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Hip Hop Playlist - Rap Artists & Groups by T Vol. 1

T Abel Cachet - Dead Dreams Put Your Body In It - 1991

T Bone - Redeemed Hoodlum - 1993

T Cole - On The Mic (Dj Madsol Desar Production) - 1999

T Flawless - Untouchable Flow Introduction

T M W Kiz - I'M Clever ( Rare 1988 Ny Rap )

T Max - Execution Style

T Max - Relax Your Mind (Dj Skeletor Remix)

T Max - Relax Your Mind (Georgy Whistler Remix)

T Max - Relax Your Mind Remix

T Max - Unreleased Demo Recordings Snippets

T Ratic - Funk Train ( Rare 199 Pa Rap )

T. Cole - The Life

Taalam - Funky Drummer

Taalam - Good News A Chariots Acomin' ( Rare 1990 Nj Rap )

Tabb Doe - Da Hip Hop

Tabb Doe - Da Shoota

Tabb Doe The Money Mobb - Verbal Assault
Tactical Thinking - The Seven Deadly Sins (Original Version)

Taeone - Preach It To The Choir (Amen)

Tai & Wizard - Get 'Em

Tainted Mindz - All In The Flip

Tainted Mindz - Any Time Any Place

Tainted Mindz - Killadelphia (Remix)

Tajai - Almyghty Myghty Python

Talaam - Lou Raw

Talib Kwali - Underground Tactics

Talib Kweli - Get By

Talib Kweli - Guerrilla Monsoon Rap (Featuring Black Thought & Pharoahe Monch)

Talib Kweli - Memories Live

Talib Kweli - Momma Can You Hear Me

Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song

Talib Kweli - Some Kind Of Wonderful

Talib Kweli - The Blast

Talib Kweli - Wack Niggas (Feat. Common, Kanye West And Consequence)

Tame One - Doin Me

Tame One - Molly (Ft. Aesop Rock & Breeze Brewin)

Tank Lipp - Stillrising Freestyle (New Years Eve 2010) 

Tap, Ghost And Phobia - Chrome Ya Dome

Taraach - Bonus 2

Ta'Raach - Heaven (Rare Indie Rap)

Tasc 4Orce - Homicide

Tasc 4Orce  Hood Life

Tasc 4Orce - Hood Life

Tasc 4Orce - Sound In Your Ears

Tasc 4Orce - Takin' No Shorts

Tasc 4Orce - War (Vinyl Version)

Tasc4Orce - My Home Town

Tasc4Orce - Watch Out
Tasc4Ourse - My Home Town

Tasc4Ourse - Sound In Your Ears

Tash - Get It (Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien)

Tasha - I Need A Real Man

Task Force - 5 Word Xmas Special

Task Force - The Junkyard.

Taskforce - Run For The Sun

Taskforce Ft Ramson Badbonez - (No Name)

Tast Of Blood - Tast Of Blood

Tayste - If You Want It

Tayste - Ring My Phone

Tdk - Street Life (A World Of Crime)

Tdk Street Life (A World Of Crime Remix)

Team Alliance - Fuck Rap

Team Demolition - Odessa'S Mega Mix (Dj Dial Tone The Nemesis Enforcer) Live From Cobra La

Team Demolition - Uhip2It - Teamwork

Tec 9 - Inferno I'M All That

Tech N9Ne - Blown Away

Tech N9Ne - Midwest Choppers (Ft. Krayzie Bone & K-Dean)

Tech N9Ne - Red Nose

Technical - Stress

Technical - This Blunt (1997)

Teekay Ft Aye - Psyychology

Teflon - Comin' At Cha (Dj Premier Production) (1999) 

Teflon - Crooklyn Dodgers (Ft. Sav Killz, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Steele)

Teflon - Rawness

Tek Nyn Society - Whatthefunkizup (Rare Indie Rap)

Tek Specialists - What You Need

Tekniq - We Getz Live Pt2

Ten Thieves - Black Reign

Ten Thieves - Extended Reign

Ten Thieves - It Don'T Matter (Bad Mix)

Ten Thieves - It Dont Matter(Straight)

Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums Black Reign

Tepa - La Gueule De L'Emploi

Tera Lo - For The Year

Termanology - 50 Bodies

Termanology - Here In Liberty City

Termanology - Runnin' This (Ft. Punchline & Rugged Intellect)

Termanology Feat. Royce Da 5 9 - Crooked I Akrobatik - Consequence - The Music Industry Remix 

Terminator X - 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show

Terminator X - Back To The Scene Of The Bass (Remix)

Terminator X - Kidds From The Terror

Terra Firma - War

Terra Firma Feat. Pegs & Reason - Now We'Re Somewhere

Terra Gang - Don'T Let It Go To Ya Head (Dirty Land Cruiser Mix)

Terraw - Check It Out

Terraw - No Compromise

Terraw - Who And What

Terraw Feat Balli And Kemis - Fevah

Terror Green - Check Tha File

Terror Tongue - Lyrical Threat
Terror Trollz - Admit It 1998'

Terror Trollz - People 'Round Town

Tesla'S Ghost - Beats, Rhymes Revolution

Tesz' - Dosia Side

Tha 9 X Cru - Smoked Hickory 

Tha Alkaholiks - 21 And Under

Tha Alkaholiks - Daaam! (Buckwild Remix) (1995) 

Tha Alkaholiks - Daaam! (E Swift Remix) (1994)

Tha Alkaholiks - Mary Song Feat. One Two

Tha Alkaholiks - Relieve Yourself (E Swift Production) (1994) 

Tha Alkaholiks Feat Kurupt - Have Fun

Tha Alkaholiks Featuring Diamond D - The Next Level (E Swift Remix) (1995) 

Tha Alkaholiks Featuring Xzibit - Aww Shit! (1997) 

Tha Alkaholiks Ft Diamond D - The Next Level (Hdz Remix)

Tha Alkoholiks - Niggaz Ain'T Laughing No More (Demo)

Tha Alkoholiks _The Next Level_

Tha Beggas - Iron Wire

Tha Beggas - Supernatural Near Future

Tha Big East - Fabulous

Tha Chamba - Don'T Sleep Korrupted

Tha Chamba - Hardcore Crew ( Rare 1995 Il Rap )

Tha Chamba - Hood Thang (1995) 

Tha Committee - Bionic Wit Da Chronic

Tha Connection - Realness

Tha Connection - Royale (Prod. By Baker)

Tha Connection - Thunderball

Tha East Click - Same Ol' Next Shit (Feat Madman Shawn & Full Clip & Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard

Tha Fam - Mama Said (Album Version)

Tha Good Sons - Numerous Ways

Tha Grimm Teachaz - There'S A Situation On The Homefront

Tha Grimm Teachaz Feat Son Doobie - I Getz

Tha Harchetman - Alphabetastyle (Remix) (Vocal)

Tha' Hatchetman Dope T - Alphabetastyle (Remix)

Tha' Hatchetman Dope T - Blow Da Spot

Tha' Hatchetman Dope T - Kimberley (Based In A True Story)

Tha Hatchetman Dope T - No Commercialz (Rare Indie Rap)

Tha Lowa - Don'T Crossover ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

Tha Lowa - Hard To Get (Remix) ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

Tha Lowa - Never Give Up

Tha Lowa - Never Give Up ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

Tha Mexakinz - Extaseason 

Tha Mexakinz - Extaseason (Remix)

