit - Neck Snapper (Bounce Radio Mix)

Da Basement Society - Who Downstairs (Full Cassette, EP) (1994)

Da Beatminerz feat. Caron Wheeler - Open

Da Brat - Funkdafied (Video)

Da Bulldogs Feat. Ed OG - Man make the money (1999)

Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - I'm In The House

Da Enfatry - Lyrical Logic

Da Funk - Money (1996 / EP / Hip Hop)


DA STEEZ BROTHAZ // Keepin it tru x Hecho memoria

Das EFX - Real Hip Hop | *Best Quality* (1995)

Das EFX - Straight Out The Sewer (HD) | Official Video

Datbu - Right On

Datbu - The Blues

Datbu - Village

Dead Poets Society - That's the Way it is ...

Dee & Kulia - Born With The Flava

Def Jef - Droppin' Rhymes On Drums

Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Made In America (SD50's Mix)

Del the Funky Homosapien - Future Development

Del the Funky Homosapien - Stress the World

Delinquent Habits - California Feat. Sen Dog (2017) (Video)

Delinquent Habits - Go Easy - 2017 (Video)

Delinquent Habits - Here Come The Horns (Video)

Delinquent Habits - Return of the Tres

Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes

Demigodz - Audi 5000

Demigodz - Can't Fool Me feat. Apathy, Blacastan, Esoteric, Motive, Celph Titled & Eternia

Demigodz - Captain Caveman (ft R.A. The Rugged Man)

Demigodz - Captivate / Deactivate

Demigodz - Dead In The Middle

Demigodz - Demigodz (Apathy & Celph Titled)

Demigodz - Demigodz Is Back

Demigodz - DGZ x NYGz feat. Apathy, Blacastan, Celph Titled & Panchi of NYG'z

Demigodz - Empire Strikes Back

Demigodz - Heat Speakers

Demigodz - KILLmatic

Demigodz - KILLmatic (Full Album)

Demigodz - Laugh About It (Ft. Celph Titled Southpaw & Motive)

Demigodz - Raiders Cap - prod. by Apathy

Demigodz - Summer Of Sam

Demigodz - The Godz must be crazier - under my skin track

Demigodz - The godz must be crazy

Demigodz - Worst Nightmare - prod by DJ Premier

Demigodz -Dumb High

Demigodz -The Wickedest Flow

Demigodz- Bring it Back

Días Grises / Da Steez Brothaz X Hecho Memoria

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst (Video)

Dilated Peoples - You Can't Hide You Can't Run

Disciples of the Sick - Devils Playground (Video)

DITC - way of life

DJ Premier - Stop What Ya Doin Apathy Feat. Celph Titled

DMX - Ruff Ryders' Anthem

DMX Feat Jayo Felony & Method Man - Whatcha Gonna Do (Explicit)

DNA - Bronx Criminal County (1996)

Don Gargeyone - Take That

Dope D.O.D. - What happened (Video)

Double Life - Regiments

Double Life - Revolutions

Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show

Down N' Dirty Tribe - Inn´A Cipher (1995)

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E. (Official Video)

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg - The Next Episode (Video)

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Nuthin' But A G Thang (Video)

Dresta & B.G. Knocc Out - D.P.G.K (Dogg Pound Killa)

Droopy Eye Crew - One Life To Live / Broke Willeez / Strictly For Live Men (1997)

Duo Live - For All Those!!

Duodie - Maintain

Dyce - Family Ties

Dynospectrum - Anything Is Everything (Official Video)

Dynospectrum - Southside Myth

D 2 Tha S (Dedicated 2 Tha Streets) - Come Wit It (1994)

D 2 Tha S (Dedicated 2 Tha Streets) - Doomsday (1994)  

D Adore - Ground Radio Phatful

D Auguste - Rain Dance

D Law And The Bounty Hunters - Pot Hoes Nuff Respect

D Law - The Bounty Hunters Touch Button (1994)

D Mack -Mc Dizzy Dee You Know The Flavor

D Mob - Dangerous

D Mob - Puffla

D Prosper - Waited All My Life (1997)

D Prosper - Waited All My Life Hip Hop Heads

D Rebel - On The Roll

D Strong - Nuthin New

D Stroy Ching Rock Feat Dj Tony Touch - Ya Don'T Stop

D Stroy Feat Dj Tony Touch - I Ain'T Real Make Noise

D Stroy Feat Dj Tony Touch - Off The Wall

D Stroy Feat Dj Tony Touch - Vitanim D

D The Dragon - Deadman

D The Dragon Feat Pifstar Aka Epiphany - Madness

D Vine - Prayer For The Dying

D Vine - The Mother In You Put Me On

D&D All Stars - 1, 2 Pass It

D. Auguste - Rain Dance

D. Auguste - Sunset

D. One - Wrong Ones (Ft. Royce Da 59)

D. Prosper - Hip Hop Heads

D. Valentine - Wise Guyz

D.Evilman Feat. Paranorm - Fools Rush In

D.Evilman Feat. Paranorm - God Vs. The Devil (Dirty)

D.Evilman Feat. Paranorm - Hooker To A Houswife

D.Strong - Road To Perdition

D1 - Fakes

D1 - Fakes (1994)

D1 Priority - Brothas Of A Culture

D1 Priority - D Tha Enemy

D1 Priority - D1S Theme

D1 Priority - Escape To New York Ripp'N Heads 4 Tha Remix

D1 Priority - My Song The Red Bull Shit

D1 Priority - Ripp'N Heads

D1 Priority - The Boogieman

D1 Priority - Throwin Styles

D1 Priority - Travels Through Time

D1 Priority - Who Da Fuck

D12 - Kill Zone

D12 - Words Are My Weapons (Unreleased)

Da 108 Ft Nevsky Beat - Flava

Da Alliance - Double 8'S

Da Alliance - Fake Outta Towners

Da Alliance - Formin'

Da Alliance - Foundations

Da Alliance - Live And Uncut

Da Alliance - Maintain

Da Alliance - Spanish Fly

Da Bandit - Neck Snapper

Da Basement Society - Dat'S Da Biscuit (Remix)

Da Beatminerz Ft Caron Wheeler -Pete Rock Open (2001)

Da Brat - Funkdafied

Da Bul Nate - Hazardous

Da Bulldogs - Man Make The Money

Da Bulldogs - Run For Ya Life (Dj Madsol Desar Production) (1999)

Da Bulldogs Ft Edog - Man Make The Money (1999)

Da Bulldogs Ft Edog - Scream (1999)

Da Bullpen - Who Runz Da Block

Da Bush Babees - Brooklyn Movements (1995)

Da Bush Babees - God Complex (1996)

Da Bush Babees - Maybe (1996)

Da Bush Babees - Melting Plastic (1996)

Da Bush Babees - Remember We

Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix) (1994)

Da Bush Babees - The Ninth Presentation (Skit) (1996)

Da Bush Babees - Wax (1996)

Da Bush Babees Ft Mos Def - Sos (1996)

Da Bush Babees Ft Mos Def - The Love Song (1996)

Da Bush Babees Ft Nicole Johnson - Gravity (The Ummah Production) (1996)

Da Bush Babees Ft Q Tip - 3 Mc'S (The Ummah Production) (1996)

Da Champ - I Need Money

Da Champ - Kick A Freestyle

Da Chozen - Up All Night Ep 

Da Concrete - Funk Fluid Ep 

Da Cor - Mic Mangler Strait Shots

Da Crimeez - Everything We Spit Iz Hard

Da Dysfunkshunal Familee -New Ruff Flava (Orrazab 3Rd Eye Radio Remix)

Da Enfatry - Lyrical Logic

Da Enfatry Feat Kise Of Course - This World

Da' Enna C - Throw Ya Hands In Da' Air 1994'

Da' Enna C - You Can't Use My Pen

Da Fat Cat Clique - Another Nig

Da Fat Cat Clique - Da Flow Live From Fox Valley

Da Fat Cat Clique - Live From Fox Valley

Da Fat Cat Clique - The Deans List

Da Fatcat Clique - Can U Feel Me (1997)

