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Hip Hop Playlist - Rap Artists & Groups by S Vol. 1

S.A.L - Here Comes Tha-2 Ft. Reek Handz (1996)

S.A.L - Stressin (1996)

S Kadrille Feat 2Fray - Le Reve (1997)

S.K. Smalls With Roads Art Productions - All We Got (2011)

S.C.U. - Harm City (1997) 

Saafir - Battle Drill (1994)

Saafir - Crawl Before You Ball (1998)

Saafir - Goin' Home

Saafir - Just Riden (Remix)

Saafir - Jz Theme

Saafir - Rock The Show

Saafir - Sending U Signals

Saafir - Street Scene

Saafir Feat Chino Xl - Not Fa' Nuthin' (Nick Wiz Production) (1999)

Saafir The Saucee Nomad - Stay High

Saan - A Lyric Flow'N Trip (Low End Orbiting Remix)

Saan - A Lyric Flow'N Trip (Lyrical Ride Radio Mix)

Saan - A Lyric Flow'N Trip (Original Flight Mix)

Sabac - Death And Destiny (Ft. Slaine & Jordan) (Prod. By Sicknature)

Sabac - Fight Until The End (Ft. Immortal Technique & Roosevel Phillips)

Sabac - Open Book Policy

Sabac - Organize

Sabac - Shift The Earth (Prod. By Blue Sky Black Death)

Sabac - The Commitment (Prod. By Snowgoons)

Sabac - The Ritual (Prod. By Blue Sky Black Death)

Sabac - Unsolved Mysteries

Sabac - Viva Boricua (Ft. La Bruja) (Prod. By Skammadix)

Sabac - When The Lights Go Out (Ft. Ill Bill) (Prod. By Ill Bill)

Sabac - World Army (Prod. By Skammadix)

Sabac Red - Bac'S Anthem

Sabac Red - Tell Lie Vision (Official Video 2012)

Sabotaj - Rhyme Adventurous

Sabotaj - Supreme Soloist

Sabotaj - Supreme Soloist Rhymes Adventurous

Sabotawj Fudge Dog - Town Bizness

Sabotawj Fudge Dog - Town Bizness[1]

Sacred Hoop - Smokebomb

Sacred Hoop - When Im Broke

Sadat X - Cock It Back (A Kid Called Roots Production) (2000)

Sadat X - East Coast (Buckwild Production) (1996)

Sadat X - Famalame (1997)

Sadat X - It Go'S Down Ones Again (Bird Production) (199)

Sadat X - Low Maintenance, High Wear (2000)

Sadat X - Plan X (Dj Spinna Production) (2002)

Sadat X - Stages And Lights

Sadat X - You Can'T Deny (Diamond D Production) (2000)

Sadat X Feat Cool Chuck, Shawn Black Tec - The Hashout (Dj Ogee Production) (1996)

Sadat X Feat Diamond D - X Man (Diamond D Production) (2000)

Sadat X Feat Regina Hall - The Interview (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Sadat X Ft Grand Puba - Open Bar

Sadat X Grand Puba - The Next Spot (1996)

Sadat X, Fat Joe Diamond D - (Stay Away From The) Nasty Hoes (1996)

Sadistik - Angel Eyes

Sadistik - Ashes To Ashley (Ft. Mac Lethal)

Sadistik - November

Sadistik - Searching For Some Beautiful

Sadistik - Writes Of Passage (Ft Vast Aire)

Sagat - Put Yo Gun Down

Sagat Shinehead - Gotcha Runnin

Sage Francis - Inherited Scars

Sage Francis - Personal Journals

Sah B - Unorthodox ( Ultra Rare 1994 Nj Rap )

Sahtyre - High (Ft. Jasmine Golan)

Saian Supa Crew - Explicit Samurai

Saïan Supa Crew - X Raisons

Saian Supa Crew Feat The Dwellas - Lyrical Fight

Saigon - She Knocks Me Out

Saigon - Slap Niggas Ft. Talib Kweli

Saigon - The Rules (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

Saigon - War Remix Ft. Nas

Saigon & Statik Selektah - The Rules

Saint Feat Cadence - Wisdom Over Weapons

Sal - I'Ll Go (Ft. Agape)

Sal Pacino Ft Lil' Ville - Intermission 2 (Unreleased)

Salt N Pepa - Push It (1988)

Salt N Pepa - Whatta Man (1993)

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

Sam Gunz - Dust 2 Dust

Sam The Beast - Get Gucci (Remix)

Sam The Beast - Lockdown (45 King Remix)

Samon Kawamura - Get Down (Ft. Taraach)

Sandinistas - Madd Luv (C 12 Laboratories Remix)

Sandinistas - Madd Luv (Rmx) Higher Madd Luv

Sandpeople - Grain Of Sand

Sandpeople - Roll Call (Ft. Dj Bonez)

Sap Rappin - Stan Stream

Sapient - Hate Aside (Remix) (Ft. Sandpeople)

Sapient - Ready For Whatever

Sapient - Universaldiorama

Sapient - Uptown Squalor

Sarai - 7 Fist

Sarai - Awakenings

Sarai - Flows

Sarai - Light Tha Blunts

Sat N Smooth - Groovin'

Sauce Money - Chart Climbing (Big Jaz Production) (2000)

Sauce Money - Serious

Saukrates - Father Time (Georgy Whistler Remix)Saukrates - Money Or Love

Saukrates - My Dream Feat Marvel

Saukrates - P'S And Q'S (Indie Rap) Canada

Saukrates - Still Caught Up (Original) 1994'

Saukrates - Still Caught Up (Remix)

Saukrates Feat Self Scientific & E-Rule - Wonderful World

Saukrates Feat. Common - Play Dis (Remix)

Saul Williams - Tao Of Now

Saul Williams - Twice The First TimeSav Killz - Hoodlums And Crooks Ft. Spit Supreme Prod. By Paul Mighty

Say Goodnight - Reks

Sbt - Approach With Caution

Sbt - In The Heart (New Jersey 1993)

Scanda Lis - Most Lethal Female

Scandalous Aka The Lyrical Terrorist - Six Foot Six

Scandalproof Ak Westnyle - Big Boys Game (Prod Anno Domini)

Scanz - Don'T Front

Scaramanga - Armed Well

Scaramanga - Death Letter (1998)

Scaramanga - Face It (1998)

Scaramanga - Holdin' New Cards (1998)

Scaramanga - Seven Eyes, Seven Horns (1998)

Scaramanga - Shallah Magnetic (1998)

Scaramanga - Star Of The Empire (Godfather Don Production) (1998)

Scaramanga - Strip Club Bait (1998)

Scaramanga - Suga '99 (Godfather Don Remix) (1999)

Scaramanga - Sugar '99 (1998)

Scaramanga - Sun Large Promo (1998)

Scarface - Seen A Man Die

Scarface Feat UGK - They Down With Us

Scarub - She Chose Me

Scarub Ft Eligh - Matters Of The Heart

Scheme - Journey Of Life

Scholarman - How It Is

Scholarman & Jonesy - So Vital (Ft. K-Mynez)

School Of Thought - Return To Haunted Hillz

School Of Thought - The Shogun'S Teeth Feat

School Of Thought - Underworld Politics (Fighting)

Schoolly D - Peace To The Nation

Schoolz Of Thought - Human Condition

Sci Fi And Hands - Poison Of Choice

Science Of Sound - It Ain'T Safe

Science Of Sound - Mc'S I Be Burnin

Science Of Sound - No Diggidy

Science Of Sound - Untitled

Science Of Sound - Who Got The Funk

Sciencz Of Life - Metaphisics (1997)

Scientific Feat God Wize, L Da Headtoucha And K Slaughta - Hold The Key

Scientifik - Criminal (1994)

Scientifik - Downlo Ho (Buckwild Production) (1994)

Scientifik - Fallen Star (1994)

Scientifik - Internal Affairs (Q Ball Production) (1996)

Scientifik - Jungles Of Da East (Beatvadda Remix)

Scientifik - Jungles Of Da East (Vinyl Reanimators Production) (1994)

Scientifik - Lawtown (1994)

Scientifik - Lawtown (Main Vocal)

Scientifik - Overnite Gangsta (Buckwild Production) (1994)

Scientifik - Still An Herb Dealer (Vinyl Reanimators Production) (1994)