Tha Mexakinz & Funkdobiest Danger

Tha Poett - Tuff Guy (Rare Indie Rap)

Tha Realest - Somthin Like A Pimp

Tha Realest Feat Sean P. Of The Youngbloodz & Devin The Dude - Somthin Like A Pimp Remix
Tha Reepz - Hold The Fort Down
Tha Reepz, Tracey Lee, One Step Beyond - Rnf Takin' Over

Tha Riot - Kontak No Guaranteez

Tha Riot - Sic Of This Game Walk Alone

Tha Status - Seven Suns

Tha Tribezmen - Peep Into The Mind

Tha Tribezmen - Who Got The Vibe ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Thai Lowa - Hard To Get

Thaione Davis - Monologue

That'S The Way (New York Style Mix)

Thawfor - Essence Of Lost Soul

The 12 Block (Hard 2 Obtain) - The Presentation

The 1628 Factor - Lyrical & Original

The 4 Horsemen - The 4Th Seal

The 45 King - Here I Go (1993)

The 45 King - How U Doin' (1993)

The 45 King - Popcorn

The 45 King - Popcorn Ftmaniac Mob

The 45 King - The Last Block Party (1993)

The 45 King - The Lost Breakbeat (1993)

The 49Ers - Nausea

The 57Th Dynasty - Pattern 57?

The 7Th Veil - Pop Star

The 99Th Demention - I

The Absouljah - Heart Bigger

The Absouljah - Hopes Of Me

The Absouljah - Ignorant Spoken

The Akr - Akr Made It

The Alamo - Never Judge A Book

The Alamo - X Marks The Spot Never Judge A Book

The Almighty Arrogant - Mindstate Hades

The Almighty Rso - He'S Gonna Catch It (1992) 

The Almighty Rso Feat Mad Lion - You'Ll Never Know (Extended Version) (1995) 

The Almighty Rso Feat Mobb Deep - War'S On (Havoc Production) (1996) 

The Amazin' Jewel T - County Clues (Rikers Island Version) ()

The Amazin' Jewel T - School Of Hardknocks (12' Version) ()

The Ambassador - Hands In The Air

The Animal Pharm - Everytime (The Combine Feat The Kraken

The Annexx Click - Feat Omar Little Trife Diggy - We Killin' Em

The Annexx Click - The Annexx Click

The Annexx Clique - Speak Da Clout

The Anonymous - Ghost Town

The Antidote - Pearly Gates

The Antidote - Pearly Gates (New Jersey 1995)

The Antidote - Ricochet

The Architects - Hustle Global Xspansion

The Architects - Sound Of A Man Seize The Time

The Are - Eloheem

The Armada - Dale Untrago

The Arsonists - Halloween Ii (Season Of The Witch) (1999) 

The Arsonists - Respect The Unexpected

The Associates - American Dream

The Associates - From The Ground Up

The Associates - Ubiquity

The Associates - Yours Or Mine

The Audible Doctor Ft Chaundon - Success

The Aztext - Blues & Jazz (Prod. By Dub Sonata)

The Aztext - Learn To Talk

The Aztext - Lettin' You Know (Ft. One Be Lo)

The Aztext - Our Kingdom (Ft. Mac Lethal (Prod. By Dub Sonata & E Train)

The Aztext - Who'S Wit Us Feat Krumb Snatcha

The B 12 Committee Feat Vitamin 'C' - Address The Midwest

The B 12 Committee Feat Vitamin 'C' - Bloodbath

The B 12 Committee Feat Vitamin 'C' - Highly Respected

The B 12 Committee Feat Vitamin 'C' - 'I' Attack

The B 12 Committee Feat Vitamin 'C' - Militant Maybe Negative No

The Bacchanalians - Street Life

The Bancheez - Didn'T Tell Ya

The Bang Bang Poet 24 7 - Here Comes The Bang Bang Poet

The Bang Bang Poet 24 7 - Here Comes The Bang Bang Poet ( Rare 1994 Pa Rap )

The Bang Bang Poet 24 7 The Hoodfellas - Lets Have It ( Rare 1993 Pa Rap )

The Barbershop Mc'S - City Slickers

The Barbershop Mc'S - New Era

The Beatnuts - Do You Believe
The Beatnuts - Fluid
The Beatnuts - Get Funky (Remix)

The Beatnuts - Hit Me With That

The Beatnuts - In My Room

The Beatnuts - Se Acabo(It'S Over) Feat Magic Juan

The Beatnuts - U Suckers Ain'T

The Beatnuts - Who Are The Beatnuts - Ghetto Pros Presents

The Beatnuts Feat Cormega - U Crazy 

The Bedroom Wizard Feat Don Caban - No Half Steppin'

The Bedroom Wizard Feat Funk Breed (Booda Man, Don Caban Bilal Himself - Me And Mines

The Bedroom Wizard Featuring Don Caban, Lonnie B Ra God - Represent (1999) 

The Beggaz - Near Future

The Beggaz - Supernatural

The Bhc - Whasup

The Big Ripple - In It To Win It

The Black Mafia - Ghankstazwhalk Theme From Riot (F K Dat Sh T)

The Black Mafia - My Ak 47 (Fuck It All Street Mix)

The Black Mafia - My Ak 47 Tear Shit Up

The Black Mafia - Tear Shit Up

The Blunted - Eye On Everything

The Blunted Crew - Flashback

The Blunted Crew - Keep Your Head

The Blunted Crew - Skills Tight

The Blunted Crew - Stumblin

The Boc (Black Poets) Performing Live

The Bosco Money Project - I Get Lifted ( Rare 1992 Ny Rap )

The Bosco Money Project - Ride The B Side ( Rare 1992 Ny Rap )

The Boulevard Connection - Denmark Style.Mp3

The Boulevard Connection - Ga (Remix Bonus Beat).Mp3

The Boulevard Connection - Haagen Daz

The Boulevard Connection - No Doubt.Mp3

The Boulevard Connection - Sut Min Pik Ep

The Boulevard Connection - Sut Min Pik Ep.Mp3

The Boulevard Connection (Ft Edo G - Masta Ace - Common) - Cph Claimin' Respect 2.Mp3

The Boulevard Connection (Tame One El The Sensai Dj Kaos) - Haagen Daz

The Brooklyn Slumlordz - What Cha Got

The Brooklyn Zoo - The New Shit (Phat Drop Mix)

The Brotha Life X Man Project - Rise Up

The Brotherhood - Bare Destruction Six

The Brotherhood - Mad Headz

The Brotherhood - One 3

The Brotherhood - One 3 (Intro)
The Brotherhood - One Shot

The Brotherhood - One Shot (Remix) Nothing In Particular

The Brotherhood Nation - Tight 92'

The Btj'S - Playin' 4 Keeps (Dj Rob Production) (1999)

The Bummy Godfathas - The Bumrush ' 1992, Ny (Demo!)