Da Fatcat Clique - Young Girls Are My Weakness

Da Fence Men Ft Krumb Snatcha - Massacre (1998)

Da Funk - Money (1996)

Da Funk - You Can Come And Get Done (1996)

Da Germ - Boomboombangslapphat

Da Germ - Brooklyn X

Da Germ - Da Rain Iz Cumin'

Da Germ - From Da Bazment

Da Germ - Inheritor Of Dazeaz

Da Germ - Madcell

Da Germ - More More Itz Uzlezz (Feat Lin Que Finsta)

Da Germ - Paragon Of Madness

Da Germ - Respect [Rmii'S Uncut Mix]

Da Germ - U Don'T Know Da Song

Da Grassroots - Intermission

Da Grassroots - Precious Metals Black Dove

Da Grassroots Ft Mr Roam From The Plant - Price Of Livin' (1999)

Da Great Deity Dah - Assassassinate Him W The Rhythm

Da Great Deity Dah - Cerebral Warfare

Da Great Deity Dah - Cerebral Warfare Ep (Two Tracks)

Da Great Deity Dah - Double Trouble Feat Quiet Storm Ibn Nur 720

Da Great Deity Dah - How To Author A Great Rhyme

Da Great Deity Dah - Life Or Death

Da Great Deity Dah - Middle Passage (Feat The Mystical Pharaohs)

Da Great Deity Dah - Mind Skills (Benevolent Freestyle Mix)

Da Great Deity Dah - Penetrate The Soul

Da Great Deity Dah - Perpetuate The Soul

Da Great Deity Dah - R.O.W.Y.C.P

Da Great Deity Dah - Rapmatics

Da Great Deity Dah - Ready To Kill

Da Great Deity Dah - Running Off With Your Cognitive Pattern

Da Great Deity Dah - Sunz Of Righteousness

Da Great Deity Dah - Trapped In The Middle State

Da Great Deity Dah - Trapped In The Middle State (Purgatory 1)

Da Great Deity Dah - Tributary To The Majesty

Da Great Deity Dah Ft Quietzone Ibn Nur 720 - Indecent Proposal

Da Great Deity Dah Trapped In The Middle State

Da Great Diety Dah - Time Travel Promo

Da Halrazzers - Death Rattle (Remix)

Da Halrazzers - I Know

Da Halrazzers - Peace Talks

Da Halrazzers - Verbal Warfare

Da Hangman Figa'S - Stuck N Da Game (1999)

Da Hangmen Figa`S - Stuck N Da Game

Da Hangmen Figa'S - My Life (1999)

Da Head Huntaz - I Wreck The Mic

Da Henchmen - Come On

Da Henchmen - Flippin With Da Henchmen (1994)

Da Henchmen - Flippin With The Henchmen (Radio Mix)

Da Henchmen - Flippin With The Henchmen (Radio Mix)

Da Henchmen - Mother Fuck Up Henchmen

Da Henchmen - Wartime

Da Henchmen - What U Gonna Do

Da Homlez - Bum Skitz

Da Homlez - Knock Knock (Kt'S Jazzy Mix)

Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya - Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

Da Hoodzmen - One 2 Da Bootlegga (1993)

Da Hoodzmen - Runnin' Rampant (1993)

Da Hoodzmen - The Rhyme Ripper

Da Hurricane Holla Macwell - Joox Laugh At U

Da King -I Tears

Da Last Future - Livin In Hell-Byn

Da Last Future - Mental Combat-Byn

Da Legendary - Tales Of A Villain

Da Lench Mob - Ain'T Got No Class (1993)

Da Low Livz - Fam And Squad

Da Low Livz - Niggaz Got Beef

Da Lowly Ones - All Night Gold Rushers

Da Mad Onez - Chapters

Da Mad Onez - Illastrate

Da Mad Onez - Who

Da Mad Poets - Mad Poets In The House

Da Mad Poets - Rugged Spelling B (1992)

Da Manchuz Feat Drunken Dragon, Manley Musa, Spiritual Assa - Mongolian Wars

Da Matrix - Boom Bow Don't Stop

Da Minds Of Sol - Blinded By Da Light Holocaust Pt Ii

Da Monstar Mob - A Queen Is Not A Hoe

Da Monstar Mob - Behind Da Closet Door

Da Monstar Mob - H20 Aka Hot Tubs  Water Beds

Da Monstar Mob - Lions Tigers Aka Growl

Da Monstar Mob - Soulsville California

Da Monstar Mob - The Diamond Heist

Da Monstar Mob - Whut Time Is It Ft Jewl Unique

Da Naba Hood Threat - Coming From Da Dirt

Da Naba Hood Threat - Mind Tricks

Da Naba Hood Threat - Represent Groundz

Da Naba Hood Threat - The End The Unknown

Da Nabahood Threat - Live N Die

Da Nabahood Threat - Mind Tricks

Da Nabahood Threat - The Unknown

Da Nayborhoodz - Afta Dark

Da Nayborhoodz - Contract Hit

Da Nayborhoodz - Illa Than Expected

Da Nayborhoodz - It Takes More

Da N'Credible Nigga Naquan - Demo Ep

Da Neighbourhood Threat - Say What I Wanna Say

Da Noe Doe Network - I'M Not Sure

Da Noe Doe Network - In A Minute

Da Noe Doe Network - Next Stop Take A Journey

Da Noe Doe Network - Once Upon A Time

Da Noe Doe Network - Yes Yes Yall

Da Nu Flava - Blow This Spot (Da Jam)

Da Nu Flava - Heated Summer Streets

Da Nuthouse - A Luv Supream Synapsis

Da Nuthouse - Very Vocabulary

Da Omen - The Omen (Tales From The Parkside)

Da Ooh - The Chemistry

Da Ooh! - Watch Out

Da Other Side - Breathless (1995)

Da Phenoms - Old School Rule

Da Pit Stalkaz - Repazentin'

Da Porkchop - Big Ac Material 1998' Baltimore Md

Da Porkchop - Unda Pressha

Da Rage - Badass (1995)

Da Rail Black - Thuz 3 Wishz

Da Ranjahz - Daily Basis (Big Jaz Production) (1996)

Da Ranjahz - Hold It Down (1995)

Da Regulaterz - Listen Up (Remix) Philly Indie Rap Snippets

Da Rezawrektaz ! - Mulah $$$

Da Rezawrektaz ! - Out Here (But I'M Not All There)

Da Ruckus - 150 Mcs (1998)

Da Ruckus - Maintain (1998)

Da Ruckus - No Doubt Break (1998)

Da Ruckus - Organized Rhyme (1997)

Da Ruckus - Rhyme Foo (1997)

Da Ruckus - Vocolation (1997)

Da Shaüp Productions - CatastrapheDa Shaüp Productions

Da Shogunz - Promo + Live Snippet

Da Solo - The Swc Night (2013)

Da System - J'Avais Rêvé

Da Team - What The Fuck

Da Unknown Posse - Can We Jive With Da Funk

Da Uptown Vandals - Vandals In The House (1994)

Da Vince - Chin Check Hook Up

Da Whole 9 - Weekend (Extended Vocal Mix)

Da Wick - If Ya Can'T Maintane

Da Wolfpack - Attack Of Da Woflpack

Da Youngsta'S - 24 Hrs 2 Live (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - Backstabbers (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Bad 2 Da Bone (1995)

Da Youngstas - Bloodshed And War (Dgyrick Remix)

Da Youngsta'S - Count It Off (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Crewz Pop (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Da Hood (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Everyman 4 Theyself (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - Gotta Get Da Cheese (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - Grim Reaper (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Handle This (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Hip Hop Ride (Marley Marl Remix) (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Honeycomb Hide Out (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - If I Had A Million (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - Illy Filly Funk (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - In The City (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Incredible (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - It'Z Natural (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Iz U Wit Me (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Lyrical Stick Up Kids (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Mad Props (1994)