Scientifik Feat Diamond D - I Got Planz (1994)

Scientifik Ft Edog - As Long As You Know (The Rza Production) (1994)

Scientists Of Sound - 19Th Degree

Scientists Of Sound - Battle Styles Galactic

Scientists Of Sound - Bustin' Loose

Scientists Of Sound - Like A Scientist

Scientists Of Sound - Raise The Flag

Scientists Of Sound - Scroll Of The Fake Assassins

Scientists Of Sound - Souls Of Rula Pent A [1996]

Scientists Of Sound - The End Of The Age

Scienz Of Life - Scienz Of Life (Metaphysic)

Scoob Doo & Wyclef - Informer (Ft. Uncle Murder Movado)

Scooby Do Breaks - The Similarity 'The Prodigy'

Scorp - If You Scaredthen Say You Scared

Scorpio - Slam With Gangstadam

Scott Lark Da Sensei - Ashes To Ashes

Scott Lark Da Sensei - Insight

Scott Lark Da Sensei - Insight (Lp)

Scott Lark Da Sensei - Natural Bliss

Scotty D - Got Ya Heads Boppin

Scram Jones - There Goes The Neighborhood

Scratch - Let'S Go (Ft. Peedi Crakk)

Screem - Hot Peas 'N' Butter [Basement Dweller Mix]

Screem! - Hot Peas N Butter

Screem! - Ill Tippy Toe

Screw Face - Give It To Ya Raw

Screw Face - I Need A Hoe

Screw Face - Realize

Screw Face - You Ain'T Gonna Live

Screwball - Beat'Em On The Head (Remix) (1999)

Screwball - H O S T Y L E (2000)

Screwball - Real Niggas

Screwball - Screwed Up (Beatnuts Production) (1996)

Screwball - Street Life

Screwball - Street Life (Godfather Don Production) (2002)

Screwball - Urban Warfare (2000)

Screwball - Who Shot Rudy (2000)

Screwball Feat Cormega - What The Deal (2002)

Screwball Feat Godfather Don - First Blood (1999)

Screwball Feat Nashawn - The Operation (2000)

Screwball Feat Nature - The Blocks (2000)

Screwball Feat Nature - The Blocks (Alternate Version) (1999)

Screwball Feat Nature - Where You At?

Screwball Feat Prince Ad - Communications (Ez Elpee Production) (2000)

Screwball Feat Triple Seis - Somebody'S Gotta Do It (2000)

Scritti Politti - Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Pete Rock Remix) (1999)

Scu -  Murder 1

Scu - 123

Scu - Harm City

Scu - Murder 1.Mov

Scu - Treshold Of Pain

Scu - Ware Da Son Don´T Shyne

Scu - Ware Da Son Don´T Shyne  Murder 1

Sdm - I 2 I

Sdm - Intelect 4 Specs

Sdm - Never Ending

Sdm - Shut Up!!!

Se7Ensandman Ft Vendetta Kingz -- 7Th Seal

Sean Boston - My Word  What The Fuck (Going On In Here)

Sean Paul Ft Blu Cantrell - Breath208

Sean Price - King Kong

Sean Price - Mess You Made (Ft. Block Mccloud)

Sean Price - Mess You Made Feat Block Mccloud Of Brooklyn Academy

Sean Price - One

Sean Price - P-Body (Ft. Rock Of Heltah Skeltah)

Sean Price - P-Body Ft Rock Of Heltah Skeltah

Sean Price - Stop

Sean Price - Uniform(Ft.Canibus.Ras Kass & Starang)

Sean Price- Changes

Sean Price Feat Tek - Onion Head (2005)

Sean Strange - Death Cipher Ft N.O

Sean Strange - Not Fiction But Fact

Sean T - A Whole Nutha Level [1993]

Sebutones - To Mock A Killingbird

Secta 7 - 7Th Secta

Secta 7 - Equality Cypha

Secta 7 - Farewell To The Flesh

Secta 7 - From The Bottom

Secta 7 - Jihad (Tha Holy War)

Secta 7 - Last Song

Secta 7 - Scroll Of War

Section Fu - Mortal KombatSeeds Of Evolution - Infinite Rain Drops

Seeds Of Labor - Quest For 5 Mics

Seeds Of Labor - Spanish Harlem

Sef The X  Cutioner - Keeper In Da Crib

Sef The X Cutioner - Evian

Sef The X Cutioner - Medevil

Sef The X Cutioner - The Realness

Sef The X Cutioner - The Struggle

Sekou The Ambassador - Reason I Write

Seldom Seen Feat Nai - Local Legend (Part 2)

Select Personnel - Dutch Superstars

Self Combustion-Aslan Feat Atma

Self Provoked - Flyskie

Self Scientific - Cash Craft (Feat. Kombo Mc)

Self Scientific - Dead Honest

Self Scientific - Degrees

Self Scientific - Designer Music

Self Scientific - Pentagon Paradox

Self Scientific - Return

Self Scientific - Sublevel Dominance

Self Scientific - The Long Run

Self Scientific - We All NeedSelf Scientific - You Can'T Fall

Self Scientific Ft Combo - OneSemetery Slaves - Redd Rumm

Sens Unik Feat Osez - Le Barbarien

Sensitive - Human Nature (Long Version)

Sensitive - Why (Sax Part)

Senswif - Elevation 1997' Queens Ny

Seraphguard - Sephrotic System Of Ten Divine Names

Seraphguard Ft White Lotus & Stranded - Photographic Memory

Serene - Frienemies

Serial Killaz (B-Real, Xzibit & Young De) - Body Bags

Serious - Serious

Serum - Enter The Abyss (Ft. Mind Kontrol)

Serum Ft. Self The Soulfuric & Manifesto - The Precursor (Prod

Servin' Mic Ervin - Hold Em High (Clean) Indie Rap

Serwif - Maintain (Lp Version)

Sesh - Capitol Gunhill

Sesh - Definition Sesh ( Rare 1996 Ny Rap )

Sesh - Tactics

Seth Sentry - Simple Game

Seul 2 Seul - Crimes

Seul 2 Seul - Ya L'Feeling Qui Passe

Sev Statik - Rebuild

Sev Statik - Right And Exact

Sev Statik - Untitled

Sev Statik - Wasted Tears

Seven Shawn - Relic From A Lost Place

Seventy Six Of The Dark Myndz - Throwing Words

Severe - My Way Feat Regimen

Sez Who - On Da Dealznicks ( Rare 199 Nj Rap )

Sha Prince - She Makes Luv 2 The Muzik (Ft.Tamsynn Lee)

Sha Stimuli - Grew Up (Ft. King Magnetic)

Sha`Dasious - I`Ma Put My Thing Down

Shaahtik - On A Serious Tip

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Any Minute Now (1998)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Arabian Nights (Nick Wiz Production) (1997)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Are You Ready (Alchemist Production) (1999)

Shabaam Sahdeeq  Black Sun - When Shit Hits The Fan (Nick Wiz Production) (1995)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Can'T Be Ya Lover (Nick Wiz Production) (1994)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Everybody Raps

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Finish The GameShabaam Sahdeeq - Live Yo Life

Shabaam Sahdeeq - On A Mission

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Original Man

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Pendilum (1998)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Styles Upon Styles

Shabaam Sahdeeq Feat Baybe - Sexy (Nick Wiz Production) (1994)

Shabaam Sahdeeq Feat Black Sun - Any Minute Now (1998)

Shabaam Sahdeeq Feat Black Sun - When The Shit Hits The Fan

Shabaam Sahdeeq Feat Mic Geronimo - Deadly Combination

Shabaam Sahdeeq Feat The Honorable - Fed Up With The Bull (2001)

Shabazz 3 - Let 'Em Know The Real

Shabazz 3 - What You Got To SayShabazz The Disciple - Breathing For You

Shabazz The Disciple - Death Be The Penalty (Verge Remix)

Shabazz The Disciple - Little Shop Of Horrors

Shabazz The Disciple Feat Lord Jamar - Street Parables W Intro (1997)

Shabba Ranks - The Jam Ft. Krs-One.Mp3

Shabbazz The Disciple - Thieves In Da Nite (Heist)

Shabrinklez - Gunz  Gatz

Shabrinklez - The Strong One Never Falls

Sha'Dasious - I'Ma Put My Thing Down '' (Put It Down'' Remix)