The Bums - Take A Look Around (Fredwreck Remix) (1995) 

The Bums - Take A Look Around (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) (1995) 

The Bums - Yes Yes Y'All

The Bums Featuring Saafir - Rain (1995) 

The Burn Uni - My Time To Shine

The Bydie Snatchas - Who'S Up To Bat
The Bydie Snatchas - Who'S Up To Bat (Snippet)

The Campaign Feat Scandal Dj Kwestion - Feel The Rough

The Candy Store - Jewels Heist Escape From Belize

The Candy Store - Local Scarface 1998' Brooklyn Random Rap

The Candy Store - Memories Feat Lifty Me' Nage

The Candy Store Feat Entreprenuer Willie Littles - Get On Your Hustle

The Candy Store Feat Lifty Crimes - Escape From Belize

The Cenobites - Mc'S Out To Murder The World

The Cenobites - That'S How I'M Goin' Out

The Champs - Broady Champs

The Checkmates - Run Nir Run

The Chosen Ii - Guerilla Warfare

The Chozen Ones - Type Niggazz

The Click - Floss City

The Click - It'S All L'S

The Closers & Dotgotit.Com Present The 7Th Inning Stretch (Prod. By Thorotracks)

The Coalition - Vishonz

The Collective Allience - Picking Flowers(Kristoff Krane)

The Colony - Where Ya' At (1995) 

The Committee - Industry (Part 1 2)

The Committee - It'S Here

The Committee - You Got We Got

The Concept Of Alps - Feelin' Satisfaction

The Concept Of Alps - Graffiti Lullaby

The Concept Of Alps - Pick Up The Crossfader

The Concept Of Alps - Pitstop

The Concept Of Alps - The Concept

The Conscious Daughter - Not Bad But Good

The Countdown - Babylon Warchild Ft Fresco P J Spine

The Coup - I Know You (1993) 

The Crash Crew - Champagne Flights

The Crash Crew - Champagne Flights The Real Hip Hop

The Crash Crew - The Real Hip Hop

The Creators - 2 Don'T Give A Fuck

The Creators - It'S Like That

The Creators - Makin Hits

The Creators - Pros And Cons

The Creators Feat Big Kwam, Mcm, Q Major Tru - It'S Like That

The Creators Featuring El Da Sensei - The Music (2000) 

The Crew Clockwise - A New Day

The Crimson Syndicate - Synopsis Of I

The Day Laborers - Carbon Copies

The Dd All Stars - 1, 2 Pass It (Dj Premier Remix) (1995) 

The Dead Pool - No Regrets

The Dean - Visionz (1997)

The Deckwrecka - Rice Cakes
The Decomposers - Symphony No 2

The Dereliks - Drama Club

The Devilz Rejects - 5 Pillars Ft. Singapore Kane

The Devilz Rejects - Apocalypse Now (Feat. Konflikk)

The Devilz Rejects - Black Godz (Remix) (Feat. Chief Kamachi)

The Devilz Rejects - Dead Man Walking

The Devilz Rejects - Deadly (Feat. Virtuoso)

The Devilz Rejects - The Da Vinci Code (Feat. Evil Dead)

The Devilz Rejects - Universal A.L.L.A.H. Ft Gza

The Diplomats - Real Niggas (Feat Camron Jimmy Jones And Juelz Santana)

The Dirty Work - Blood Sucking Freaks

The Dirty Work - M' Phatigo

The Dirty Work - No Doubt

The Dirty Work - Sucka Repellant

The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury 93'

The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Satanic Reverses 93'

The Distortionists - Retaliation

The Divine Beings - Loyal Land Lovers ( Rare 1992 Pa Rap )

The Divine Beings - Wreckyard ( Rare 1992 Pa Rap )

The Divine Beings - Wreckyard (Remix)

The Dolomight - 123

The Don Blaq Project - Rise Or Fall

The Don Blaq Project - Toy Soldiers High Performance

The Dope Poet Society - Too Many Years

The Doppelgangaz - Digging

The Doppelgangaz - Get Em

The Doxxmen  Magnetic Attrack

The Doxxmen - Magnetic Attrack

The Doxxmen - Spontanaeous Combustion

The Doxxmen - Spontaneous Combustion (Dirty)

The Dwellas - Launch A Rocket

The Dwellas (Cella Dwellas) - Launch A Rocket (Nick Wiz Production) (1999) 

The Dwellas (Cella Dwellas) - The Main Aim (Nick Wiz Production) (1997) 

The Dwellas Aka Cella Dwellas - I'M Tellin' U (Nick Wiz Production) (2000) 

The Dwellas Featuring Pharoahe Monch Prince Po - Ill Collabo (Rockwilder Production) (2000) 

The Dynamic Guv'Nors - I Know My Task

The East Flatbush Project - Tried By (Origina) Indie Rap

The Eastern Bloc - Scared To Sleep

The Edge - Do Ya Dirt ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

The Educated Consumers - Iiteral

The Elements - Funk Rhymes Foodstamp Flavor

The Elementz - Big Tune We Bus (Ft. Karizma)

The Elite Bomb Squad - Voodoo (Rare Indie Demo Tape)

The Elite Nympho - Klepto (Radio Street Mix)

The Elite Nympho - Klepto (Raw Vocal Street Mix)

The Empire - Supa Cop

The Empire - You Don'T Want It Like That (Rare Indie Rap Tape)

The Enemy Of Mankind (Tribute To Stoupe) - Prod. By The Red Dragon#

The Exmen - Life Ain'T But A Dream

The Exmen - Life Aint Nothing But A Dream

The Exmen - You Know My Steelo 1996' Nyc

The Fab 5 - Blah!

The Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Da Beatminerz Production) (1995) 

The Fab 5 (Heltah Skeltah & O.G.C.) - Blah

The Family Tree - War With The Beast

The Fantastic 4 - You'Re In The Wrong

The Firm - Affirmative Action

The Firm - Afirmative Acction (Remix)

The Firm - Desperado

The Five Bros - Keepin On

The Flam Rotation - It'S Me Yo! (Radio Mix)

The Flavor Unit Mc'S - Badd Boyz

The Flavor Unit Mc'S - Roll Wit Tha Flava (Kid Capri Bounce Mix)

The Flavor Unit Mc'S - Roll Wit Tha Flava Shandi'S S Oxford Mix

The Formula Project - Heavenly Father (Ft. Absouljah)

The Fractal Acrobats - No Compromise

The Fugees - Bohemian Rhapsody

The Fugees - Fu Gee La (1996)

The Fugees - Killing Me Softly (1996)

The Fugees - Ready Or Not (1996)

The Fugees - Rumble In The Jungle (''Jazza Remix)

The Fugees - Vibey (Remix)

The Fugees & Wyclef Jean - Guantanamera

The Fugitives On The Run - Everybody Gotta Git Sum

The Function Team - Can You Feel It

The Funke Leftovers - I Like The Girls (Late Nite Mix)

The Funke Leftovers - Quiet Is Kept (Such Jams East Mix) (Indie Rap) Nc

The Funke Natives - Urban Contemporary Jeep Music

The Funke Natives - Warning
The Funtouchables - Madd Hatter (The Danger Zone!)