Da Youngstas - Mad Props (Remix 2)

Da Youngsta'S - Murda (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - No Mercy (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - No More Hard Times (Remix) (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Pass Da Mic (1992)

Da Youngsta'S - People Round Town (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Put Me On (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Reality (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Rip A Rhyme (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Shout It Out (Outro) (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Stayed Away (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - The Aftermath

Da Youngsta'S - The Aftermath (Intro) (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Verbal Glock (Emanuel Parks Production) (1995)

Da Youngsta'S - Wake Em Up (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - What U Feel (1994)

Da Youngsta'S - Who'S The Mic Wrecka (1993)

Da Youngsta'S - Wild Child

Da Youngsta'S - Wild Child (1993)

Da Youngsta'S Ft Mobb Deep - Bloodshed And War (Remix) (1995)

Da Youngstas Ft. Mobb Deep - Bloodshed & War

Da Youngsta'S Illy Funkstaz - I'Ll Make You Famous

Daaraj - Microph'1 Soldat

Dabudz Present - Life Lovers Yoga'

Dabuz System - Harcore X

Daddy - O Swung It, Blunted, Brung It

Daddy Lord C - Le Gars Du 18

Daddy Nuttea - Agitateur (Iam Remix)

Daddy O - Buc Buc Buk

D'Adore - Flow Like A River

D'Adore - Unda' Ground Radio (Phatful Mix)

Dahru - My Home Connecticut

Dainjamental - Crazy

Dal J'Ones - Dynasty

Dam Native - Behold My Kool Style (Video)

Dam Native - Behold My Koolstyle

Damian Junior Gong Marley Eve Stephen Marley - Scorpion - No, No, No

Damu The Fudgemunk - Bright Side 25Th Bday Remix

Dan E O - Constipated (199)

Dan E O - Incarceration (1996)

Dan E O - Mental Mirage (1996)

Dan E O - Mic Surgery (1996)

Dan E O - Son Daze (1996)

Dana Barros - Check It (1994)

Dana Coppafeel - Blast Off Feat Alias

Dana Coppafeel - I'M Sick Feat Ecko

Dane O - Dear Hip Hop

Danegurous - Frequency Unknown

Danegurous - Sinista Flow (Feat

D'Angelo - Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine (1996)

D'Angelo Ft Az - Lady (Dj Premier'S Just Tha Beat Mix) (1996)

D'Angelo Ft Kool G Rap - Brown Sugar (Da Beatminerz Remix) (1995)

Danger I 5000 - Can You Dig What It Is!

Danger I 5000 - React To What

Dangermouse - The System

Dangermouse - The System (Remix)

Dangerous Ill Stuntmen - Ny City G

Dangerous Ill Stuntmen - The Edge (1995)

Dangerous Ill Stuntment - The Edge Bust Da Style

Dangerous Mentality Forever - Elohim

Dangerous Minded Clik - Essence

Dangerous Minds Forever - The Anthem

Dangerous Minds Forever - Throw Your Drinks Up

Dangerousill Stuntmen - Bust Da Style (Lp) [95']

Danja Mowf - Dangerous

Danja Mowf - Espionage

Danja Mowf - Like Flies (1998)

Danja Mowf - Make It Hot Feat Lonnie B

Danja Mowf And Mad Skillz - Mowf Of Madness

Danja Mowf Feat Lonnie B - Make It Hot

Danny! - I'M Back

Daomen - Chiale Bebe

Daomen - La Routine

Daomen - Le Respect

Daomen - Underground Classic

Darc Mind - Smooth Wit The Roughness

Darc Mind - We In This (Nick Wiz Production) (1996)

Darcsyde - Pretender

Dark Beats - (What The Funk)

Dark Circle - Paradoxes

Dark Craftsmen - Blade Flamin Organ Donor

Dark Forest - Shhh! (1997)

Dark Forest - The Region (The Remix) 1997'

Dark Skinned Assassin - Gotta Get The Creme

Dark Skinned Assassin - Gotta Get The Creme (Raw Mix)

Dark Skinned Assassin - Lock Shit Down

Dark Skinned Assassin - Smoke In Ya Face

Dark Skinned Assassin - The Horror

Dark Skinned Assassin - Uncontrollable

Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy

Dark Skinned Assassin - Untitled Raw Shit

Dark Skinned Assassin Feat Rbi, Lord Isham, Robyn Banx - Danger Jam Uncontrollable

Dark Skinned Assassin Unholy

Dark Sun Riders - Dark Sun Riders

Dark Sun Riders - Soulful Ascension

Dark Sun Riders - Time To Build (Ultra Marsalis Remix)

Dark Sun Riders Feat Brother J - Dark Sun Riders (Ultra Jazz Mix)

Dark Sun Riders Feat Brother J - The Eclipse Begins

Dark Time Sunshine- Some Place Special

Dark Water Empire - Amazement

Darkim Be Allah - 2000 Cuts

Darkman - Hot Ta Def

Darkman - What'S Not Yours (Ghettolab Mix)

Darkman - Yabba Dabba Do (Ghetto Lab Mix)

Darkside Mob - Darkside For Life 1996' Emergency Diehard

Darkstar & Engineer Are The Corps - Bang Out

Darkstar & Engineer Are The Corps - Nemesis

Darkstar -Engineer Are The Corps Bang Out

Das Efx - Baknaffek (Solid Scheme Funk Mix) (1993)

Das Efx - Dedicated (Dj Spinna Remix)

Das Efx - Freak It (Solid Scheme Remix) (1993)

Das Efx - International

Das Efx - Jungle

Das Efx - Jussumen (Pete Rock Remix) (1992)

Das Efx - Kaught In Da Ak (Dj Premier Remix) (1993)

Das Efx - Make Noize

Das Efx - No Doubt (Ft. M.O.P & Teflon)

Das Efx - Rap Scholar (Feat. Redman)

Das Efx - Real Hip Hop

Das Efx - They Want Efx

Das Efx - They Want Efx (Solid Scheme Remix) (1992)

Das Efx Ft Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (Frankenstein Remix) (1996)

Das Efx Ft Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (Hop'A'Jazza Remix)

Das Efx Ft Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (Sewa 41St Side Remix) (1995)

Das Efx Ft Redman - Rap Scholar (1998)

Datbu - Meetin Ends

Datbu - Non Believers

Dauguste - Dream Pool

Dauguste - Not2Far (Dj Madsol Desar Production) (1999)

Dauguste - Nowhere To Run

Dauguste - Rain Dance (Dj Madsol Desar Production) (1998)

Davie The Freestyle Master - Step In Side

Davina Ft Ol' Dirty Bastard -La The Darkman So Good (So Dirty Remix) (1998)

Day 2 Deja Vu - Lay You Down (Official Music Video 2010)

Dayze - Straight Underground

Dazzie Dee - You Better Think

Dbc - Hit The Boomz

D'Bro - Flip D`Trak!

Dbs - Intelligent Rudeness Any  Everybody

Dbs -The Choice Mc Reality ( Rare 1989 Ny Rap )

Dc Da Messenger - Feel It

Dcs - Wie War Das Noch Mal Feat Brooke

Dd Crew - Ghetto Like Dd (Curt Cazal Production) (1999)

Dd Crew, Jack Venom, Don Parmazhane -Qnc Juicy Loosey (Easy Moe Bee Production) (2002)

De A A Z - Chuter Dans La Minute

De La Soul - Baby Phat

De La Soul - Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix)

De La Soul - Buddy (Feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah, Monie Love)

De La Soul - Da Beatminerz The Hustle (1996)

De La Soul - Me Myself And I

De La Soul - Me, Myself And I (1989)

De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring

De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Jay Dee Production) (1996)

De La Soul - Timeless

De La Soul Feat. Redman - Oooh!