Sha'Dasious - Mr Dasious (Live) [Hq Video]

Shades Of Culture - Payin' Rent

Shades Of Culture Feat Mr Len - Shine

Shadez Of Brooklyn   Wanted Men

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Calm Unda Pressure (Da Beatminerz Production) (1998)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Everyday Livin'

Shadez Of Brooklyn - How Its Done

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Now A Dayz

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Now A Dayz (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Pandemonium (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Paradise

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Wanted Men

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Wanted Men  Paradise (Real)

Shadez Of Brooklyn - When It Rains It Pours

Shadow Huntaz - Put It Together

Shadowhand -  Dreams

Shadowman - Breathe (Dj Spinna Production) (2002)

Shadowman - My Style (Dj Spinna Production) (2002)

Shadowman - Rap Shit

Shadows In The Dark - Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt [Demo]

Shadows In The Dark - Shadow Boxing

Shadowz In Da Dark - 1145

Shadowz In Da Dark - Break Fool (Nick Wiz Production) (1992)

Shadowz In Da Dark - Bright Lights (Nick Wiz Production) (1994)

Shadowz In Da Dark - Curb High

Shadowz In Da Dark - Curb High[1]

Shadowz In Da Dark - Me And My Shadow

Shadowz In Da Dark - Untold Scrolls

Shadowz In The Dark - Fatigez  Black Clouds  Snake Charmers

Shadowz In The Dark - Flight 704

Shadowz In The Dark - Shadow Boxing

Shadowz In The Dark - Underground 2

Shadyville Allstars - Knights Of Da Roundtable

Shadyville Allstars - Nowadays

Shadz Of Lingo - Mad Flavaz (Dallas Austin Mix)

Shadz Of Lingo - Mad Flavaz (Wolfe Mix)

Shaggy - Mrboombastic (Dgyrick Remix) Raggamuffin Hip Hop

Shahiem Beloved - Who´S Stoppin Ya ! (Gangsta)

Shai Linne - Atonement Q+A (Lyrics).Mp3

Shakeem - Mon Mirroir

Shakepeare And The Last Empire - Don'T Step To Me ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Shakespeare And The Last Empire - My Old Jams Still Slam ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Shakespeare And The Last Empire - School Hit ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Sha'key - Soulsville

Sham  The Professor -  So Low 1St (Remix)

Sham  The Professor - Coney Island (Tee'S Smoove Mix) [92']

Sham And The Professor - Murder On My Hands

Sham Kim - Guess Whops Back To Attack  Goin Head Up

Shamus - I Got Ya Back Feat. C-Terror-Dirty

Shamus - Neva Dream Feat Flu

Shamus - Try 2C Loot

Shamus Feat C Terror - I Got Ya Back

Shamus Feat Flu - Tight Team

Shamus Ft Flu - Tight Team

Shan - 6 Ft UndergroundShan - Key To Lock

Shanow - Remedy Man

Shanow - Remedy Man (Known As The Shanow) (Rpm'S Rugged Phat Mix) (1995)

Shaq Feat Mobb Deep, Lord Tariq - Legal Money (Havoc Production) (1997)

Shaquille O'Neal - Fly Like An Eagle Ft Trigga

Shaquille O'Nell - Men Of Steel (Feat. Ice Cube, Krs-One, B Real, Peter Gunz)

Sharkmc - Beastmode Ep Sampler Promo

Sharpshooter - Sweet Talkin'

Sharpshooters - Analyze

Sharpshooters - Massacre (6Th Sense Remix)

Sharpshooters - Massacre (Hallucinating Murder Remix)

Sharpshooters - Massacre (Roey Marquis Ii Remix)

Sharpshooters - Natural Vibrations

Sharpshooters - Trust No One

Shatike The Ultimate Poet - Diamonds (Rare Indie Rap) Ny

Shaw Brothers - Tragic

Shawn Lov -  Face The Clock (Prod Prowla)

Shawn Lov - Never Neverland

Shawn Lov - One' Off

Shawn Lov - Respect This 1999' Trenton, Nj

Shawn Lov Feat Ft. Rahzii - Nuff Said! (We Let Them Know

Shaz Illyork Feat. Starvin B & Nems - Extraordinary Humans

Shazam X Feat Percee P And Sick Lyrical Damager - Respect Costs More Then Money

Shazzy - Ghettosburg Address (1993)

Shazzy - Giggahoe (Extremix Beatnuts Remix)

Shazzy - Keep It Flowin' (1990)

Shazzy - Pass Anotha Bag (Pete Rock Production) (1994)

Shazzy - Stone Walls (Lp Version)

Sheck - El Afn Del Dinero

Sherlock   Beautiful Ways (Remix) (Rare Indie Rap)

Sherlock   These Days

Sherlock - Aisle Of Illusions ( Rare 1997 Swe Rap )

Sherlock - Beautiful Ways (Remix) (Rare Indie Rap)

Sherlock - It'S All Good ( Rare 1996 Swe Rap )

Sherlock - It'S All Good Feat Rusiak

Sherlock - Resume

Sherlock - Sherlock

Sherlock - Shortcuts

Sherlock - Swamps Of Corruption

Sherlock - These Days

Sherlock - Time Breathin' ( Rare 1995 Swe Rap )

Sherlock - Universal Soldiers

Sherlock - Vipers

Shifting The Paradigm

Shifty Spirit - Notts

Shills Da Realz - Million Dollar Juxes

Shills Da Realz - Reality

Shing Shing Regime - Regiment

Shinobi Kush - Crime Menagerie

Shinobi Stalin - Welcome To Ozone

Shiny Dayz - Been Tellin These Nigguz

Ship Of Fools - Claiming Your Style ( 1997 Swe Rap )

Shiver, L Fudge, J1200 - A Changed Man

Sho Nuff - Nuthin N Duh World

Sho Nuff Feat Vitamin D - Shapelee Utopia

Shokhan - Rumble In The Bronx

Shortie No Mass - Like This (Rockwilder Production) (1995)

Shortie No Mass - Like This U Like My Style

Shorty  Long - My Peoplez

Shorty - Ringz  Things

Shorty Long - Crime And Corruption

Shorty Long - Shorty'Z Doin' His Own Thang

Shorty Raw - Gotta Go

Show  Ag - Next Level (Show'S Original Version) (1995)

Show  Ag - U Know Now (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Ain'T No Fun (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - All Out (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - I'M Not The One (Remix) (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Never Less Than Ill (Intro) (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Stand Strong (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Time For (Original Mix) (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Time For (Remix) (1995)

Showbiz  Ag - Under Pressure (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat D Flow  Lord Finesse - Add On (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat D Flow, Party Arty, Wali World  Method Man - Got The Flava (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat Deshawn - Medicine (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat Diamond D  Wali World - Got Ya Back (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat Lord Finesse  D Flow - Add On

Showbiz  Ag Feat Party Arty - Check It Out (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat Party Arty - Neighbahood Sickness (1995)

Showbiz  Ag Feat The Ghetto Dwellas - Q  A (Showbiz Production) (1998)

Showbiz Presents The Big L - Silky Black 

Shrlock - For What It Was

Shrlock Da Madman - Slide Back Bw Set It Off (1996)

Shrlock Da Madman - Top Notch Bw For What It Was (1996)

Shuko - You Wanna Test (Ft. Bekay)

Shurik'N - Samuraï (1999)

Shyheim - Buckwylyn (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - Furious Anger (Feat

Shyheim - Here Come The Hits (Intro) (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - Little Rascals (The Rza Production) (1994)

Shyheim - Move It Over Here (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - Napsack (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - One'S 4 Da Money (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - Party'S Goin' On (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - The B Side 'Licka Shot' (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim - This Iz Real (Rickidy Raw Dungeon Remix) (Clean)

Shyheim Aka The Rugged Child - The B Side (Bring The Drama) (1993)

Shyheim Feat Down Low Recka - You The Man (Rns Production) (1994)

Shyheim Feat Down Low Recka, Du Lilz  Rubbabandz - 4 The Headpiece (Interlude) (1994)

Shyheim Feat June Luva, Kwazi  Prophet - The Rugged Onez (1994)

Shylow - From Parts Unknown

Shylow - Hylow The Greatest

Shylow - Neva Rest

Shylow - Painful

Shylow - Restitution

Shylow - The Greatest

Shylow - The Greatest (Marco Polo Production) (2002) [Hq]