The Future Sound - The Bop Step (Fat Finally Mix)

The Game - Dreams (Produced By Kanye West)

The Game - Start From Scratch (Feat. Marsha Of Floetry) (Produced By Dr. Dre & Scott Storch)

The General Sekwan - Lickin' Off

The General Sekwan - Thanks For Nothin' The Madd Chokers

The Ghetto Dwellas - Make It Official (1994) 

The Giant - Hidden Crate

The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids

The Goondox Sean Strange Ft Pmd - Raps Of The Titans

The Grand Inquisitor Lsd - Breaka 1 9
The Grim Reaper King K - Shumin' (1989)

The Grimm Reaper - So Whatcha Want Nigga

The Groove Merchantz - Loud (Skit) (1997) 

The Groove Merchantz - Mega Trifle (Intro) (1997) 

The Groove Merchantz - The Battle (Skit) (1997) 

The Grouch - Never Die

The Grouch & Eligh - Say Gande (Prod. By Eligh)

The Gunslinguz - Ready To Die

The Halfsizegiants - Cruise Control 1994

The Hansoul Project - For The Niggas 93'

The Hansoul Project - That'S Life

The Heartbeat Brothers - Can We Do This ( Rare 1987 Ny Rap )

The Heartbeat Brothers - Time To Get Paid ( Rare 1988 Ny Rap )

The Hemisphere - Gunslinga

The Hemisphere - Storm Worldwide

The Hemisphere - The Hemisphere Show

The Henchmen - Blame It ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

The Henchmen - Live Wire

The Henchmen - Wartime ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

The Herbaliser - Starlight Feat Roots Manuva

The High Mighty - The Conflict (Alchemist Production) (1999) 

The High Mighty Featuring Pharoahe Monch - Dirty Decibels (1999) 

The High Street Orchestra - Profile

The Hip Bop Experiment - Count Of Three (Ft. True Funk Soldiers & Realeyez)

The Hitfarmers - One Shot (Ft

The Hitman Squad - Nothing But The Truth

The Hoodz - All In Da Mind (1994)

The Hoodz - Ooiioo (Maniak Remix) (1994)
The Hoodz - Oolioo (West Farm Version)

The Hoodz - Pull Out Your Gatz (Fip Remix)

The Hoodz - Pull Out Your Gatz (Main Mix)

The Hoodz - The Hoodz
The Hoodz - The Hoodz (Dirty)

The Hoodz - Wacha Gonna Do

The Horsemen - The 4Th Seal

The Huntuh - Walk Of The Blind

The I.R.S - Lola

The Ill Relatives - Ask Me (Street)

The Ill Relatives - The Big Head (Dirty)

The Imfamous Mc - Attitudes (Feat Kali Wild)

The Imfamous Mc - Bring The Ruck

The Imperial One - Intro

The Imperial One Feat. Ray Smoove Da Wiseman - Madness

The Incline - Just Listen

The Incredible Ease - All Praises Due

The Inviseez - Gotta Be Real

The Inviseez - Haagen Daj

The Invizeez - Haagen Daj

The Iron Hand - Real Dogs (Remix)

The Isolationist - Settle Down

The Joneses - Name Of The Game (Soul)

The Jonesz - On The Go (Prod Think Twice)

The Jubalaires - Preacher'S Delight- 1St First Rap Song

The K Otic Family - Composition

The K Otic Family - Vaccine

The K Rock The Mc - Brooklyn Zone

The Kartel - Nfc

The Kartel - The Game Of Life

The Kay Lc - Prime Step

The Keenome - Burn Ride (Produced By Vanderslice)

The Korp Feat Cestyle - Never Ending Story

The Kraken - Whispers In The Wind ( Tape )

The Ku - Bootleg This ( Rare 1991 Ny Rap )

The Ku - Who'S 1St ( Rare 1991 Ny Rap )

The L.O.X. - Blood Pressure

The L.O.X. - Money, Power, Respect

The Lady Of Rage - Microphone Pon Cok Feat. Madd)

The Large Professor - Bowne (2009)

The Large Professor - Dancin Girl

The Large Professor - Ijuswannachill (1996)

The Large Professor - Listen (Blast Off) (1996)

The Large Professor - Queens Lounge

The Large Professor - Spacey (1996)

The Large Professor - The Lp (Aka For The People) (1996)

The Large Professor - The Mad Scientist (1996)

The Large Professor Aka Large Pro - After School (2005)

The Last Emperor - Dozens

The Last Emperor - Drifter

The Last Emperor - Heavy Weight Invincible

The Last Kind - Detonator

The Ledgend Of The Mask And The Assassin - Dj Muggs Vs

The Legendary Fritz - Dan Remix (Dallas At Night)

The Legendary Fritz - Gold Watch

The Legendary Fritz - Rendition

The Legendary Fritz - Right Now

The Legendary Villain - Hot Spots

The Legendary Villain - Memoirs Of A Villain

The Legendary Villain - Tales Of A Villain

The Legion - Legion Groove (Flip Remix)

The Legion - Street Thing

The Lethahedz - Ar Killer Mama Said

The Likwit Junkies - I Got This

The Live One - Shiesty

The Lords Of Lyrics - Hands In The Air

The Lo'S - New Haven Connect (Feat Erick Sermon)

The Lost Art - Little Differences (Ft. Hochii) (Prod. By Not Guilty)

The Lost Boyz - It'S Da Mr Cheeks Freestyle

The Lost Boyz - Renee

The Lost Children Of Babylon - America'S Fallen Heroes (Ft. Nina Capone & Goldlocks)

The Lost Children Of Babylon - As We Become The Sun

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Cosmic Consciousness

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Distant Traveller

The Lost Children Of Babylon - From The Womb Of El Kuluwm

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Gladiators (Ft. Luminous Flux)

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Jon Murdock Feat Lex Starwind - Bada Bada

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Jon Murdock Feat Ricky Fitz - 30 Days

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Media

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Never Die

The Lost Children Of Babylon - President Evil (Remix)

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Temples Of Abydos

The Lost Children Of Babylon - The Pythagorean Theorum

The Lost Children Of Babylon - The Seven Thunders

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Through The Eyes Of An Embryo

The Lost Children Of Babylon - Who Speaks For Us

The Lowdown - Episode Seventeen - Phi Life Cypher

The Lowlifes - Big Up

The Lox - Bitches From Eastwick (1998)

The Loyalists - Endurance (Ft. The Aztexts)

The Loyalists - This Is For Hip-Hop

The Lyrical Underworld - Bring It On

The Lyrical Underworld - We Like It Smooth

The Lyricisits - Ravel Time

The Lyricisits - Travel Time

The Lyricists - The Juggle (Ft. Khalel)

The Mad General J Samier - Bullets In My M 16

The Mad General J Samier - Most Powerful Black (Gangsta Version)

The Mad General J Samier - Most Powerful Black (Politically Correct Version)

The Madness - 95 Was Live

The Madness - Punishment

The Madness - Sad Songs ( Ultra Rare 1996 Ny Rap )

The Madness - Sad Songs The Punishment (Rare Indie Rap)

The Madness - So Many Suckas

The Madness - Strickly Madness

The Madness - The Punishment

The Mafia - Power 900

The Man They Call Lux - Just Enuff 1996' Philly Random Rap

The Masters Of Funk - Go Bang (Can'T Won'T Don'T Stop) (Tee'S Loop Mix) [92']

The Mds - Die For It

The Mental I - Recognize ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

The Mental Patients - Mental Anxieties

The Merger - Y All Knew That

The Mic N Gz Crew - Livin In Sauga

The Mic N Gz Crew - Tou Gun

The Microphone Prince - Mr Microphone

The Mighty Bop - Sans Remission (La Funk Mob Remix)

The Mighty Quinn - I Want It All ( Rare 199 Pa Rap )

The Militant Messenger - How It All Began ( Rare 1989 Ny Rap )

The Militant Mind - N@!!Z Come Alive For 95' (It'S On)
The Militant Mind State - Bottom Line (Street Mix)

The Militia - Militia Klick Wild Wild East

The Misanthropist - Stocklyn Retrospective

The Mischievous Lq - Representing Nonsense

The Mischievous Lq & The Mad Mischief Crew - Nonsense

The Mischievous Lq And The Mad Mischief Crew - Mischief Night

The Mountain Brothers - Fluids

The Muck Men - Monkey Say, Monkey Do

The Narcicyst - P.H.A.T.W.A.