De La Soul Ft Common - The Bizness (1996)

De La Soul Ft. Q-Tip The Jungle Brothers Queen Latifah And Monie Love - Buddy (Native Tongue De

De La Souls - Breakadawn

Dead Celebrity Status - Erica (Ft. Joss Stone)

Dead Poet & Wildcard - 5150 (Prod. By Clockwork Beats)

Dead Poets Society - Don'T Quit

Dead Poets Society - Seize The Day

Dead Poetz Society - Lick A Shot Part 2

Dead Poetz Society - Must Be The Music

Dead President - Spread Butter (Remix)

Dead Press - Be Healthy

Dead Prez - Food, Clothes And Shelter

Dead Prez - Happiness

Dead Prez - Hip Hop

Dead Prez - I'M A African

Dead Prez - Sellin' Dope (Drugs Oppress People Everyday) (1998)

Dead Prez Ft Keanna Henson - They Schools (2000)

Dead Prez Ft Storm - The Game Of Life (Score) (1997)

Deadly - Sayapraya (Mf Flip Mix)

Deadly Deuce - Nott Datt

Deadly Fam - It'S A Struggle

Deadly Maniacs - Madtime

Deadly Maniacs - Magic

Deadly Relations - Deadly Venom

Deadringaz - Gunja Honors (Party Mix) (1996)

Deadringaz - Ringa Salute (1996)

Deadwate - -Stress

Deams - Settin' It Off

Death - Possessed (Daytime)

Death Before Dishonor - All My Life

Death Camp - Sleep All Day (Dirty)

Deathkillz - Adventures

Deathsuit Tux Ft. Great Muta

Debilorithmicos - D.O.A. (Ft. Non Genetic)

Debonair P - Intro (Remixes Lp)

Decade And The Wicked - Harvey Better Panic!

Decade And The Wicked - R U Scared Kid

Decay And Scheme - Heavyweight Agenda

Deckwrecka - Furious Styles

Deckwrecka - Secret Warz

Deckwrecka - Sever The Wicked

Deckwrecka - The Deckwrecka 5 Ep

Deckwrecka Feat Agzilla - A Better Tomorrow (2085 Mix)

Deckwrecka Feat The Bury Crew - Watch Your Back (Wremix)

Declaime - Don T Trip

Deda Baby Pa - Pete Rock Blah Uno (Live Version With Intro) (1995)

Deda Baby Pa - Unknown (Pete Rock Production) (1995)

Dedicated To The Streets - Gimme My Reck

Dedicated To The Streets - Livin In A Hellhole (Radio Remix)

Dedicated To The Streets - Sound Of Revolution

Dedlee - Frankston Flow

Dee Ice - My Microphone

Dee Ii 'The Amazonian One' - Doggin Me Around

Dee La Kream - The Lovely Thing

Dee Surreal - The Best Within

Deejay Element - Complex Individuals

Deep - Head Nod

Deep In Da Circle - How Can I

Deep In Da Circle - I

Deep In Da Circle - I (Remix)

Deep In Da Circle - So Where I Live At

Deep In Da Circle - Stardom (Remix)

Deep Tranz - Handle Your Biz!

Deep Tranz - It'S Only Gettin' Worse

Deepspace 5 - Makin' Cake (Prod. By Manwell)

Def 3 & Factor - Speed Demon (Ft. Moka Only)

Def Cut - Keep It Raw 2009 - Dynamite Intro

Def Duo - You Gotta Believe (Extended)

Def Iv - Get Busy [1988] (Nice Hard) Old School

Def Iv - This Is What You Want [Rare 1993] Old School

Def Squad - Def Squad Delite

Def Tex - Birdland

Def Tex - Jump Out Ya Shoes

Def Tex - Kick Flip

Def Tex - Never Understand Me (1993)

Def Tex - Tales Of What Daddy Did (1993)

Def Ttex - Hear It Feel Tt (1993)

Defari - 405 Fridays (1998)

Defari - Big Up (E Swift Production) (1995) Debut On Wax!

Defari - Bionic (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - Checkstand 3 (Alchemist Production) (1998)

Defari - Gems (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - Juggle Me (For The Dj'S) (E Swift Production) (1998)

Defari - Keep It On The Rise (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - Killing Spree (Alchemist Production) (1998)

Defari - Lowlands Anthem Part 1 (E Swift Production) (1998)

Defari - Make You Move

Defari - Never Loose Touch (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - People'S Choice (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - Randomly I Aim (Evidence Production) (1999)

Defari - Say It Twice (Evidence Production) (1999)

Defari - Spell My Name

Defari - These Dreams (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defari - True Strength (Dj Muggs Production) (2000)

Defari - Yes Indeed (E Swift Production) (1998)

Defari Ft Barbershop Chocolate Tye - No Clue (1998)

Defari Ft Dj Revolution - Focused Daily Lp Intro (1998)

Defari Ft Evidence - Focused Daily (1998)

Defari Ft Xzibit -Tash Thunder Lighting (Evidence Production) (1998)

Defcon - The Anthem

Defined Print - Prep A  Nation

Definite Lee - The Mack

Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - One Shot Two Shot

Definite Vacation 4- Suckas - The Legless Be The Legacy

Definite Vacation 4- Suckas Blowing Up The Spot (Clean Edit)

Definite Vacation-4-Suckas - The Legless Be The Legacy 1996

Definition Of Ahead Feat Yeti - Face

Defscottyb Aka Spaz - Another Level

Defscottyb Aka Spaz - Bust The Flavor

Defscottyb Aka Spaz - Crazy Flava

Defscottyb Aka Spaz - Feel The Vibe

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Catch A Bad One (1993)

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - If You Must

Del The Funky Homosapien - Undisputed Champs Feat Pep Love Q Tip

Dela - A Tribe Called Quest Stressed Out (Remix)

Dela - I Say Peace (Ft. J-Live)

Delik - Take It To Your Head

Delinquent Habits - 24

Delinquent Habits - Cuervo

Delinquent Habits - Here Come The Horns

Delinquent Habits - House Of The Rising Drum

Delinquent Habits - Life I Live (1998)

Delinquent Habits - Super Dj (Rock The House Party

Delinquent Habits - This Is La (1998)

Delinquent Habits - Tres Delincuentes

Delinquent Habits - U Don'T Know Me

Delinquent Habits Ft Mellow Man Ace, Rude -Sen Dog Get Up, Get On It (1998)

Delinquent Habits Ft Sen Dog - It'S The Delinquentes (1998)

Delphi Oracle - Bottom Line (1994)

Delphi Oracle - Peace And Quiet

Delphi Oracle - Peace And Quiet (Original)

Delta - Shades Of Green (Ft. Jigsaw & Rheturik)

Deltron 3030 - 3030

Demaka - Knowledge Is Power

Demastas - Aint No Sunshine

Demastas Ft Nine - Feel No Guilt (Rob Lewis Production) (1999)

Demico - Contagious

Demico - Inhalin Realism Remix (Rare Indie Rap)

Demigodz - Big Hoot Interlude

Demigodz - Captivate Deactivate

Demigodz - Demigodz Is Back

Demigodz - Heat Speakers (Ft. Celph Titled, Esoteric, Louis Logic & Apathy)

Demigodz - Laugh About It (Ft. Celph Titled Southpaw & Motive)

Demigodz - Off The Chrome

Demigodz - Science Of The Bumrush

Demigodz - The Demigodz

Demigodz - Well Well Well (Dirty)

Demo Da Megga Megga Man - Artificial Mc

Democrate D - Democrate D (France)

Demolition - Big Up!