Shylow - The Greatest (Marco Polo Production) (2003)

Shynobi - 4 W'S Dub (Non Phixion)

Shyrock  Precise (Of  Amo Lab) -  Action Reaction

Siah - Repetition  Pyrite

Siah And Yeshua Dapoed - The Visualz

Sic Sense - Conscience Abduction

Sic Sense - Hill Topics

Sic Sense - Onemantality

Sic Sense - Positional Bypass (1995)

Sic Sense - Positional Bypass Onemantality

Sick Jacken - Life, Luv And Pain (Ft. Young Sicc)

Sick Jacken - Metal Rain (Ft. Cynic)

Sick Jacken - Paid Dues (Ft. Murs & Supernatural)

Sick Jacken Y Cynic - Committed So Deep (Feat Bacardi Riama Planet Asia)

Sick Lunatix - If It Ain'T Rough, It Ain'T Right

Sick Since  Feat Masta Buildas - Fuck The New World Order

Sick Six - Life Lingers (Ft Brainstorm Adlib_Side Effect (Prod By Sev One)

Sick Six Ft Biz M!Ghty Capo Untytled Kane Vas  - Still Dead-Showdown (Prod By Dj Kwestion

Sick Sound -   (Dgyrick Remix) ' !'

Sick Symphoniez - In This Lifetime

Sicknature - Never Say Never At All (Ft. Slaine)

Sicknature - Shootin The Breeze

Siege - Cyanide (Rare Indie Rap)

Sign Of The X -Pray Hard -Deadly Remedy -Lord Lhus.Triple Threat (New World Order) Hip Hop

Signifiers - Upper Echelon (1995)Silas Blak - I Know Why

Silent Ones - They Want Me Dead

Silent Ones - Whole Lotta Mc'S

Silent Onez - East Meets West

Silent Onez - East Meets West[1]

Silent Onez - Gotta Go

Silent Poets - Someday (Feat. Anomolies)

Silent Poets - Someday Feat.Anomolies [Lewis Parker Remix]

Silent Poets - Someday Feat.Anomolies [The First Impact Mix]

Silent Someone - Retrogression Feat Oxygen (Late Night Remix)

Silky Black - Step Up And Get Some

Silouette - The Fastlane

Silouette (Of Annexx Click) - Blessin Me

Silouette (Of Annexx Click) - Can U Feel It

Simahlak Ft Theo3 - Under Pressure

Simeese  Cement - Ah Who Dat! 1999' Toronto Canada

Simple One - Rapresent

Sims - Up For Grabs

Singapore Kane - Fast Life

Sinistar Voices - Cant Be Ya Lover

Sinistar Voices (Shabaam Sahdeeq) - Can'T Be Ya Lover

Sinistar Voices (Shabaam Sahdeeq) - Do Or Die (1996 Demo)

Sinistar Voicez - Do Or Die ( Rare 1996 Ny Rap )

Sinister Stricken & Solomon Childs - Im Not For Sale (High Chief Rmx)

Sinister Stricken Ft Holocaust & White Lotus - Quantum Shamans

Sinister Voicez - Meet Ya Maker

Sinister Voicez - Sinsez

Sinopsis - Ninja Gaiden Ft. Halo

Sinsemilla - Confrontations  Don'T Think About It

Sinsemilla - Traffic

Sinsemilla - Traffic (Rare Indie Rap)

Sinuous Productions - Keep It Moving

Sir Essence Don - First Step (Step To This Mix)

Sir Essence Don - Live From New York (Ny Mix)

Sir Fresh  Dj Critical - Sir Vere ( Rare 1988 Ny Rap )

Sir Fresh  Dj Critical - Sit'Em Down ( Rare 1989 Ny Rap )

Sir Ibu - Ibu Gets Lyrical

Sir Ibu - I'm the Peacemaker

Sir Ibu - Slow down (Pete Rock Newromix)

Sir Ibu (Of Divine Force) - I'm The Peacemaker

Sir Ibu Of Divine Force - Ibu Gets Lyrical (Vocal) (1989)

Sir Menelik - Let'S Build For A Sec

Sir Menelik Feat Kool Keith - Space Cadillac (Remix) (1999)

Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back (1992)

Sir Rock T - Terraffying (Remix) [1991] Ol' School

Sirus - Lyrical Juice  Wishing

Sista Feat Craig Mack - It'S Alright (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Sista One  Guava Don - Ruler Of The World

Sister Bea Feat Hi Fi  Juan Marco - My Sound

Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

Sister Nancy - Bam Bam (Hip Hop Remix) Ragga Hiphop

Sister Souljah - The Hate That Hate Produced

Sivion - Hiphop Is Music

Sixtoo - Annihilation

Sixtoo - Caukazoid Germ

Sixtoo - Sultry Feat Seffi On (Cello)

Sizzla - Taking Over

Sk - Seduca

Sk, Face The Truth & Plex Long - Die-Nasty (Prod. By J Phaytul)

Skam  Shadowman (Oldworldisorder) - The O

Skatecontest Dordrecht 30072011 Teaser

Skee Lo - I Wish (1995)

Skee Lo - Top Of The Stairs

Skeme Team - Con Artists

Skemen - Size 'Em Up Play 'Em (Crooklyn Mix)

Skemen - Under Pressure

Skemen - Under Pressure  Size Em Up Play Em

Skemen - Under Pressure (Street Mix)

Skemen - Under Pressure Akutt 

Skhool Yard  Sit Back And Chill

Skil - You'Ve Got The Power

Skitz & Phi Life Cypher - A Time Of Chaos

Skoob (Of Das Efx) - How I Get Down (Marco Polo Remix)

Skratch, Dj Colture

Skriblah Dan Gogh - Beats Rhymes  Revolution (Real Hip Hop)

Skryptcha - State Of Mind (Ft. Juanita Tippins)

Skuff - Nice Dreams (Ft. Bee109)

Skull Bludgeon - Answer Me This (Nuttkase)

Skunk Militia - Get Touched

Skyzoo - Bk Renaissance (Ft. Sha-Stimuli & Sav Killz)

Skyzoo - The Opener (Produced By Cyrus Tha Great)

Slade - The Pressure

Slade Savage - Good SonSlade Savage - War Stories

Slade Savage – War Stories

Slaine & Statik Selektah - Run It

Slanid - Paperz (Dirty Version) (Rare Indie Rap)

Slasher - Cutthroat Island

Slaughterhouse - If You Ever Hear Me

Slaughterhouse - Memories

Sleep (Of Oldominion) - Day Dreamer

Sleep Sinatra - Feat. Udi The Erratic Assassin - Aires Scrolls

Sleep Sinatra - Free Thinkers

Sleep Sinatra - Tyranny CrumblesSleepy Hollow - 247 (1993)

Sleestack'S - Kings Of Chaos

Sleestack'Z -  Kings Of Kaos

Sleestack'Z -  Verbal Abuse

Sleestack'Z - Crystal Clear (Rusty Water Mix)

Sleestack'Z - Ruination (Spearhead X Remix)

Sleestack'Z - The Darkness

Sleestack'Z - Weed Runner

Slick Rick - Behind Bars [Prince Paul Mix']

Slick Rick - Children'S Story

Slick Rick - Children'S Story (1989)

Slick Rick - La Di Da Di

Slick Rick - Mona Lisa

Slick Rick - The Show (Feat. Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew)

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh - The Show

Slick Rick And Doug E Fresh - La Di Da Di

Slick Rick Feat. Doug E. Fresh - The Art Of Storytelling, The Art Of Storytellingthe Show Live

Slim Daddy - The Thin Man

Slim Rockwell - Everything  Da Headz

Slivanoë - Injection Vol1 (2012) Teaser

Slivanoë Feat Speeedy - Ce Qu'On Veut Dire

Slomo - Ghetto Jedi

Slomo - Ghetto Jedi (Radio)

Slomo - Hip Hop Can'T Stop (Natural)

Slomo - Hip Hop Can'T Stop [96']

Slomo - I Represent Remix Pt 1 1996' Brooklyn

Slopfunkdust - Instructions [2000]

Slow Stimulus Suicide - Roll Up

Slow Suicide Stimulus - Icu

Slow To Speak - On And On

Slum Brothers - Regulars Niggers 2 Face - Nyc

Slum Village - Fall In Love (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - Forth And Back (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - Get Dis Money (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - Go Ladies (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - I Don'T Know (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - Jealousy (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village - Raise It Up