The Narcicyst - Prince Of Poets

The Narcicyst - The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst - Vietnam

The Narcissists - Bad Times
The Narcs - It Wasn'T Us Feat. K-Real N' Vg Skillz

The Native Are Restless - Last Resort (Produced By Habeas Corpus)

The Nemesis Two - Live

The New Ancients - Basement Music

The Nobodies - Check It Out ( 1995 Nc Rap )

The Nobodies - Get What Im Sayin

The Nobodies - Off The Block (1997)

The Nobodies - Suicidal Tendencies (1997)

The Nonce - Articulate With Math (1998)

The Nonce - Checkbook (1998)

The Nonce - Live Direct (1998)

The Nonce - Mix Tapes (1994)

The Nonce - The Greatest Mc'S (1998)

The Nonce - The Sight Of Things (1998)

The Nonce - Turnin' It Out (1998)

The Nonce - Who Falls Apart (1995)

The Northaze - Supreme

The Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa (1995)

The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize (1997)

The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy (1994)

The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problems (1997)

The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance (1995)

The Notorious Big - I Got A Story To Tell (Buckwild Production) (1997)

The Notorious Big - Warning (1994)

The Notorious Big Feat Method Man - The What (1995)

The Notorious Big Feat The Lox - Last Day (Havoc Production) (1997)

The Nuthouse - Breakadawn

The Odd Couple - Beat Your Ass

The Odd Couple - Day I Was Born (Remix)

The Odd Couple - Old Rasputin

The Odd Couple - Open The Mic Feat Celph Titled J-Zone J 

The Odd Couple - Por Que

The Odd Couple - Simple Words

The Optimen - Boomtown (Ft. Raman & Robby Balboa)

The Optimen - Stoopid

The Opus - Save Me - Void Pedal Remix

The Oufit - The Outfit Presents

The Oufit - Why I Dont Know

The Outfit - 3 Mics 2 Marks 1 Jas

The Outfit - Beauty Of The Week

The Outfit - Day In Night Out

The Outlaws - Hoppin' Trains

The Outlaws - This Is How A Black Man Feels (1992)

The Pacifics - The Knock

The Painsinner - Pandemonium

The Pharcyde - Drop

The Pharcyde - Passin Me By

The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Fly As Pie Mix) (1993)

The Pharcyde - Runnin

The Pharcyde - Runnin'

The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Jay Dee Extended Mix) (1995)

The Pharcyde - Rush

The Pharcyde - She Said

The Pharcyde - She Said (Jay Dee Remix) (1996)

The Pharcyde - Trust

The Pharcyde- Pack The Pipe

The Phormula - Come On In

The Phormula - For The Heart

The Phormula - Outta This World

The Phormula - Who I Am

The Planets - Knowledge Of Self

The Planets - Planet Roc (Video Edit)

The Planets - Praycouldn'T Be Me (Official Video)

The Planets Back In Business - Green Promo

The Pop - And U Don'T Stop

The Pop - Pop Funk

The Posse Nfx - The King ( 1991 Ny Rap )

The Pound - Where'D Ya Git Da Files

The Principle - Reality

The Principle - The Damned

The Principle - Your Rap Machine Is Broken

The Private Investigators - Mash Up The Mic (Video)

The Problemaddicts - Breath (Ft. Agent 23 & Adam Strange) (Prod. By Tone)

The Problemaddicts - Genesis

The Problemaddicts - I'Ll Be White Black

The Problemaddicts - Sad State

The Problemaddicts - What You Need

The Problemaddicts Prod By Tone - The Dark Side Of Oz

The Product Pushers - The Rap Race

The Professionals - Sit Back Relax

The Professionals - Where The Players At

The Projects - The Dead 1998' Brooklyn Ny

The Proov - What I'M Not (Orginal)

The Prosecution - Shady (Rare Indie Rap)

The Prunes Feat Yb - Theme Pt2 (Funk Of 40,000 Years)

The Psycho Realm - Art Of Execution

The Psycho Realm - Art Of Execution349

The Psycho Realm - Confessions Of A Drug Addict

The Psycho Realm - Enemy Of The State

The Psycho Realm - Enemy Strikes Back

The Psycho Realm - First Day Of Freedom

The Psycho Realm - Lost Cities

The Psycho Realm - Moving Through Streets

The Psycho Realm - Needful Things

The Psycho Realm - Palace Of Exile
The Psycho Realm - Poison Rituals
The Psycho Realm - Premonitions

The Psycho Realm - Showdown (1997)

The Psycho Realm - Sick Dogs

The Psycho Realm - Stone Garden

The Psycho Realm - Stone Garden (Interlude) 

The Psycho Realm - Street Platoons

The Psycho Realm - Street Terrorism

The Psycho Realm - Unknown Soldier

The Psycho Realm Feat Los Razos - La Loquera

The Psycho Realm Ft. B-Real - Stone Garden(Pete Rock Remix)

The Psycho Realms - Palace Of Exile

The Puppetmaster - Sweat It Out

The Quiet Mob - Remeber Them Niggas From The Hill

The Rapzologist Dee Nice - Dee Hardest Hard

The Real Live Show - The Energy

The Real Live Show - Too This

The Realist - 420 (Keep Doin It)

The Realist - Gimme Love (Buy My Tape)

The Realist - Slick Mike (Back On The Streets)

The Realist - Whatcha Need (Live)

The Realist - Where (Royalty Check)

The Rebels - Danger

The Rebelz - Pick It Up ' 1996, Pa

The Rebelz - Rough Rugged

The Rebelz - Rough Rugged (Remix)

The Red Giants (Jermside And Brickbeats) - Cowards Course

The Regiment - Bounce

The Reign Feat Young U And Nags Sopranno - 'Dayz Nightz'

The Reminders - Outside My Window (Prod. By Base Jase)

The Returners - I Promise (Ft. P.O.S.)