Demolition - Bring It On Down The Line

Demolition - Man Speaks

Demolition - Soul Seeker

Demolition - We Got It Going On

Demonios Sekt - Twilight Masters

Denocka - Lyrical Curse Within Me

Dept Of Rec - Hot Wheels

Derelect Camp - Move It In , Move It Out (Phat Remix)

Derelect Camp - Move It In, Move It Out

Derelect Camp - Move It In, Move It Out (Phat Nitty Gritty Mix)

Derelect Camp - Prillz (Pressure)

Derelict Feat Maniac - Prophets Of Rage

Dereliks - I Am A Record The Phrasethat Pays (1995)

Derrick Rebel - All Fucked Up Now

Derrick Rebel - Run For Your Life

Derrick Rebel, Silohuette - Chaos Set It Off

Dert - 947 Tidal Wave

Des - Manetane

Designate Hoodlums - Weedhead

Desire - Busted (Old School Mix)

Destiny Children - A Soliquy Of Difference

Destiny Children - Citizens Of Time (1992)

Destiny Children - Movin On'Em (1992)

Destruct - Check The Method

Destruct - Know Worth

Destruct - Rhyme & Reason

Destruments Ft

Detail - Gone With The Wind

Detail - Rock On The Block

Detail - Science Of Life

Detail - Word'Em Up


Deuce - Live Once

Deuce Eclipse - Ghost Children

Deuce Eclipse - Thyme 4 Luv (Ft. D.U.S.T.)

Deuce Mob - Comin' Up (1993)

Deuce Mob - Moments Of Life

Deuce Mob - The Hypness

Deux Process - The Process

Deville - No Names (1993)

Deville - No Names (1993)

Devilman Feat Paranorm - God Vs The Devil

Devilman Ft Paranorm - Fools R

Devin The Dude - Beautiful Crazy (Ft. C.B)

Devin The Dude - Briarpatch

Devin The Dude - Fuck Faces (Ft. Scarface & Too S)

Devin The Dude - I Can'T Make It Home

Devin The Dude - Me, You

Devin The Dude - Porno Bitches (Ft. Big Boi & Bizarre)

Devin The Dude - Too Cute (Ft. Erica Marion)

Devin The Dude - What

Devious - Skinz Ain'T What They Used To Be

Devious And Juice - The Plan

Devon - Last Nite (Remix)

Devon Noah Allah - Bronx Criminal County My Shit Iz Tight

D-Ex - Hood Factor

Dezert Eez - 40 Macks

Dfc - Let'S Go

Dfc - One 4 Da Dfc (Let'S Go F Style Mix)

Dfc - Ying Yang

Dgyrick - I Hip Hop

Dgyrick - I Need To Do

Dgyrick - Lady Gaga Piano (2011)

Dgyrick - Remix, Beat'Ttt

Dgyrick - The Intro, 

Diabolic - Modern Day Future (Feat

Diabolic - Modern Day Future (Ft. Deadly Hunta)

Diabolic Ft

Dialated Peoples - Back Again

Dialect - Grew Up (Ft. P.A. (Toronto) & Lousville Sluggah (Ny)

Dialek - Sincerely

Dialekt Tha Assassin - The Dart

Diamond D - Epilogue (1997)

Diamond D - Feel The Vibe

Diamond D - Gather Round (1997)

Diamond D - Mc2

Diamond D - No Wonduh (The Projects) (1997)

Diamond D - The Hiatus (1997)

Diamond D Feat The Fantastic 4 - You'Re In The Wrong Place

Diamond D Featuring Gina Thompson - John Dough Jd'S Revenge (1997) 

Diamond D Featuring John Dough - Flowin' (1997) 

Diamond D Featuring Kterrorbull -John Dough On Stage (1997) 

Diamond D Featuring Pete Rock -Phife Painz  Strife (1997) 

Diamond D Featuring Sadat X - 2 Late (2003) 

Diamond D Featuring Sadat X -Kterrorbul Never (1997) 

Diamond D Ft Busta Rhymes - This One (1997)

Diamond D Ft Fat Joe, Big L, Lord Finesse -Ag 5 Fingas Of Death (1997)

Diamond D Ft John Dough - You'Diamond District - Back To Basics

Diamond Mercenaries - Block Drama

Diamond Mercenaries - Diamonds Are Forever

Diaz Feat Igoff -Hazardous Breathe It

Dice - Get Outta My Face

Dice - Holdontomy Dick!

Die Coolen Säue - Morpheus' Morphium

Die Hard - Brain Washed  Troubleneck Brothers

Die Hard - When The Going Ger Tough (1993)

Diemen X - Chose Are Few

Diemen X - Ninty Sixness

Diezel P - Comfortable (Ft. Innosent)

Diezzle Don - Hustler (Dirty)

Diezzle Don -Tha Governer Kick A Bone Out Ya Back (1993)

Diezzle Don -Tha Governer Once Again It'S On (Feat Redman) (1993)

Diezzle Don -Thug Passion (Dirty)

Diferenz - Mother Earth

Diferenz - Shadowrun

Diffarent Kombonation - International  Stereotypes

Different Shades Of Black (Shadez Ov Blac) -Ill Compositions

Digable Planets - 3Am Bonus Beats

Digable Planets - 9Th Wonder (Blackitolism)

Digable Planets - 9Th Wonder (Blackitolism) (Sam Napier Mix) (1994) 

Digable Planets - Nickle Bags

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (1993)

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Crashing Giant Step Mix)

Digable Planets - Where I'M From (Aural G Ride Novox Mix)

Digable Planets & Jeru The Damaja - Grafitti

Digamaz - Transmets Noir Sur Blanc

Diggs Darklighter - Boomboxcutter

Digi Crates Records - Star Temples

Digital Colors - Beat Predator

Digital Colors - Dead Symphony

Digital Colors - Diary Of War

Digital Colors - Holocaust To Hell

Digital Colors - Masta Ochesta

Digital Colors - Noiseskills

Digital Colors - Terror Visions

Digital Dartz - Still Rising

Digital Underground - Humpty DanceDigital Underground

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (1990)

Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance (Hump Mix)

Dilated People Irascience Dj Babu - On Deadly Ground-Rv

Dilated Peoples - Annihilation (2000) 

Dilated Peoples - Basics

Dilated Peoples - End Of The Time (Joey Chavez Production) (1995)

Dilated Peoples - Love & War

Dilated Peoples - Ruggedness

Dilated Peoples - Spit It Clearly (Ft. The Alchemist)

Dilated Peoples - The Platform (2000) 

Dilated Peoples - This Way Feat. Kanye West

Dilated Peoples - Who's Who

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst

Dilated Peoples - You Can'T Hide, You Can'T Run

Dilated Peoples Featuring Guru - Worst Comes To Worst (Alchemist Production) (2001) 

Dimension Ouest Cartel - 200 Frères De Son

Dimension Ouest Cartel - La Fin (Freestyle)

Dimension Ouest Cartel - L'Etranger

Dimension Ouest Cartel - Plus Rapide Que Le Style

Dip - I Knu

Dirt Nation - Jail Break (1993) 

Dirt Nation - Khadijah

Dirt Platoon - More Dishes Feat. Fel Sweetenberg (Prod. Dj Brans)

Dirt Platoon Feat. Nutso - Double Shot Prod. Dj Low Cut, Scratch Dj Djaz

Dirte -Ope Ski I'M Only 19

Dirty Able - Ghetto Life

Dirty Dike - Decible Dike

Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet

Dirty Dozen - In This To Win This (1995)

Dirty Dwayne Cole - Girls

Dirty Dwayne Cole - Labadame

Dirty Face Angels - 6 Emcees

Dirty Face Angels - Actin' Up  Moelogical

Dirty Face Angels - Actin'Up

Dirty Face Angels - It S Not A Game

Dirty Face Angels - Moelogical

Dirty Science Crew - They Be Lovin' MeDirty Work - Dirty Job

Dis 'N' Dat Ft. 69 Boyz & 95 South - Freak Me Baby

Discipline - Dump Dump

Discreet Merchants - Mouth Of Madness

Distortionists - Geographics

Ditc (Ag -Buckwild) A Different World (Buckwild Production) (1998)

Diverse Elegance - Where Should I Go

Diversified Culture - Have You Ever Seen 1995

Divine Beings - Funky Ultamatum

Divine Beings - Loyal Land Lovers

Divine Beings - Whatever

Divine Force -  Something Different (1987)

Divine Force - Holy War

Divine Force - My Uptown Beat (1988)