Slum Village - Tainted Love

Slum Village - The Look Of Love (Jay Dee Remix) (1999)

Slum Village - Where You At (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village Feat Busta Rhymes - The Hustle (Jay Dee Production) (1999)

Slum Village Feat Jay Dee - Reunion (2004)

Slum Village Feat Pete Rock - Once Upon A Time (Pete Rock Production) (1999)

Small Ax - Hardcore Lovin Indie Rap

Small Professor - Random - Push (Small Pro Remix)

Smarts - It Wouldn'T Add Up

Smash Brovaz - Whatchu Need Whatchu Want Feat Blake Carrington (Official Video)

Smif N Wessun - Cession At Da Doghillee (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Hellucination (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Home Sweet Home (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Kim (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N' Wessun - Lets Get It On

Smif N Wessun - Nuttin Move But The Money

Smif N Wessun - Pnc (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Stand Strong (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Timz N Hood Chek (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Wipe Ya Mouf (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Wontime (1995)

Smif N Wessun - Wrektime (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995)

Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown

Smif-N-Wessun - Crystal Stair (Ft. Talib Kweli) (Remix)

Smif-N-Wessun - Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow (Exclusive)

Smif-N-Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill (Re-Edit)-Cms

Smif-N-Wessun - Timz N Hood Chek

Smif-N-Wessun - U Understand Me Feat. Starang And Tony Touch

Smif-N-Wessun - Wontime

Smiley The Ghetto Child - I M Legend

Smiley The Ghetto Child - The Wake Up Call

Smiley The Ghetto Child Feat Guru - Discontent (Bk Version) (2001)

Smith Bros - The Smith Brothers

Smith Brothers Ft. Kaotic Style - East New York Meets Brownsville.Mp3

Smok & Wone2 - Intouchable

Smoke - Sinners And Saints

Smoke Flo , Pezaz  Riot The Villain - The Young Hoods

Smoke Shoppers - I Can'T Tell

Smoked Out Productions - Aw Yeah

Smoked Out Productions - Bok Bok

Smoked Out Productions - Styles  Bok Bok

Smokey & Perry Scaramanga - The World Is Mine

Smooth B - Game Over (Dj Premier Production) (2005)

Smooth Current - That'S It (Ft. Profile)

Smooth Da Hustler - From Uk To Bk

Smooth Ice - Now It Sounds Like A Record (1990)

Smooth J Smoothe  Dj Nasty - Hard Rhyme Composer

Smoothe Da Hustla -  Bro To Bro Ft Trigger Tha Gambler

Smoothe Da Hustler - Bro To Bro (Feat. Trigga Da Gambler)

Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language Part 2

Smoothe Da Hustler - Food For Thoughts (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler - Fuck What Ya Heard

Smoothe Da Hustler - Glocks On Cock (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler - Hustlers Theme (Hill Playaz Remix) (Album Mix)

Smoothe Da Hustler - Hustlin' (Dr Period Production) (1995)

Smoothe Da Hustler - Hustlin (Radio Remix) [95']

Smoothe Da Hustler - Neva Die Alone (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler  Trigger Tha Gambler - The Smith Bros (1997)

Smoothe Da Hustler  Trigger The Gambler Ft Kaotic Style - Streets Of Brownsville

Smoothe Da Hustler  Trigger The Gambler Ft Kaotic Style - Train Demo JointSmoothe Da Hustler And Trigger The Gambler Ft. Kaotic Style

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Dv Alias Christ - Dollar Bill (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Dv Alias Khrist  Trigger - Murdafest (Dr Period Production) (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Kovon - Dedication (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Kovon - Only Human (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Trigger Tha Gambler - Fuck Whatcha Heard (1996)

Smoothe Da Hustler Feat Trigger Tha Gambler - My Brother My Ace (1996)

Smoov U - Many Styles  Sex Machine

Smoove Dee - Smove Is The Name (Og Club Mix)

Smut Peddlers - Anti Heros ( Feat. Copywrite )

Smut Peddlers - One By One

Smut Peddlers - The Hole Repertoire (1997)

Smut Peddlers Ft Cage & Mr Eon - The Hole Repertoire

Smuv Radicals - No Justice No Peace

Smuv Radicals - Real Life Situation

Snafu  Tuk - That'S Why

Snafu! - Blunt Smokers

Snak The Ripper - Lazy

Snake Aka Bo Constricta - Rich  Switch

Snake Aka Bo Constricta - The Set Up (Darkside Mix)

Snake Aka Bo Constricta - The Set Up (Westcoast Mix)

Snakeyes - Dynasty (199)

Snakeyes - Michords

Sneaks Ft Dj Bonwon - Power Of Words

Sneakyness Ft Poetic Death - Everyday Lifestyle

Sng  Grasso E Bello

Snoman - Love For The Last Time

Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It'S Hot Feat. Ph

Snoop Dogg - Gin And Juice

Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case

Snoop Dogg - Serial Killa (Feat. Ice Cube)

Snoop Dogg - Who Am I (What'S My Name-)

Snoop Dogg Ft The Dogg Pound & The Dramatics - Doggy Dogg World

Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, Scarface - World War Iii

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin & Juice (1994)

Snowgoons - 40 Barz (Ft. Big Shug, Special Teamz & Singapore Kane)

Snowgoons - A.O.T.P. (Ft. Apathy)

Snowgoons - All In Your Mind (Ft. Lord Lhus & Viro The Virus)

Snowgoons - At War (Ft. Lord Lhus & Sean Price)

Snowgoons - Avalanche Warning (Ft. Pacewon, Nervous Wreck & Adlib)

Snowgoons - Avalanche Warning Rmx (Feat. Pacewon Raki Borisk And Nervous Wreck)

Snowgoons - Been Fighting Devilz (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Black Snow (Feat. Ill Bill Apathy And Simon Says)

Snowgoons - Capital City Streetz (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Casualties Of War (Ft. Smif-N-Wessun & Respect Tha God)

Snowgoons - Charly Says (Ft. Illin P)

Snowgoons - Clip Full Of Ammo (Ft. J. Sands & Mitchell Hennessy)

Snowgoons - Enemy (Remix) (Ft. Ill Bill & Raekwon)

Snowgoons  Feat. Hiob Krs One And Cymarshall Law - Controll

Snowgoons - Full Force Ft. Block Mccloud, King Syze, Faez One And Sifu Versus

Snowgoons - Get Down (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Helpless (Ft. Equinox)

Snowgoons - Hiphop Crusaders (Ft. King Syze & Kev Turner)

Snowgoons - Joining Forces

Snowgoons - Knockatomi Plaza (Ft. Side Effect)

Snowgoons - Knuckle Up (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Living Man (Ft. Grand Agent)

Snowgoons - Man Of The Year (Ft. Last Emperor)

Snowgoons - Michael Nobody Aka Poetic Death (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Murder (Ft. Matrix)

Snowgoons - My Time (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Never

Snowgoons - Nothin You Say (Feat Edo G)

Snowgoons - Nuthing You Say (Feat. Edo G And Retrogott (Huss And Hodn))

Snowgoons - Planetary Takeover (Ft. Lord Lhus & Planet X)

Snowgoons - Platoon Goons (Ft. Lord Lhus & Reef The Lost Cauze)

Snowgoons - Raining (Feat. Brainstorm Grizu And Edo G)

Snowgoons - Raining (Ft. Brainstorm Edo G & Jaysaun)

Snowgoons - Riddle Of The Sphinx (Feat. Jus Allah Gideon And Rip Shop)

Snowgoons - Ride On (Feat. Defari Nico Suave And Maylay Sparks)

Snowgoons - Run Run (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - Serve Justice (Remix) (Ft. Rasul Allah, Killah Priest & Richard Raw)

Snowgoons - Starlight (Ft. Viro The Virus)

Snowgoons - Still Got The Ammo (Feat. Mainflow Sebstar And El Da Sensei)

Snowgoons - Still Got The Ammo (Ft. Main Flow, Godilla, El Da Sensei & J. Sands)

Snowgoons - Survive The Mess Ft. El Da Sensei And Kaze-Ftd

Snowgoons - Teachers Trademark (Feat Wise Intelligent)