The Returners - Return Of The Walking Dead Fea

The Ripper - Still In The Mood (Remix)

The Rise And Fall Of Brainwashed Projects - Power Moves

The Rising Sun Quest - Proper Etiquette
The Rising Sun Quest - The Time Has Come

The Roots - Act Too (Love Of My Life)
The Roots - Clones

The Roots - Dont Say Nuthin

The Roots - Double Trouble (Feat. Mos Def)

The Roots - Dynamite

The Roots - Pass The Popcorn

The Roots - Right On (With Lyrics)

The Roots - The Next Movement

The Roots - The Tipping Point - Guns Are Drawn54

The Roots - The Web

The Roots - You Got Me

The Roots - You Got Me ft  Erykah Badu

The Roots Feat Raphael Saadiq - What They Do (1996)

The Ruggedn'Ess Madd Drama - Big Boyz ( Rare 1993 Pa Rap )

The Saints - Daniel 718

The Saints - Jesus Judgement Day

The Sentinalez - Mind The G.A.P

The Shark - For The Fams

The Shark - Italiano

The Show - Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick

The Sindecut - Can'T Get Enough Of Who

The Sixth Floor - Project Logic
The Society Of Invisibles - Caleb Winner

The Society Of Invisibles - Carpe Diem

The Society Of Invisibles - Down

The Society Of Invisibles - Goose Bumps
The Society Of Invisibles - Hack Pack

The Society Of Invisibles - Invisible Army

The Society Of Invisibles - Untitled Track(Prod. By Stoupe Of Jmt)

The Soho Crew - Southern Relaxation

The Soho Crew Puerto Rock - Kakalaka Raw

The Soots Clothing Co Showreel

The Souled Out Bumz - Chumps Pull Guns

The Sound - Action For Real

The Sound - Stress

The Sound Providers - For Old Times Sake (Ft. Asheru)
The Speedknots - Knotz Landin

The Speedknots  The Zone
The Speedknots - The Zone

The Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper'S Delight

The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper'S Delight (1980)

The Supafriendz - Unseen World Pt 2

The Supafriendz - Vowel Movem

The Techni Crew - Action Packed

The Terrorists - Build It From Scratch (Ft. Skydro & Justice)

The Terrorists - Drama Constant

The Terrorists - Spc Get You (Ft. K-Rino, Dbx, A.C. Chill & Eyeque)

The Terrorists - Thats My Motto

The Together Brothers - Back In The Days

The Together Brothers - Gigolo Man

The Together Brothers - The Ghetto

The Tower Of Babel Feat. King Magnetic Alucard Respect Tha God & L.I.F.E

The Trauma Center - Put U N Check Terror N Yo Era ( Rare 1994 Pa Rap )

The True Foundation - Complex Forms And Fashions

The True Foundation - Heavily Armed
The True Foundation - Stay Awake

The Twin Towers - Lyrical Muck (1992)

The Ultimate Mc Force Pnb - Can You Feel It

The Ultimate Mc Force Pnb - Superiority The Bad Boy

The Un - Ain'T No Thang (Pete Rock Production) (2004)

The Undatakaz - Gravediggers ( Rare 1993 Nj Rap )

The Undefined - Weapon Of Choice

The Unforgettables - Anthem Of The Evil

The Unforgettables - My Thesis

The Union - Mental Scriptures

The Union - The Beginning

The Unit - Something About The Music

The Unit - That'S Whats Up

The Unsociables - Rip Lil' Spunk

The Unspoken Heard - Better (Butter) (1998)

The Unspoken Heard - Dream Birth (Unsoiled For Miss Soukeyna)

The Unspoken Heard - Setting Sun

The Unspoken Heard - Smiley

The Vultures - Masterpiece

The Warheads - I Declare War

The Warheads - Trapped In The Rap Game

The Wascals - Class Clown (Fat Lip Buckwhead Remix) (1994)

The What - Turn It Up

The Whooliganz Feat B Real - Whooliganz

The Whoridas - Shot Callin' Big Ballin'

The Wide Awake Contingent - Bad Habits

The Widowmakers - Meet Jamaica

The Wizard Of Rap - Escape From East New York ( Rare 1989 Ny Rap )

The Wizard Of Rap - Murder By Death ( Rare 1989 Ny Rap )

The Wizard Of Rap - Murder By Death (1989)

The Woodzmen - Timbre (Remix) ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )

The X Vandals - 2 All My People (Underground Mix)

The X Vandals - It Feels ( Rare Indie Rap)

The X Vandals - It Feels (Underground)

The Zone - Jazzy Phunkadelphia

The Zone - Jazzy Phunkadelphia (Kl'S Spicy Remix)

Thee Phantom - A Million Mc'S

Thee Phantom - Storming The Bastille

Thekeenone - Burn Ride (Produced By Vanderslice)

Theme Ft Reveal, Tony D & M9 - Block Politics

Then Thieves - Black Reign

Theology 3 - Rhyme Travellah 2000' Toronto Can

Theory Hazit - In Motion

Thief In Da Night - How You Want It (Wit Butta)

Thief In Da Nite - How U Want It (Wit Butta) Who, What

Third Degree - Better Days

Third Degree - Money In Your Pocket

Third Degree - Uprising (Street)

Third Kind - Whos To Say

Third Rail - Supreme Energy

Third Rail Vic - Saafir the Saucee Nomad - Str8 Savage

Third Rl - Fat Bag Of Skins

Third Sight - The Execution Starts (Indie Rap) Bay Area
Third Villains - Temptations Of Life

Thirstin Howl III - Frogstyle

Thirstin Howl The 3Rd - Beat Down Of Your Life (Ft. Immortal Technique)

Thirsty Fish - The Thirst (Prod. By Maestro)

This Is Black History 

This Is What They Meant (Pete Rock'S Original Version)

Thomax - Intro
Thomax - The Storm (Procussions)

Thomax - Wishing (Edo.G + Masta Ace)

Threat - Bust One Fa Me

Three Below Zero (Mood) - Mr Everything Next On The Steel

Three Hundred Sixty Degrees - As Above (Rare Indie Rap)

Three Hundred Sixty Degrees - Fugative Bluz (Rare Indie Rap)

Three Over The Kuku'S Nest - Helter Skelter

Three Over The Kuku'S Nest - Lord I Can'T Take It Anymore ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

Three Six Zero - The Lyrical Jasun

Three Times Dope - Kick Dat Style

Three Times Dope - Make Dat Move

Three Times Dope - No Words (Mental Mutations Mix)

Three Times Dope - Off Da Head

Three Times Dope - Reel Skillz

Thru, Camiliano & Ag Da Coroner - Last Of The Real 2

Thrust - Do The Math (2002)

Thrust - Do You Understand Scam Remix

Thrust - Emcee

Thrust - Emcee (Scam Production) (1998)

Thrust - I Didn'T Know (2002)

Thrust - Lights, Camera, Action (Scam Production) (1996)

Thrust - One Flow (2002)

Thrust - Past, Present, Future Ep

Thrust - Rage

Thrust - Rage (Didn'T Have To Go) (Scam Production) (1996)

Thrust - Relationships (2002)

Thrust - Seasons In The Sun

Thrust - The One And Only (Scam Production) (2001)

Thrust Feat 10 - Remember When (2002)

Thrust Feat Choclair - This N' That (2002)

Thrust Feat Frankenstein - Pen And A Pad

Thrust Feat Kardinal Offishall - The Chosen Are Few (2002)

Thug Mentality - Vip (Feat Shea Marie Wabs Whitebird)

Thuggs - Freaky Flow ( 1995)

Thuggs - Move Your Body (1995)


Thundamentals - Thunda Dub (Prod. By Down Under Beats)
Til Proven Guilty - Let It Burn
Til Proven Guilty - Sun To The Moon

Tilson - A Little Better

Tim Dog - I Get Wrecked (Boogie Down Mix)

Tim Dog - Interview Live Cuts

Tim Dog - Live On Yo! Mtv Raps Show (1992)

Timbo King - Taking It To The Streets (Ft. Cali Budd & Moty The Dgg)

Timbo King , 60 Second Assassin , Prodigal Sunn, Killa Sin - 2 Be An Expert

Timbuktu - Look Alive (Demo)