Divine Styler - Ain'T Sayin' Nothin' (Video)

Divine Styler - Oneself Duel (9000) Series

Divine Universal -You Don'T Know The 12 Of This

Divine Vocal Xperts (Dvx) - Dvx Crew

Divine Vocal Xperts (Dvx) - Run This World

Dj Babu - Duck Season Feat Beatnuts & Al Tariq

Dj Babu -Iriscience Pay Attention (2001) 

Dj Battlecat Featuring Hot B, Ras Kass -Skitso G On Top Of The World (1995) 

Dj Buda Featuring Street Smartz, Royal Flush, Labba -Biscuit Hit  Run (2000) 

Dj Cam - Broadcasting Live Feat Channel Live (Lord Finesse Remix ~1

Dj Cam Featuring Afu Ra - Voodoo Child (2000) 

Dj Chuck Chillout - Gimme Minze (1990)

Dj Chuck Chillout - I'm Large

Dj Chuck Chillout - No Holding Back

Dj Clear Oc -Poops The Intro (A Clear Day Remix)

Dj Crazy - Interlude 2

DJ Crown Prince Feat Tok, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder - Press Mi Button Riddim Mix

Dj Cut Killer - Assassin De La Police

Dj Deadeye - The Murderous (Ft. Big Noyd, Termanology & Big Tac (Prod. By Cyrus Da Zine)

Dj Djaz -Dj Bub'S Outro

Dj Docta Raw Blow Westnyle Moka Only - Another Day

Dj Eclipse Presents (Dynasty) - Wildcat  (Street)

Dj Eli And Shan Boogs - Lay Puzzled (1999) 

Dj Eli And Shan Boogs Featuring Cage - And So Kiddies (1999) 

Dj Eli And Shan Boogs Featyeshua, Pumpkinhead -J Treds Truly Gifted Ones (1999) 

Dj Enuff -Brain Sick Playin For Keeps

Dj Exile - Spittin' Image Ft. Aloe Blacc

Dj Fashion - Brooklyn Stylz

Dj Flexxx - Evil Mind

Dj Flexxx - Hardcore Junkies

Dj Food - Unconscious Dub (1995)

Dj Grievous - Zimbo

Dj Honda - Big Dreams Feat Supernatural

Dj Honda - Dj Ev Interlude (1998)Dj Honda - Magnetic Arts Feat Mos Def 

Dj Honda - Q-Unique Ft Slope, Jise & Swel

Dj Honda - The Eclipse Feat Menifest

Dj Honda - We Don'T Play Ft S On

Dj Honda And Pmd - Rhyme 4 Me

Dj Honda And Problemz - Give It Up

Dj Honda Feat Sweet C Supreme - Beat It Ya All

Dj Honda Featuring 50 Grand -Keith Murray Hai! (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Al' Tariq - Talk About It (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Al, Cuban Link, Juju -Missin' Linx On The Mic (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Black Attack - Blaze It Up (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Camp Lo - Discotec (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring De La Soul - Trouble In The Water (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Dj Roc Raida - Roc Raida Intro (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Fat Joe, Common -The Beatnuts Pre Of Cash (1995) 

Dj Honda Featuring Fat Lip - Interlude (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Krs One -Doe V Team Players (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Lord Sear -Stretch Armstrong Wkcr Interlude (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Mista Sinista - Mista Sinista Interlude (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Mos Def - Travellin' Man (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Noid -Dug Infinite When You Hot You Hot (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring Problemz - Around The Clock (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring S On - Go Crazy (1998) 

Dj Honda Featuring The Beatnuts - Who The Trifest (1998) 

Dj Honda Ft De La Soul - Trouble In The Water

Dj Honda Ft S-On - Go Crazy

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Moment Of Clearness

Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime (1991)

Dj Jazzy Jeff -The Fresh Prince I Wanna Rock (Jazzy Jeff'S Vibestramental Mix) (1994) 

Dj Js-1 - Like This (Ft. Large Pro)

Dj Kechup - Bumin'

Dj Kechup - Masters Of The Poopaverse

Dj Kensaw Feat Owl Nite Foundation'Z - Owl Nite (De Ja Vu Mix)

Dj King Shameek Feat El Da Sensei, El Gant, Pacewon & Strata-Gee - D.R.S.

Dj Kool - Blood Of Willis (1994)

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (Video)

Dj Kool Feat. Biz Markie & Doug E. Fresh - Let Me Clear My Throat (Old School Reunion Rmx)

Dj Krush - Do Dat Dance (Remix)

Dj Krush - Milight - Shin-Sekai (Featuring Rino)

Dj Kuku Feat Pen Ultimate - To Every Emcee

Dj Lord Ron & Derek Strong - Hard To Make

Dj Markk - Directly Inorganick

Dj Markk - Exit 35 Da Plateau

Dj Maxi Jazz -Soul Food Cafe This Is It

Dj Mil'O -Harlem High We Laugh  You`Re Fakin` Jacks

Dj Motive - Reach For The Star (Ft. Kero One)

Dj Muggs - Decisions, Decisions

Dj Muggs - Infamous Mobb - Life Is Tragic

Dj Muggs & Planet Asia - Lion In The Forest (Ft. B-Real)

Dj Muggs And Planet Asia-Drama

Dj Muggs Vs Gza - All In Together Feat Rza

Dj Muggs Vs Ill Bill - Illbilltv (2010)

Dj Muggs Vs. Planet Asia - Thats What It Is

Dj Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken - 2012 (Ft. Cynic)

Dj Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken - Black Ships

Dj Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken - Land Of Shadows

Dj Next - A Vibe Called Next Freestyle

Dj Og S -Catchwreck  We Got Da Flava  Mixtape Snippets

Dj Premier -Bumpy Knuckles Ownit

Dj Premier Feat. Kanye West, Rakim, Nas & Krs One - Classic

Dj Prince Ice - Dope Mix Vol1

Dj Q-Fingaz Ft Masta Ace - Progression

Dj Raw B -Luke Sick Eric Benemy

Dj Roast - Ghost Town Ft Phoenix Da Icefire & Genesis Elijah

Dj Roast Ft Phoenix Da Icefire - 5 Jewels (Official Music Video)

Dj Sat One - Any Champion

Dj Sat One Feat Kamachi - Mic Messiah

Dj Saum Presenta - Moob Deep - Shook Ones

Dj Sensei - The Synphony

Dj Shark Feat B Bandj - Facial Expressions

Dj Shark Feat B Bandj - Stay The Same

Dj Signify - Fly Away

Dj Skully -Diabolic Special

Dj Skully -Stylah Special

Dj Skully -Wordsmith One Ting

Dj Spinna - Lyrics Is Back (Ft. Torae)

Dj Spinna - Rock Da House

Dj Ss Feat Bbo - So Hot

Dj Stiches And Rhyme Va Lor - These Are The Dayz Dirty (1994) 

Dj Stiches And Rhyme Va Lor - Top Emcee (1994) 

Dj Stitches And Rhyme Va Lor - These Are The Dayz

Dj Stitches And Rhyme Va Lor - Top Emcee

Dj Stitches -Sleepwalkaz In Da World

Dj Strictnine And Paranorm - Planet Wicked

Dj Strictnine And Paranorm - Psychological Profiles

Dj Stylewarz Feat Plastics Juggaknots - Plastics

Dj Tomekk Feat Gza Curse - Ich Lebe Fur Hip Hop

Dj Tonk - My Underground Life (Deckstream Remix)

Dj Vadim - Friction (Feat Iriscience)

Dj Vadim - Soldier Feat Big Red  5Nizza

Dj Vadim - Truly  Really (Feat Toastie Taylor)

Dj Vadim - You Are Yours (Ft. Yarah Bravo)

Dj Waxwork - War

Dj Wich - Classic (Ft. M.O.P.)