Snowgoons - The Hatred (Ft. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons - The Spell Feat  Eternia  Pyranja

Snowgoons - The Uncrushables (Feat. Ill Bill,

Snowgoons - The Wolf (Ft. State Store)

Snowgoons - Thinking About Me (Remix) (Ft. Baby Blak)

Snowgoons - This Is Where The Fun Stops (Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze)

Snowgoons - Torchers Trademark (Feat. Wise Intelligent And Torch)

Snowgoons - Trapped On Earth (Ft. Brainstorm)

Snowgoons - War

Snowgoons - Who (Ft. Outerspace)

Snowgoons - Who Are You (Ft. Lord Lhus)

Snowgoons Feat Brother Ali - We Need More

Snowgoons Feat. Sick Jacken Cynic And Gimma - Sick Life

Snowgoons Ft Block Mccloud Critical Ide Adlib - Godhead - Valley Of Death Pt. 2

Snowgoons Ft Wise Intelligent -  Teachers Trademark

Snowgoons X Reef The Lost Cauze _Boxcutter Samurai_ (Your Favorite Mc In Stores 10_25)

Snypa, Gsc - King Of The Cream

Social Contact - Blunts And Liquor

Social Contact - Money And The Scuma

Socialistik - Float To It

Society - Funk (From Us Nasty Kidz)

Society - What Is A Man

Society - Yes N Deed (1993)

Society Of Shadows - Euphoric State (Feat

Sofa King (Appearance By Aqua Teen Hunger Force)

Sojourn - Say Something

Sokol Aka Problemi ( Last King'S ) Ft Harshz - Nuk Mshojna Mas Shpine - 2011Sol - Cash Rules!

Sol Zalez Feat. Daniel Joseph - Patent Prod. By Capicu

Soldiers En Combat - Da Power Joint (Very Rare Indie Rap)

Sole - Da Baddest Poet

Sole - Finally

Sole - Further More

Sole - Has Issues

Sole - Nothing Fell Apart Ft. Sixtoo

Sole - Plutonium

Sole - Sebago

Sole - Shoot The Messenger

Sole - Slow Cold Drops

Sole - The Harder They Fall Indeed

Sole - The Priziest Horse

Sole - Tourist Trapeze

Sole - Year Of The Sex Symbol

Sole Feat Arsonists - 3 Guys In A Bar

Sole Feat. Adeem & Alias - Lyrically Able

Solitair - Silver Surfer (1998)

Solitair Feat Kardinal Offishall - No Doubt (2001)

Solo In Soort - Kort Af

Solomon - Wise Dirty Game Feat Red Eye

Solomon Wise - Barely Alive

Solomon Wise - The Law

Soma - Causin' Mass Hysteria ( Rare 1994 Pa Rap )

Soma - You Ain'T Ready

Soma - You A'Int Ready

Soma - You Ain'T Ready (Remix)

Son A Bluntz - Don T Snooze

Son A Bluntz - Don'T Snooze

Son A Bluntz - Don'T Snooze Original

Son A Bluntz - Don'T Snooze Remix

Son Doobie - Dub Sacks And Blunt Wraps (Feat. Raze Of L.E.S

Son Doobie - Gun Talk

Son Doobie - Por Amor

Son Doobie - Sick Jacken - Blood

Son Doobie-Heavyweight

Son Of Noise -  Keep It Goin Pt 2 (1995)

Son Of Noise - Sons Of The Noise (1995)

Son Of Ran  Memphis Reigns - Alone (Remix)

Son Of Sam - Charisma (Bad Sound Clip   Boo!)

Son Of Saturn & Atma - Light Code

Son Of Saturn Feat Grime - Revolution Is Here

Son Of Saturn Ft Atma & Chief Kamachi - Transcend

Son Slawta Melquan - Krunchtime (Lost His Mind Murder Mixx)

Sonik Boom - Danger Biz

Sonny Black - Thug Banger

Sonny D And Dox - 2 Rugged

Sons Of Egypt - Hashish  (Mc Crown Z  Dj King Cut)

Sons Of Egypt - Sons Of Egypt

Sons Of Egypt - The Path

Sons Of Intellect - Worldwide

Sons Of Sam - It'S Like That

Sons Of Sam - Move Fakin'

Sons Of Sam - Rising Son ( Rare 199 Nj Rap )

Sons Phonetic - Ready For War

Soothsayer - Can You Dig It (1999)

Sorce - Comfort Zone

Sos -  Ooohh!

Sos - Demo Track

Sosa - Mami Yo!

Soul Assassins - Puppet Master

Soul Assassins F Cypress Hill, House Of Pain, Psycho Realm

Soul Bros. - Life Line (Rare Indie Rap)

Soul Choc - Gardes Ca Pour Toi

Soul Dj Smirnoff [Hip Hop Culture]

Soul Khan - 630 A.M

Soul Kid Klik - 10 Mack Commandments Ft Doc Da

Soul Kid Klik - Desperate Times

Soul Kid Klik - I Want Him Dead

Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat

Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat Remix (1995)

Soul Kid Klik - What Is The Essence Of A Soul Kid (Demo)

Soul Party - Lips Together Teeth Apart

Soul Party - Lips Together Teeth Apart ( Rare 1993 Nj Rap )

Soul Party - Swing Da Bat 2 Da Right ' Unreleased 1992, Ny

Soul Party - Swing Da Bat 2 Da Right ( Unreleased 1992 Nj )

Soul Party - The Flavor

Soul Party The Flavor 1992  Vhs

Soul Position - Mic Control

Soul Puppets - 5 Minutes Of Fame

Soul Puppets - Cruel Unuzual O'S Elbows

Soul Puppets - Dysfunkshanul

Soul Puppets - O'S  Elbows (Sleepmonster Remix)

Soul Puppets - Reincarnation

Soul Survivors - Fittin Wit Da Flow (Rare Indie Rap)

Soul Survivors - Show Da Meaning

Soul Survivors - Strictly Hip Hop

Soulbrotha - Are You Ready (Ft. Sadat X, Nut Rageous & Craig G)

Soulbrotha - Nuts  Screws

Souljerz Of Fortune - Two Of A Kind

Souls Of Mischief -  Rock It Like That

Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity

Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity (Remix)

Souls Of Mischief - Get The Girl, Grab The Money And Run (Jay Biz'S Low Down Remix) (1995)

Souls Of Mischief - That'S When Ya Lost (Remix) (1993)Souls Of Mischief - Tour Stories

Soulstice - Novus Ordo Seclorum

Sound Providers - Dope Transmission

Sounds Of Rage - Street Warrior

Sounds Of Rage - Superfly

Sounds Of Rage - The Swamp

Sounds Of Rage-Street WarriorSoundscape - Die In Your Sleep

Source International - What'S Da Source

Source Of Labor - Aunt Anna

Source Of Labor - Balance

Source Of Labor - Beyond Reality   Solbr

Source Of Labor - Come With Me

Source Of Labor - Cornbread 1996

Source Of Labor - Easy

Source Of Labor - Galaxies

Source Of Labor - Sol Control

Sources Of Specialment - Ruthless

Sourface - Don'T Try To Play Me

Sourface - Era Of The Sourface ( Rare 1997 Ny Rap )

South Case - Buy My Tape

South Case - The Reason

South Park Mexican - A Lil Luv

South Paw - Columbia (Feat Kimise)

Southern Conference - Dead Presidents

Southside - Pass Da Blunt

Sp12Ver - Get Outta Town (Feat Wordsworth, Beny Al And A Butta)

Spaceboy Boogie X - Romeo N' Juliet

Spaceboy Boogie X - So Blessed

Spark 950 And Timbo King - Hello It'S Me

Spark 950 And Timboking - Nuff Ruffness (Spark'S Original Mix)

Spark 950 Feat. Timbo King - Hello It'S Me

Sparrow - Inheritance 1998' Baltimore MdSparrow - Physics

Sparrow - Rhyme Impotence What You Expect

Sparrow - The Chase 1998' Baltimore Md

Sparrow The Movement Feat Mama Base - Get Your Ass Up

Spaztik Mc - Who I Be

Spearhead - People In The Middle

Special Ed - Crazy (1995)

Special Ed - Freaky Flow (Dj Akshun Production) (1995)

Special Ed - Freaky Flow (Dj Premier Remix) (1996)

Special Ed - Here I Go Again (1995)