Time Bomb - Les Bidons Veulent Le Guidon

Time Zone - Throw Ya Funky Hands Up (Album Mix)

Timide Et Sans Complexe - Putain De Planete

Titus - Got Ya Back

Tiye Phoenix - Killin' Everybody

Tizoe Davinci, Luke Sick & Mc Stinkweed - Party Crash

T-K.A.S.H. - American Nightmare

T-K.A.S.H. - How To Get Ass

T-K.A.S.H. - Made In America

T-Killa - Depaso

T-Max - Relax Your Mind

Tmc - Sign Of The Times

Tmi Productions - Tmi

To Da Core - We Got It Goin' On (1992)

Tod Man Cosmic Kev - Take A Trip Behind The Door

Tommy Gunn - Fear (Erick Sermon Production) (1996)

Tommy Tee - Blood Rush

Tommy Tee - Domini Feat. Tp Allstars-Mv -

Tomorowz Weaponz - Will U Still Luv Me

Tomorrowz Weaponz - Molested Doves

Tonda Trio - In The Middle Pt 1

Tonda Trio - In The Middle Pt 2

Tonda Trio - Tide

Tone Kapone - Down For Mine

Tone Liv - Angleous (Feat. Rhymageddon) [Prod

Tone Liv - Chill

Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina (1989)

Tone Loc - Wild Thang (1989)

Tone Z - How You Livin'

Tonedeff - Children (Ft. Anetra)

Tonedeff - The Distance

Tongues In Da Attic - Blowin' Up Da Spot

Tongues In Da Attic - Boom Data

Toni L Feat Zulu Soundsystem Gente Guasta - Man Beisst Toy (2002)

Tony D - 3 Different Flavas

Tony D - Back To The Basics

Tony D - Birdie Disease

Tony D - Buggin' On The Line

Tony D - Don'T Fall For The Gas Line

Tony D - Shoe Polish

Tony D Feat Too Kool Posse - Music Makes You Move

Tony Da Skitzo - Are You Crazy (1995)

Tony Da Skitzo - Hard Soft

Tony Da Skitzo - Livin Life On Da Edge

Tony Da Skitzo - Low Down And Janky

Tony Da Skitzo - Low Down And Janky (Remix)

Tony Da Skitzo - Man On (Remix)

Tony Da Skitzo Brady - Storm Brewing

Tony Da Skitzo Feat Brady - Molassis (1995)

Tony Et Paco - Pas De Fausse Figure

Tony Infamous - Street Revelations (1997)

Tony Rome - The Darkside (Rare Indie Rap)

Tony Stone - Round N Round

Tony Tiger - Contact Buzz

Tony Touch Feat Gang Starr - The Piece Maker (Dj Premier Production) (2000)

Tony Touch Feat Tego Calderon - Gangsta Gangsta (Dj Premier Production) (2005)

Too $Hort - In The Trunk (Dj Premier'S Glove Compartment Mix) (1992)

Too Def - I Am Who I Am ( Rare 1987 Nj Rap )

Too Def Connection - Lyrical Cypha

Too Def Connection - Serchin' For Love

Too Hard Too Hype - Let It Drop ( Rare 1991 Tx Rap )

Too Hard Too Hype - What I Write ( Rare 1991 Tx Rap )

Too Krazy - Knock Knock (Nasty Mix)

Too Smooth - The Beat Goes On

Tootskee The Czar Mc - Does A Skeezer Deverse A Chance ( Rare 1989 Ct Rap )

Top 1 Of Organized Threat The Difference

Top Cat - Wine Up Your Body (Remix) [93']

Top Choice Clique - I Think To Myself

Top Choice Clique - Push It Past Red

Top Choice Clique - You Can'T Deal

Top Priority - Unsatiesfied Critics ( Rare 1988! Ny Rap )

Top Priority Feat Percy P - Let The Homocides Begin (Vocal)

Top Quality - I Can'T Hear You (Hq Video)

Top Quality - I Can'T Hear You (Solid Scheme Production) (1994)

Top Quality - Let Me Breathe

Top Quality - Magnum Opus (1993)

Top Quality - Northbound Renegade

Top Quality - What (Scratch Mix) (1994)

Top Quality - Who The Hell Am I

Top1 Of Ogt - A Time'S Worth

Top1 Of Ogt - Impression

Top1 Of Ogt - Why They Sing

Tor Cesay - The Perch (Ft. Flying Lotus Oddisee & Phonte Coleman)

Torae - Bang Da Underground (Ft. Pumpkinhead And Block Mccloud)

Torae - Spice Thang

Torcha N Da Chamber - Funk Freka

Total Chaos - Cum Get Sum

Total Chaos - Whoz Got Da Myk (Chaotic Version)

Total Chaos - Whoz Got Da Myk Cum Get Sum

Total Devastation - Part Time Assassin

Total Devastation - Wonderful World Of Skins (Diamond D Remix) (1994)

Total Kaos - This Rhyme Is Automatic (Remix) ( Rare 1991 Il Rap )

Total Pack - Battle Hymn What'S The Deal

Total Pack - Nba (No Biting Allowed)

Total Pack - Park House Music

Total Silence - Like This ( Rare 1990 Pa Rap )

Touch - Cinderella Consequences

Touch, Ill Bill & Edot - Rule The Wurld

Towa Tei Feat Biz Markie Mos Def - Bmt (Sp1200 Remix) (2000)
Tracey Lee - No Doubt

Tracey Lee - Repent (1997)

Tracey Lee - Universal Mc'S (Ft. Tha Reepz, A , Canibus Mcgruff) [Chill]

Trademarc - 21 Grams

Trademarc - New Dawn New Era

Tragedy - Dusty Night

Tragedy - Fall

Tragedy - Pass Da Tek (Remix) ( Rare 1995 Ny Rap )

Tragedy - The Beast

Tragedy Khadafi - Crossbreed

Tragedy Khadafi - Illuminati (Ft. I.M.A.N Thug)

Tragedy Khadafi - Move Like This (Remix)

Tragedy Khadafi - Prohibit

Tragedy Khadafi - Terroristic Jihad

Tragedy Khadafi - Tm

Tragedy Khadafi - True Hustlers

Tragedy Khadafi Noreaga - Alluminati Norematti

Tragic Allies - The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil Sampler

Tragic Allies & Canibus - Bootleggin'

Tragic Allies & Jamal Noor - Shadow Tactics

Tragic Allies- Wayz Of The World

Tragic Sense - Dear Love

Trap Door (Ft. Mf Doom)

Trapp (1 Tb) - Gangsta'S Purpose

Trapp (1 Tb) - Go'In Gangsta

Trapp (1 Tb) - Merchant Of Death
Tray Bag - Blastin Like Rockets
Tray Bag - If U Can Swing It (Bring It)

Tray Bag,Ty Stick And Gerons - Blastin Like Rockets (New Jersey 1998)

Treacherous Three - Mo Money Mo (Old School Flava '94)

Trebeats - I'M Free Feat Unknown Mizery, Gavlyn Niyulah Melanin (Cuts By D Cypha)

Trek Life - Big Picture

Trek Life & Oddisee - Long Time Comin' (Ft. Ina Williams) (Remix)

Trek Life & Oddisee - Mind Right

Trem - Ever Since

Trem One - Same Shit (Produced By Prowla)