Dj Wich - Give Up Your Guns (Ft. Royce Da 59, Talib Kweli & Raekwon)

Dj Yess -D Crime Keep It Underground (Remix)

Djinji Brown - Bang' Em

Dl - Ode To Drunken (Rare Indie Rap)

Dl Incognito - Fire Power

Dl Incognito - Stereotypes (Ft. Tara Chase)

Dl Incognito Feat Tara Chase - Stereotypes

Dmf - Elohim  Throw Your Drinks Up  The Anthem

Dmf (Dangerous Mentality Forever) - Elohim

Dmg - One In The Chamba

Dmx - And Then There Was X - Party Up In Here

Dmx - Blackout (Feat. Lox & Jay-Z)

Dmx - Comin From (Feat. Mary J Blige)

Dmx - Critical Condition ( Ultra Rare 1991 Ny Rap )Dmx - Damien

Dmx - Damien Iii

Dmx - I Miss You Ft Faith Evans

Dmx - Let Me Fly

Dmx - Look Thru My Eyes

Dmx - Ruff Ryders Anthem

Dmx - Ruff Ryders' Anthem (1998)

Dmx - Slippin'

Dmx - Tales From The Dark Side

Dmx - Three Little Pigs (Demo)

Dmx - Touch It

Dmx - Unstoppable Force (Demo)

Dmx Ft. Dj Gq, Junior Reid & Dawg E Slaughter - Bad Boy

Dmx Ft. Seal - 1 Wish

Dmx Ft. Troy Bell - Jezus Loves Me

Dmyze - Mad Skillz

Dna - 2 Ounces And Dream

Dna - Bronx Criminal County  2 Ounces  A Dream

Dna - Paper Chase

Dna Disciples - Agony Of Defeat

Dna Disciples - Nowhere To Run

Dnali - Just Not Me (Official Video)

Dnt - Live N Die

Do It All - Dangerous

Doap Nixon - Bang (Ft Apathy And Celph Titled) (Produced By C-Lance)

Doap Nixon - Behind The Music

Doap Nixon - Everythings Changing

Doap Nixon - Get Dirty (Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Demoz)

Doap Nixon - Good Money (Ft. Nature)

Doap Nixon - Silent Murder (Feat. Dj Kwestion)

Doap Nixon - Warning Shot (Ft. King Syze, Crypt The Warchild, Planetary & King Magnetic)

Doap On Arrival - Black Zone

Doap On Arrival - Jimmy Swagglers ( Rare 1992 Pa Rap )

Doap On Arrival - Soul Searchin'

Dobie - Original Heads  Luv 'N' Hate

Dobie Luv 'N' Hate

Doc Bec - 100 %

Doc Bec - Thru Infinity

Doc Blake -Feathers The Cup

Doc Brown - Mad World (Remix Ft. Lowkey)

Doc Ice -Ros All Nite Long

Doc Since Feat. Branesparker Of Freestyle Professors - Sun God 

Doc Zootz And Billy Tha Kid - Rebels

Doctor Becket - No Hezitation

Doctor Becket - Truth

Doctor Dré -Ed Lover Featuring The Notorious Big  Todd 1 Who'S The Man (1994) 

Doctor Dré -Ed Lover It'S Goin' Down (Erick Sermon Production) (1995) 

Doctor'S Drums

Dod - Front Liners (1997)

Dod - Patriot Games (1997)

Dod - Price Of Fame (1997)

Dods - Rap Game  Egyptian

Dods - Try And Forget Me (1999)

Dogheart - Sleepin'

Doi - Worst Thing In Da World

Doi Who Got My Back

Dojo Pros - Duck Hunting

Dolla Skillz - A Masterpiece

Dollar Bill - Outstanding

Dolo - Where I Live

Dolomight The Lyrical Genius - 123  Bottom Of Da Pit

Dolomight The Lyrical Genius - Bottom Of Da Pit

Dolomight The Lyrical Genius - Keep It Live (Remix)

Dom P Feat Edo G - That'S Wassup

Dom Pachino- Roll With The Rush

Domeswellas - $$$

Domeswellas - Breakin' Thru 4 Delf

Domeswellas - Catch 22

Domeswellas - Domeswellas (1994)

Domeswellas - Let It Out

Dominant Species - Dammit

Dominant Species - Pain To The Brain

Domingo - All Clap (Ft. Canibus)

Domo - Ready For War (Erick Sermon Production) (1996) 

Don Complete - Brown Goddess  The Host

Don Gargeyone - Take That

Don Most - 33Rd Degree Manslaughther 1997'

Don Scavone - Sketchy Situation

Don Scavone - The Force

Don Scavone - Willie On Glock (Y2K Mix)

Donald D - Fbi

Donald D - Let The Horns Blow

Donnie Darko - Devil May Cry

Donnie Darko - Full Metal Jacket

Donnie Darko - Verbal Attack

Donnie Menace - Microphone Murder (5Th Element Remix)

Donninja'S Independent Hip Hop Mix 1

Donny Goines - The Triumph

Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy

Donny Hoffa - Do You Love What You Feel

Donny Hoffa - Down For Whatever

Donny Hoffa - I Remmber

Donny Hoffa - No Escape

Don'T Believe The Hype Mecca2Medina, Muslim Belal, Masikah, Miss Undastood -More

Doo Dirty - Live By The Gun

Doo Wop - Fuck What Ya Heard

Doo Wop -Bounce Squad Representin' The Bronx Freestyle  Intro (1995) 

Doo Wop -Da Bounce Squad Hit Em In Tha Head

Doo Wop Featuring Az - Gangsta Shit (2003) 

Doo Wop Featuring Raekwon - Castle To Castle (2003) 

Doo Wop Featuring Rahzel - 10 Tape Commandments (Revised) (2003) 

Doo Wop Featuring Tony Touch - Get' Cho Shit Str8 (2003) 

Doom Entertainment - G Notes  Sex, Money And Drugs

Doomsday Project - Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest

Doomsday Project - Step Up Front

Doomtree - Last Call

Doomzday -  Ghetto Blues (2000)

Doomzday - Doomzday

Doomzday - Get The Money

Doomzday - Material Things

Dooz Kawa - Là Bas Dans Les Villes

Dopa Than Dope - Dopa Than Dope Is In The House ' 1992, Fl

Dope Dod - What Happened

Dope Dutch Hiphop Talent (2002) Raymzter - Kaapwerk

Dosmoccos - Drum & Bass (Ft. Abdominal)

Double A

Double A - Neighbours

Double A.B. - Dedication

Double A.B. - Save My Soul (Ft. Nature)

Double Action - Do Or Die ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Double Action, Warchild -Renegayd Shaolin Style ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Double Def - Qualified Mc'S

Double Image - Outrageous

Double L - 4 Bad Time

Double L - Dd (Don'T Ever Doubt)

Double L - Deddon'T Ever Doubt

Double L - Peeps In Da Ground

Double L - Peeps In Da Ground (Tru Comers Remix)

Double L - Peeps In Da Ground Remix

Double Life - No Limitations

Double Life - Revolutions

Double S - Mob One

Double Soul Featuring 360 - Just Another Day

Double X - Make Some Noise

Double X Posse - Money Talks (Dgyrick Remix)

Double X Posse - The Headcracker (Remix)

Double X Posse - The Ill Real

Double Xx Posse - Money Talks (Lord Finesse Production) (1995) 

Double Xx Posse - On A Mission

Doubleheada Ft. Blazertown, Big Man The Terror, Im, J - Hops

Doublespeek Feat. Arch Leon & Yan - Trial By Stone Prod By Stoupe

Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick - The Show(4)

Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - La Di-Da-Di

Doug Efresh - It'S On! (Easy Mo Bee Production) (1995)

Dougie Dee - It'S Your Birthday

Doujah Raze - Irish Creme (H-Pe Remix)

Down -Dirty Can'T Deal With Da Hardships(Da Bomb Mix)

Down From Upstairs - Life Gets...