Special Ed - It'S Only Gettin' Worse (1995)Special Ed - Just Like Dat (Feat. Nine)

Special Ed - Lyrics (Mark Sparks Production) (1995)

Special Ed - Neva Go Back

Special Ed - Neva Go Back (Howie Tee Production) (1995)

Special Ed - Rough 2 The Endin' (Dj Akshun Production) (1995) 

Special Ed - Rukus (1995) 

Special Ed - Think Twice

Special Ed - Wake Up Show Promo (1996) 

Special Ed - We Rule (Dj Akshun Production) (1995) 

Special Ed - Won'T Be Long (Mark Sparks Production) (1995) 

Special Ed Featuring 40 - Everyday Iza Gunshot (1995) 

Special Ed Featuring Bounty Killer - Just A Killa (1995) 

Special Ed Featuring Dj Akshun - Walk The Walk (Mark Sparks Production) (1995) 

Special Ed Featuring Nine - Just Like Dat (1995) 

Special Teamz - Home 2

Special Teamz - Main Event (Dj Premier Production) (2005) 

Specifics - My Tunes (Prod Think Twice)

Specifics - Under The Hood (Prod Think Twice)

Specifics Look Alive (Prod Think Twice)

Specs - Put Ya Money On Us

Specs - Welcome Mats

Spectac & 9Th Wonder - War Of The World

Spectacles And Brewmasta - Lyrical Original

Spectrum Live - 50 Grand

Spesh K - Thats It Y'All (Ft. Sadat X & Moka Only) (Prod. By Stinson)

Spex - Listen Close

Spex Brewmasta - Recieve A Lesson

Spex Markus Are - It Was Never Wrong

Spexxx And Rundown (1628 Factor) - Learn To Write

Spexxx And Rundown (1628 Factor) - When I Drop It

Spider Jaroo & Pro P - Rookies

Spinderella, Sugga B Medusa - Burn'Em (Pete Rock Production) (2002) 

Spiritual Warriors - Germ, Matrix Roey Marquis Ii Are

Spiritual Warriors Featuring Sean Raucous - High Frequency (1999) 

Spit Syndicate - Blue Sky High (Ft. Ron-E)

Spit Syndicate - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Ft. Solo)

Spit Syndicate - Shadows Approaching

Spit Syndicate - The Lost Boys

Spit Syndicate - The Lucky Country

Spit Syndicate - Weapon Of Choice

Spitz - Still Restless

Splattahouse True Life - Hell Hole

Split Personality - One Step (Remix)

Split Personality - The Vibe (Remix)

Split Prophets - High Life

Split Prophets - Stick Up

Split Prophets Upfront Mc - Bristol Is Like

Split Prophets Upfront Mc Dat Kid - Face It

Spontaneous - Grits 'N' Butta (1999) 

Spontaneous - Waterproof

Spontaneous Feat Dj Drez, Saukrates & Xzibit - Reprezen'N

Spontaneous Feat Dj Prez, Saukrates & Xzibit - Reprezen'N

Spook One - Ultimate Mc 2011 - Montreal

Sporadic Feat Scriptures - Poetics

Sport 'G' And Mastermind - Live ( Rare 1988 Ny Rap )

Sport G Mastermind - Louder

Sporty Thievez - Who Got Dat

Sporty Thievz - Street Cinema 2 (Pete Rock Production) (2000) 

Sprawlic Stream - Atlantis

Sprawlic Stream - Mandate Of Heaven

Spread Luv 2000 Bc - Don'T Front

Spread Luv 2000 Bc - Liez

Sputnik Brown - The Brownout

Sputnik Brown - Unadulterated

Squadron Black - Black State Of Mind ( Very Rare Indie Rap)

Squala Orphan - Unheard Cries

Square One - Analyze

Square One - Dayz To Come

Square One - Knowledge Is Knowledge

St Mic - Dedicate To Elevate Orgem (Reemix Ft. Dj Ragz)

St Mic - Verbal Mastery (Orgem Remix) (Ft. The Unknown)Stahhr - U Like It

Stai Nyce - Devils N Jins Ya Da Da Hey

Stanley Grimes - Stanley Grimes

Star Eye & Dr Chris - Streetsnakes

Starvin Art Clique - Alone Poetry

Starvin Art Clique - Keep Pushin' On

Starvin Art Clique - Rogue Vagabond

Starvin Art Clique - Shiesty

Starvin Art Clique – Starving Art

Starz Of The Godz - Irealz, C Rayz Walz, Life Long, Elohem Star, Dj Afar, Kyo Itachi

Stat Quo - In California

Statamind - Let'S Get It Down 1998' Bronx Ny

Statik Selektah - Critically Acclaimed (Feat. Lil Fame Saigon And Sean Price)-Beef

Statik Selektah - Destined To Shine (Ft. Torae, Sha Stimuli & Jon Hope)

Statik Selektah - Did What We Had To Do (Ft. Krs-One, Large Professor & I Da Headtoucha)

Statik Selektah - Get Out The Way (Ft. Bun B & Cory Mo)

Statik Selektah - Hardcore (So You Wanna Be) (Ft. Reks & Termanology)

Statik Selektah - Rollin Down The Freeway (Ft. Kali G Malone & Termanology)

Statik Selektah Feat Red Cafe. Termanology - Bam Bam

Sté Strausz' - Plus D'Idéal

Steady B - Bogardin (Radio)Let It Go Indie Rap

Steady B - Bogardin (Remix) Indie Rap

Steady B - Don'T Disturb This Groove

Steady B - Let It Go

Steady B - Mac Daddy

Steady B - Stupid Fresh

Steady B - Suprise

Steady Roc Feat Kice Of Course - Family Matters

Stedy Serv - Better Safe Than Sorry

Stee Oz On Da Scene

Stefano Torossi - Walkin' In The Dark Dj Vadim Remix

Stellar Parallax - The Struggle

Step G - Dreamin ( Rare 1991 Ca Rap )

Step G - Dreamin (1991)

Step X Step - Letter 2 Da Banger 1995

Step X Step - Wake Up

Stepchild - Wake Up Show Promo (1996) 

Steph Pockets - Roll With Us

Stephen Marley - Hey Baby Feat. Mos Def

Steppin Razor Productions - Calafia Feat Icy Lee 1998

Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa I

Steve Austin - Blacc Thorobred

Steve Coleman Matrics - Get Open

Steve Coleman Matrics - I Am Who I Am

Steve Colossal - Thoughts For Da Mind

Steve Sage Feat Timmy G - Engaged

Stezo - Mr S

Stezo - Where'S The Funk At

Stezo Feat. Jim Slice - Bop Ya Headz [Vocal]

Stezo-Wheres The Funk At

Sticky Fingaz - What Chu Here For

Stikken Moov - Fatality (1995) 

Stimulus - Don'T Tell Me (Remix) (200X) 

Stoney Rock Feat Black Spade - Thinks Change

Stony Island - Brickheadz

Stony Island - Slowly On The South Side

Storm - Playing The Field

Storm Camp - All Across Da World 1998' Ny Random Rap

Storm Camp - Final Four Part 1

Storm Camp - Final Four Pt 2 Ny Random Rap 1998'

Storm The Unpredictable - Mc'S Be Killin' Me

Storm The Unpredictable - Verbal Expressions

Storm The Unpredictable Feat Priest Da Nomad, Muyi And Kokay - Middle East

Storm Troopz Corps - Basick Trainin'

Storm Troopz Corps - This Is War

Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind - The Truth (Ft. Supastition)

Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind - When The Sun Goes Down (Ft. Saigon)

Str8 G - Shadow Of A G

Straight From The Mothership

Stranga - Makes Me Sick

Strange Behavior - 2 Peas In A Bucket

Strange Behavior - Speakers On The Fritz

Strange Sanity - Settle The Score

Stranj Child - Stranj Frut

Street Connect - All Up In The Game

Street Connect - Rollin' Over You All Up In The Game

Street Life Feat Shyheim And Donnie - Homicide Housing

Street Life The Dy'Nasty - Knowledge Before Wisdom

Street Life The Dy'Nasty - No Matter Where

Street Platoon - Mean Streets

Street Poets - Everyday Life

Street Poets - Skinz (Remix)

Street Relics - Combine For Wartime Life Becomes

Street Reportas - Big Cats

Street Reportas - Casino

Street Reportas - Hunger

Street Reportas - Live By The Mic

Street Reportas - Long Hot Summer

Street Smartz - Ain'T No Burna (1996) 

Street Smartz - Dont Trust Anyone

Street Smartz - Don'T Trust Anyone (Remix) (Dirty)

Street Smartz - 'F It Less'

Street Smartz - Probemz

Street Smartz - Problemz (Verge Remix)

Street Smartz Feat Pharoahe Monch Oc - Metal Thangz (Dj Ogee Production) (1996)

Street Smartz Featuring Wordsworth Punchline - Cum Again (2001) 

Streetlove Magazine - Limited Edition!