Trends Of Culture - Crotch Ripper Mad Speaker (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Hassle On The Iron Horse (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Lavish Lifestyle (Main)

Trends Of Culture - Let Tha Big Boyz Play (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Mad Flavor Mad Style (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Make A Move (Easy Mo Bee Production) (1995)

Trends Of Culture - Off On (Lord Finesse Remix) (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Old Habits (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Somewhere In New York

Trends Of Culture - Valley Of The Skinz (1993)

Trends Of Culture - Who Got My Back (1993)

Trends Of Culture Feat Da King I And Pudgee - Coming From The Underground (Unreleased)

Trends Of Culture Feat Indego - Fuck What You Heard (1993)

Tri Boro Compliation - Menagerie
Tribal Jam - 925 (Lp Version)

Tribal Move - Lost In The Dark

Tribeca Sound - Pride (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not)

Tribeca Sound - Street Jazz

Tribesmen - The Gallery

Trick - 9 To 5

Tricka Tha Shaytaan Masikah Iconoclast For All The Sisters

Tricky Tee - Who'S In Town ( Rare 1991 Ny Rap )

Trife - I'M Losing My Mind

Trife D Mob - Illest Type Flow

Trife D Mob - Mic Vigilantes

Trife D Mob - The World Aint It

Trife Diesel - Blind Man

Trifewound - Parts Unknown

Trifewound - Spitshine

Triflicts - Genuine (The Beatnuts Production) (1996)
Trigga - No Tomorrow

Triggaman - All About Da Money

Triggaman Feat ''Q'' And The Crew - All About Da Money

Trigger Tha Gambler - 50 50 Gamble

Trigger Tha Gambler - Hitman For Hire

Trigger Tha Gambler - My Crew Can'T Go For That

Trigger Tha Gambler - The Anger (1997)

Trigger Tha Gambler - Welcome To The World

Trigger Tha Gambler Dv Alias Khrist - Make A Move (1997)

Trina - No Panties

Trio Connection - Gots Ta Get Funky ' 1988, Ny

Triple Crown - Live And Seek
Triple Crown - Still Waters

Triple Darkness - Anathema

Triple Darkness - Gods Of The New Millennium

Triple Darkness Presents Melanin 9 - Dark Matter

Triple Platinum Girls - Coolin'

Triple Seis - War (Vic Production) (1999)

Triple Seis Feat Big Punisher - Harsh Reality [Rare]

Tripple Da Artist Ft Julie Iwheta Maybe You'Re Perfect 

Tripps - New York, Ny

Tripps - Rage 1995' Echo Brooklyn Ny

Troopa Deal - On Tha Lookout

Troopa Deal - Outta Hand (Remix)

Troow Hustlaz - The World Chico Troow Hustlaz

Tross - Another Classic

Tross - Record Company People Are Shady

Troubled Sums - Konfessions

Troubleneck Brothers - 862

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip Hop (Tony T Green Mix)

Troubleneck Brothers - Crime ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )

Troubleneck Brothers - Hectic

Troubleneck Brothers - Hectic ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )
Troubleneck Brothers - Lyrical Jasun

Troubleneck Brothers - Troubleneck Wreck

Troubleneck Brothers - Troubleneck Wreck (12 Version)

Troubleneck Brothers - Troubleneck Wreck [93'] (Name Id )

Troubleneck Brothers - Whatever (Demo)

Troy Slugs - Get It 4 Real (Pete Rock Production) (2002)

Tru - Stop N Start

Tru Bo Experience - Here Come The Tru Bo´S

Tru Comers - Doublepenetration

Tru Comers - Get Da Cream

Tru Comers - Madness

Tru Comers - Only A Few

Tru Understanding - Life Of Crime

Truck Turner - Breaker One (Prod Dj Premier)

Truck Turner  What You Think All The Guns Is For (Very Rare)

Truck Turner - Who Am I (Dj Premier Production) (1999)

Truck Turner ft Big Pun, Kool G Rap & KRS One - Symphony 2000 (1999)

Truck Turner ft KRS-One - Bring It To The Cypher (DJ Premier Production) (1999)

Truck Turner, Big Pun, Kool G Rap, Krs One - Symphony 2000

True Bess - For The Love Street Science No4

True Culture Feat Rmr Broadway - The Massive ( 1991 Ny Rap )

True Form - King Of Yes Yall

True Form - Tru Form

True Form - Tru Form King Of Yes Yall ( Rare 1996 Ny Rap )

True Headz - Inner Vibe

True Masterz - Angels And Demons

True Masterz - Blu Steel

True Masterz - Dark Water Ft Poetic Death

True Masterz - Hydrogen

True Masterz - Ini Hammerhead

True Masterz - Majestic

True Masterz - Right And Exact

True Masterz - Silver And Gold

True Masterz Ft Poetic Death - Dark Water

Trugoy The Dove - Roadrunner ( Rare 199 Unknown Demo )

Truth Elemental - Medical Model Intro (1997)

Truth Enola - Ain'T Changed

Truth Enola - Voicetress

Truth Feat Conflix & Sonnyjim - Heavyweight

Tryadz - T R Y A D Z

Trybal Men And Jam - Down Like That

Tuff Crew - Zone

Tuff Crew Feat Ice Dog - Zone

Tumi - She Spirit Fancies

Tumi - The Inner View

Tung Twista - Mr Tung Twista (Accapella)

Tunnel Movement Ft Edo. G - Bean Buggin

Tunnel Rats - For The Heads

Tupac - Life'S So Hard On A G (Unreleased)

Tupac - My Block (Easy Moe Bee Production) (1995)

Tupac Ft Death Row - Aftermath, Dr Dre, Nwa, Eminem Diss

Turbin - Frustrate

Tweet - Call Me (P.Diddy Remix)

Twilight Band - Put Your Trust In Me Rare Soul

Twin Peaks - Prestige Worldwide

Twin Perils - Forward March

Twisted Angels - That Could Be Me (Indie Rap)

Twisted Mind Kids - Blurred Vision

Twit One - Lastexitehrenfeld

Two Kings In A Cipher - Com'N Atcha

Two Kings In A Cipher - Definition Of A King (The Lovely Ra Mix)

Two Outta Millions - Supremacy

Two Smooth - Outlaw

Two Weary Travelers - Da Funky Hobos Got U On Da Run

Two Weary Travelers - Da Funky Hobo'S Got U On Da Run

Two Weary Travelers - Da Jham (Is On)

Two Weary Travelers - How Many Licks

Two Weary Travelers - I Gots No Time (New Jersey 1997)

Two Without Hats - Fast On The Draw ( 1993 Ny Rap )

Twrecks The Extint - Go For Dolo

Ty Stick - Red Coat

Ty Stix Curt Guinn - Ill Subliminal

Ty Wizah - Major Flavor

Tyfu - Terrorize I Declare War

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

Tymz Up - Check Us Out(Club Mix)

Tymz Up - Klap Tu Dis

Tymz Up - Mic Grippa

Tymz Up - Phunky Phat Phlava(Club Mix)

Type Mello - 40'S, Blunts Sex (Remix)

Tyree - Flex The Style From The Flow

Tyrezz - Be Bop

Tzarizm - 5 5 90

Tzarizm - Life Maintenance

Tzarizm - Unpaid Here

Tzu - Myriam'S Song (Hermitude Remix)