Down Low Assassins - Tremendous Cream (1997)

Down N Dirty Tribe - Inna Cipher

Down N Dirty Tribe - Inna Cipher (Dirty Landcruiser Mix)-Ftd

Down N Dirty Tribe - Inna Cipher Dirty (Landcruiser Mix)

Down South - Around The Clock

Down South - Down South

Down South - Sitting Here

Down South Mista Madd feat Slim Thug - Yungstar

Down Street Playaz - Game In My Heart

Down To Erf - Insertion Of Thought

Down To Erf - Learn To Earn (Real)

Downlow - Hands On Ya Pumpz

Doz Funky Baztardz - Straight Outta

Doz Funky Baztardz - What'S Going On In A Bastard'Z Mind

Dr Becket & K Skills - Who This Iz

Dr Creep - Avoid The Predator

Dr Crobe - The Illegal Operator (Cuts By. Ko Cuts)

Dr Dooom Aka Kool Keith - Brothers Feel Fly

Dr Dre - Bang Bang

Dr Dre - Bitch Niggas

Dr Dre Feat Snoop Dogg - Still D R E

Dr Dre Feat Xzibit & Eminem - Whats The Difference Between

Dr Dre Ft Snoop Dogg - Bitch Niggaz

Dr Frankenstein - Frankenstein'S Pain

Dr Na'Im Akbar Intro

Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers

Dr Octagon - Earth People

Dr Octagon - Kool Keith - Kutmasta Kurt - Threshold Recordings - Previously Unreleased.Mp3

Dr Period -Kooch Freestyle (1997) 

Dr Syntax - Animal Hides

Dr Syntax - Careful What You Wish For

Dr Syntax - Seaside Postcard

Dr Syntax Arrival Ft Wordsmith Manipulate

Dr Voodoo Ft Gordo Templi & Divine Stylez - Acidic Linguistics

Dr. Crobe - Rappers Coffee Morning

Dr. Crobe - Shapeshifters (Ft. J. Simple & Sam Hep)

Dr. Dooom - The God Of Rap

Dr. Dre - Back Up Off Me [With Ed Lover] - East Coast Sound

Dr. Dre - Back Up Off Me Feat Ed Lover

Dr. Dre - Drama

Dr. Dre - Explosive

Dr. Dre - Fuck Wit Dre Day

Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride

Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang

Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang

Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang (1993)

Dr. Dre - The Kush (Ft. King Tee)

Dr. Dre - The Message

Dr. Dre - The Next Episode

Dr. Dre - Xxplosive

Dr. Dre Feat Eminem, Method Man, Redman, Nas, Ice Cube, Dmx, Old Dirty Bastard & Ll Cool J - Forgot

Dr. Ill - Tim Boot Hatred (Ft. Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers)Dr. Oop - Reign

Dr. Syntax - Arrival (Ft. Enlish Wordsmith & Manipulate)

Dr. Syntax - Time

Dragonfly - Cups N Guns

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Drama - Drama

Drama City Attack - No Pity

Drama Club - Hear No Evil Dirty

Drama Klub - Goin' Down  Hear No Evil

Drama Klub - The Heist

Dramatique - Benflowz Wonderful (Unmastered Version) (2008)

Drapht - A Good Year

Drapht Ft Dazastah & Pegz - Yah Think

Draztic - I Damage ( The Mic )

Draztik Mezurz - I Can'T Sleep ( Rare 1994 Fl Rap )

Draztik Mezurz - Pass The Gravy

Dre Dog - Chocolate Ty  Mutha!=@R

Dreadlock - Creep With Me

Dreadlock - Deadly Vishunnz  Fools Get Dumped On Daily

Dream Mclean - Mainstream

Dream Warriors - Day In Day Out

Dream Warriors - It'S A Project Thing

Dream Warriors - No Dingbats Allowed

Dreamtek Ft Prone - The Gutter

Dred Scott - I Gotta Get Mine

Dred Scott - Nutin' Ta Lose (Hq Video)

Dredknotz - Tha Anthem (Remix Clean) [94']

Dredknotz - The Anthem (Lp Version) [94']

Dres - Crazy World

Dres - Damn Right

Dres - Grand Groove

Dres - Hi  Lo

Dres - Never Say Featuring The Legion

Dres - New York City Niggas

Dres - Night Time Feat Vicky Miles

Dres - Pardon Me

Dres - Sugar N Spice

Dres Crazy World

Dres Ft Ed O.G. - Hot Ish Kool

Drom - Bring It Back

Droopy Eye Crew - Anybody

Droopy Eye Crew - Anybody (Rare Indie Rap)

Droopy Eye Crew - Broke Willeez 1997' New Jersey

Droopy Eye Crew - Most Deadliest Off All Games  Bad Tastes

Droopy Eye Crew - One Life To Live

Droopy Eye Crew - You Know My Steez

Drugs - Chickens

Drum Brothers - Live & Uncut (Ft. Pfel & Atom)

Drunken Hoodlumz - M And M

Drunken Master - Devil In Disguise

Drunken Master - Guillotine

D-Sisive - I See (Ft. Muneshine, 9Th Uno & Little Vic)

D-Sisive - Lost Sight (Remix) (Ft. Abdominal)

D-Stroy - Art Of War Remix

D'Swing Ft Diane Charlemagne - Take Me (Club Dub)

D'Swing Ft Diane Charlemagne - Take Me (Dance Mix)

Dtf - Back In The Days (1991)

Dtr Flujo, Kannibal Yohakk - Casecloz Mas Que Un Te Quiero

Dubb Sicks - Mind In The Gutter

Dubbledge - All The Way

Dubbledge - The Way It Is

Dub-L Feat Fivefeet Perspectives - Napoleon

Dubmatique - C'Est De La Bombe Ft Menelik

Dubmatique - Dire

Dubmatique - La Morale

Dujeous - So Chill (Ft. Steve Miller Band)

Dumbfoundead - K-Town StoryDumhi - One Week In August

Dumhi Feat Reef The Lost Cauze - Philly Cousins (Radio)

Dungeon - She

Dungeon Boyz - Dammit I'Ll Bite Cha ' 1993, Nj

Duo - On The Regular (Erick Sermon Production) (1996) 

Duo Die - Ghetto Games The 1St Annual Niggalympics

Duodie - Maintain

Dusk - Quan Chi Fatality

Dutch Masters - Dutch Masters

Dutchie Shultz - The Way Of The World

Dutchmassive - Here I Am

Dutchmin - Get Ya Swerve On

Dutchmin - Get Your Swirve On

Dutchmin - Surrounded  Get Your Swerve On

Dv Alias Khrist - Move (1997)

Dv Alias Khrist, Boogie Aka Lil G -Retsam Freestyle (1997) 

Dvine And Lewis Parker - Visions Of Mine

Dynametrix - Crack The Mic (1994)

Dynametrix - Time To Release

Dynamic Twins - Cant Stand The Rain (1993)

Dynamic Twins - I Can'T Stand The Rain (1993)

Dynamic Twins - Its About Time (1995)

Dynamic Twins - Mission (1991) 

Dynamic Twins - No Room 2 Breath (1993)

Dynamic Twins - No Room 2 Breath (1993)

Dynamic Twins - Overcomer

Dynamic Twins - Psyched By Your Ignorance (1993)

Dynamic Twins - Ready

Dynas - Miami  Spittin

Dynas - Stick Move Strike Back (Dj Spinna Production) (1999) 

Dynas Featuring Mr Akil - Proof (2002) 

Dynas Featuring Skam - Dime Out (Dj Spinna Production) (2002) 

Dynasty - Freak Love

Dynasty - Gotta Love It

Dynospectrum - You Can Lose Your Mind

Dysfunkshunal Familee - Armageddon

Dysfunkshunal Familee - Boundaries (1997)

Dysfunkshunal Familee - New Ruff Flava Remix

Dysfunkshunal Familee - Some People

Dysfunkshunal Familee - We Lose The Game

Dysfunkshunal Familee Feat Finsta Bundy - Like That U Dont

Dysposable Heroes - Wicked Ways

Dzk & Dj Immortal - Treacherous Abbot