Stress Killa Child - Villa 65 Freestyle

Stress, Fresh, Boss One - Meme Combat

Stressed Out - Bullets Flyin ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Stressed Out - Jazzy Wit Da Joint ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Strickly Roots - Beg No Friends(Valley Mob Mix)

Strickly Roots - Duck Da Boyz

Stricktly Roots - Beg No Friends (Frut Flava Mix)

Strict Flow - Dont Stop

Strictly Homicidal - Just Imagine

Strictly Insane Nig - Mentally Disturbed

Strictly Niggas - Mentaly Disturbed (Indie Rap

String Theory (Hexone Bbz Darney) - Art Of Rap (Ft Halfcut)

String Theory (Hexone Bbz Darney) - Currents

String Theory (Hexone Bbz Darney) - Rhythm Of The Planet (Ft Tek Nition, D Rev)

Strippoker - Reign Supreme Qb To Co The Black James Bond

Strong Arm Steady - You Ain'T Me (Ft. Ras Kass & Chamillionaire) (Prod. By Da Riffs)

Strong Peeps - Vs 4 Vs

Strong Peoples - It Ain'T Safe

Strugglin' Souls - Cant Find My Tribe Rough Neck Anthem

Strugglin' Souls - I Got Tossed

Stuntman Aka Mc Mark Spaz - Something For The Mind

Style - The Assassinator (Killer Mix)

Style - The Assassinator (Paralyzing Mix)

Style Mastaz - Bring It

Style Skillz - Fake Cats

Style Skillz - Run That

Styles Of Beyond - Hollograms

Styles Of Beyond - Mr Brown (Remix)Styles P - Good Times

Styles P - Good Times (2002)

Styles P - Ride Or Die (Ft. Snyp Life & Bully)

Styles P - Switch My Style

Styles P - The Life (Feat. Pharoahe Monch)

Suave The Ape - First Sunday (Ft. Justhoughtz)

Sub-Conscious - Mumble Missions

Sud Est Corporation - Le Gangsta

Sudden Def - Da Ringers Off

Sudden Def - Def'S Penalty

Sudden Def - Def'S Penalty Remix

Sudden Def - I'M C'Mon Out

Suff Daddy - Never Take It Serious

Sugacane - God For All

Sugar Shack - Pay The Price

Sugarhill Gang Apache (Jump On It)

Suicide Posse - Hyper Hit Mic Champion

Suicide Posse - My Science Is Deep ( Rare 1992 Nj Rap )

Suli Breaks - Rip (Official Spoken Word Video)

Sume Mister Leech - The Final Battle

Sun Dula - Sun Prodigy

Sun Rise Above - Now

Sun Risers - Life In The City (Real Off The Block Ep) 95'

Sun Risers - Represent

Sun Risers - Street Song (Vinyl Version)

Sun Rises In The East - New Beat

Sun, Moon Star - Don'T Sell Out (Midnight Jazz Remix)

Sun, Moon Star - Don'T Sell Out (Radio Mix)

Sun, Moon Star - Don'T Sell Out (Street Mix)

Sundance - A Better Day

Sundance - Don'T Call It A Comeback

Sunken Heads - From Here To There

Sunn Sunn Szizzorhandz - Homicidal Music (Feat

Sunrise-Sunset - Cunninlynguists - Southernunderground

Sunshine And The Chief - Cold Flames

Sunspot Jonz - Animal Face

Sunspot Jonz - Dip Down

Sunspot Jonz - Hug Bacardi (The Oddysey Part. 2)

Sunz Of Man - Cold

Sunz Of Man - Embarassed Prod By Mathematics

Sunz Of Man - Five Arch Angels (4Th Disciple Production) (1995) 

Sunz Of Man - Natural High (Remix)

Sunz Of Man - The Valley Of Death

Sunz Of Man - Wicked Ways

Supafriendz - Unseen World Pt Ii

Super Cat - Dem No Worry We (Mix) 92 (12'')

Super Cat - Dolly My Baby (Supercat Mix) 93'

Super Cat - Don Dada (Hip Hop Mix) 92'

Super Cat - Girlstown (Sermon Hop) 95'

Super Cat - Vineyard Party

Superior Thought - Would You

Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It (1995) 

Supernatural, Igoff, Hazardous Reflection Eternal - Freestyle (1997) 

Supersci - A Duece Or An Ace Ft. Remedeeh

Supersci - In The Now (Feat. Phonetik)

Supersci - Snap Out Of It

Superscientifiku - Flip Fast Supersciendifficult

Superscientifiku - Recall Match

Superscientifiku - Scientifik Jazztet

Superscientifiku Feat Peter Umah - Recall Match

Supherb - 90008 (The Nonce Production) (1994) 

Supherb - Born On Parole

Supherb - Dominoes, Cards Chess (The Nonce Production) (1999) 

Supherb - La, Cali 90008

Supherb Featuring Chino Xl - All Bullshit Aside (1996) 

Supherb Featuring Meen Green - Jay Stroll (The Nonce Production) (1994) 

Supreme C - Fatal Attraction (Rare Indie Rap)

Supreme C - Mad Props ( Rare 1992 Nj Rap )

Supreme Eloheem - Believe Dat

Supreme Hebrew Intelekt - Linguistiks

Supreme Hebrew Intelekt - Resistance

Supreme Ntm - Pose

Supreme Nyborn - I Go On

Sureshot La Rock - Alpha Omega ' 199X, Ny (Demo!)

Suspekt - Look Like A Rapper

Sw6 Live In Paris Six2Six - Swc

Swampheadz - Southbound Strategies

Sway And King Tech - The Anthem

Sway King Tech - Bum Rush The Sound (Party Mix)

Sway King Tech - Wake Up Show Free Styles Vol1 (Side A) (1996) 

Sway King Tech - Wake Up Show Free Styles Vol2 (Side A Part 1) (1996) 

Sway King Tech - Wake Up Show Free Styles Vol2 (Side B Part 1) (1996) 

Sway King Tech - Wake Up Show Free Styles Vol2 (Side C Part 1) (1996) 

Swc Night 2013 - With Brainwash 2K Six2Six Records - Part 1 - Official Highlights

Swc Night 2013 Feat Global Platoon And Brainwash - 2K

Sweatshop Union - A Wrinkle In Time

Sweatshop Union - Cities Of Gods

Sweatshop Union - Prose Cons

Swedish Rapper Aaron Phiri From 'Hearin' Aid' On Mtv Beat

Sweet Sable - Old Times' Sake (Def Jef Mix) (1993) 

Swel 79 And Q-Unique - Dangerous

Swerve One Al Bums - Ice Puppies 50 Ways

Swift - The Ruff Shitt

Swift - The Ruff Shitt (Ill Skoll Shop Mix) ( Rare 1994 Nj Rap )

Swift - The Ruff Shitt (Ruff House Blues Mix) (1994).Mp3

Swollem Members - Consumption

Swollem Members - Fuel Injected (Remix) (Ft. Saukrates & Moka Only)Swollem Members - Red Dragon (Ft. Moka Only)

Swollen Members - Agression

Swollen Members - Fuel Injected

Sws Ko Posse - Feel No Pain

Sycksyllables Ft. Gutta & Block Mccloud - Bring The Wolves In

Sycorax - Burning Bush (Remix)

Syl Johnson - Wind Blow Her

Sylk Smoov - An Ya Don'T Quit

Sylk Smoov - Keepin' It Dope

Sylvia Striplin - You Can'T Turn Me Away

Symphonies Ft. Inspectah Deck The Last American B-Boy And Sean Price

Syndrome Aka Devious Monk - Mamma'S In A Black Suit

Syndrome Aka Devious Monk - Mentality Of Ill

Szuga - All N All